Saturn Clutch – Free pattern from Dulces y Punto

Saturn Clutch – Free pattern from Dulces y Punto
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The Saturn Clutch is not only a really cute pattern, but it is the first guest designer pattern on Sunflower Cottage Crochet! I am so excited to be welcoming Carla to our little corner of the internet!


Carla is sharing with us her Saturn Clutch crochet pattern. I just love the way that the circles create that extra little bit of security and visual element when you do not want to use handles or straps.

A couple of points to note for this pattern:

This pattern is worked in continuous rounds so you may need a stitch marker to note the first stitch of each round.

You will also be working both sides of your starting chain in order to get the continuous round set up.

More about the designer

Carla began crocheting when she was about 11 years old, and has always been keen on arts and crafts. Designing clothes or accessories came natural to her as she wanted to wear original and sustainable items. Later she started designing home decoration items.

Carla loves challenges and learning new techniques. Last year she started knitting to expand her yarn repertoire. She also likes to play around with watercolor, but insists that she is not very good at it – for the record I do not think this is the case!



Design inspiration comes from the flowers in her garden in Cantabria, Spain and the sweets she makes; she is a chocolate and yarn lover. 

Dulces y Punto (Spanish for sweets and stitches) was created in 2014. For 4 years Carla owned a small chocolate factory (the sweets); and stitches… well, crochet and knitting stitches. Can you imagine owning your own chocolate factory????

In 2020, Carla decided to publish some of her creations to share her passion and opened a store in Ravelry where you can find some of her patterns, she is constantly updating it.


Carla’s designs are full of texture, items that are not only appealing to the eye but to touch as well.  Most of the time when she buys yarn she has no project in