Looking for some great May Makes to crochet?

Looking for some great May Makes to crochet?
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Are you looking for something to crochet this May?

May is a funny month for crocheters I find. Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day and Easter are all over here in the UK. Yet a lot of crocheters are not ready to start crocheting their gifts for this year. Problem is, they are unsure of what it is they want to make!

Sound familiar?

Let me help you

Then let me help you!

Below you will find a roundup of patterns that are perfect projects to keep your hooks moving and help you use that stash ready for the exciting yarn shopping you will inevitably need to do for this year’s holiday makes!



May Makes Event

Each week in May there will be a host of patterns available to you for free with a special coupon code.

Please note, that I will add the patterns for all 4 weeks to this roundup so that once the May Makes event is over you will still be able to access the designer’s patterns and posts from this page!


The most current week will be at the top of the list, along with the coupon code.


So what else do you need to know about this event?

Are you ready for the final week’s May Makes patterns?

If you are, the coupon code you will need this week 4’s free pdfs is MAYDAY

Just click the photo below to be taken where you need to go and then come back and get the next pattern!

The EveryDay Market Bag by Carroway Crochet

Market bags are something that you can never have enough of. And they make great gifts too!

Butterfly Amigurumi by Loops and Love Crochet

These butterflies are just too cute! Who would you make one for?

Piper Crossbody Bag by Deni Made

This crossbody bag is perfect for those on the go days. I love the tassel embellishment.

Smooth Waves Beach Tote by Madame Stitch

Beach bags are a must whether you are spending the day at the beach or the afternoon at your child’s soccer game. You can fit everything you need in this one.

Frances Cardigan by Blue Star Crochet

What is cuter … the cardigan or the model? Regardless every little girl needs a great cardigan, and this one ticks so many boxes.

Shades of Pink Kitchen Towels by Pam’s Cozy Corner

Another item that I always need more of! My mum goes through them too and loves a handmade kitchen towel.

Willow Creek Wrap by Banana Moon Studio

Elegant and perfect for date night or running the kids to school.

Crochet Tea Towel by My Crochet Space

Tea towels – another essential that I like to be stocked up on. My family love these as gifts.

Travellers Water Bottle Bag by The Loophole Fox

Water bottles are an everyday essential now. Schools here require all pupils to have one too. Needless to say I have a cupboard full of them. These bottle holders would be great for while I am walking the dogs or on a day out with the kids.

Thora Headband by Through The Loop Yarn Craft

A super quick make and a great stash buster!

Lacy Hair Scarf by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

You can make this one with or without the solid bottom sections. It is a great accessory which you can dress up or dress down.

Baby Narwhal Amigurumi by My Fingers Fly

Narwhal’s are popular animals. Do you know a narwhal lover?

Summer Waves Mug Rug by Pine Tree Crochet

The colours that have been used in this version are just screaming 4th July celebrations to me!

Previous Weeks’ Patterns – These are no longer free pdf patterns!

Retro Hippy Shorts by Carroway Crochet

These shorts are super cute and a perfect summer make! Get ready for the sun coming in style.

Cupcake Amigurumi by Loops and Love Crochet

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? These would make great favours at birthday parties.

Paisley Project Bag by Deni Made

If you like to take a WIP with you everywhere you go then this project bag is a must!

With one nicely sized handle you can grab it and go without a second thought.

Jeans Triangle Scarf by Madame Stitch

I am most definitely a denim person so this scarf really is calling to me.

You will be surprised how quickly this one works up.

Midnight Walk Ponchette by Blue Star Crochet

This ponchette is super cute. It is perfect for those walks, doing a quick run to the supermarket (those fridge aisles can be cold!) or early morning car rides. Whatever you need to do, do it in style with this fabulous pattern.



Afternoon Market Bag by The Loophole Fox

Market bags are a must these days. Do your part for the environment and crochet yourself or some loved ones a great re-usable bag.

Plastic Baskets by Banana Moon Studio

Don’t just throw those plastic carrier bags away – make your own yarn and create these storage baskets. They will be great in the garden as the weather warms up.

Crochet Potholder Pattern by My Crochet Space

I love a potholder in my kitchen. They are so handy, easy to use and look fabulous! These have definitely made it into my must make list.

Golden Glamour Lacy Scarf by Pam’s Cozy Corner

This scarf is so elegant. Perfect for those summer date nights or evening strolls.

Caia Mug Rug by Through The Loop Yarn Craft

The Caia mug rug will make a great addition to any garden table, side table or desk.

Phone / Glasses Case by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This phone case can be used for so many things, from keeping notebooks and crayons in for the children while you are out and about, to phones and glasses.

You can get BOTH patterns on this post from me this week – just remember to click both download buttons!

Leaf / Sprout Bookmark / Cable Tie by Once Upon a Cheerio

Simple and so cute! I also love that this one is multi-functional!

There are so many wires around our house that I do not know what they are for because they are left lying and I just pop them in a box for hubby to sort out! This is a great way of keeping them tidy and organised.

Sunshine Baby Hat by My Fingers Fly

If you didn’t get this one during the preemie challenge last year you may want to get hold of it now!

This baby hat is just too cute for words.


Warmest Feet Ever Slipper Socks by Carroway Crochet

Written for adult sizes 5-11 (US) these slipper socks work up quickly in double crochet!

Puppy Amigurumi by Loops and Love Crochet

Oh my goodness! This puppy is just so sweet!

Gert this pattern as a free pdf with the coupon code above.

Juniper Wall Hanging by Deni Made

Sometimes simple is just perfect. This pattern will look great in my office!! Where would you put yours?

Scrappy Scarf by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

I know …. the weather is warming up so why make a scarf?? The answer is simple – let me help you use those scrap yarns in that bucket and those part skeins on your shelf to make room for more great yarns in your life!

Because this pattern is designed for those scraps it is a great one for your donation box too. You will be surprised how much fun it is to work up.


Tablet Envelope by Madame Stitch

This is such a cute and elegant tablet sleeve. Perfect for when travelling or keeping in your handbag.

Selene Cardigan by Blue Star Crochet

Veronika’s patterns are just beautiful! I love everything about this cardigan – the length, the texture, the sleeves and cuffs! It is the perfect spring and summer garment to have in your wardrobe.

Pensacola Poncho by Banana Moon Studio

If wraps aren’t your thing because you have to somehow keep them on your shoulders then this poncho would be a great alternative!

Primavera Shawl by My Crochet Space

The first thing I notice here are those gorgeous colours. Then that texture just pops out!

Get this beautiful shawl free this week with the coupon code above.

Radiant Face Scrubbies by The Loophole Fox

Can you ever have too many face scrubbies? Personally I do not think so! They make great gifts and are so useful.



Taco Scrubby Pattern by My Fingers Fly

Lisa comes up with some of the most fun and funny patterns!

Do you know a taco lover?

Maggie Shawl by Pam’s Cozy Corner

This shawl is beautiful and can easily be dressed up or worn with a pair of jeans and tee.

Crochet Bookmark from Pine Tree Crochet

I love that this pattern is a great unisex gift – and is perfect to make for teacher gifts this year!

One year I made all of the children in my daughter’s class bookmarks for the end of term. The kids all loved them.

Oval Stair Basket by Off the Hook for You

Do you leave things on the stairs hoping that your other half or child will get the message and taken them up to their rooms for you?

Me too! And they never do. These stair baskets would certainly look a lot prettier than the socks / books etc that sometimes adorn my stairs. They would also make it a lot easier to pick them up.

Irelyn Wrap by Through the Loop Yarn Craft

Spruce up any outfit with this gorgeous wrap from Through the Loop Yarn Craft. Perfect to wear to an occasion, a night out or an informal family barbecue!


The pdf patterns for these are no longer free with the code, but many have free versions available on the designer’s blog posts! Click the photos to find out about each pattern.

Iris Stitch Headband by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Grab the pdf for this one while it is free with the coupon code!

It is a quick make but perfect for using up the scrap #4 weight yarn from previous projects!

Apache Tears Mug Rug by My Crochet Space

This pattern looks like so much fun, and would be a great addition to your outdoor space this summer!

Dahlia Wrap by Deni Made

I love the textures in this design! Perfect for those spring days and summer evenings.

This wrap would look stunning any any colour / colours you choose.


Easy Sunglasses Case by Loops and Loves Crochet

How cute are these?

If you don’t wear sunglasses there are so many ways you can use these little cases – keep your phone secure (or at least in a case that you can see quickly in your handbag!), pop your suncream and lip balm tubes in them to prevent any ooze getting into your bag.

What would you use yours for?

Free as a Breeze Tee by Carroway Crochet

This tee is just super cute and will work up really fast!

It really is amazing how simple it is to make beautiful garments. So if you are intimidated by the prospect of crocheting something for your summer wardrobe, try this one!

Lipa Backpack by Blue Star Crochet

This would make a great beach bag! And I can see it being used by teenagers too. Big enough to fit in everything you may need but small enough not to be cumbersome.


Little Dragonfly Scarf by Madame Stitch

Debbie has this sweet scarf pattern. If you are looking for some meditative crochet then perhaps this is one for you?

The Marietta Kerchief Pattern by Banana Moon Studio

Sometimes sunhat and hairband just do not work right. Hats can be difficult to get the right size and hair bands can still have your hair blowing in the wind. This kerchief is a great middle ground to solve both of those issues!

Star Cat Toy by Pine Tree Crochet

Let’s not neglect our four-legged friends in this roundup!

Cats will spend hours playing this one.

And if you don’t have a cat why not turn it into a Christmas ornament??



Granny Triangle Bandana from My Fingers Fly

This is another great pattern along the same vein as the kerchief above!

Now, the question is will you download both, or pick a favourite between this and the kerchief?

I say get them both!

Tumble Bee Bumble Bee by Off the Hook for You

How cute is this bee??

If you are new to amigurumi or love bees then this one is a must!

The Sunday Clutch by The Loophole Fox

I love the simplicity and texture in this bag!

The colour options that Shannon chooses are also great! Especially with this blue you could dress it up in Sunday best or dress it down with jeans and a tee.




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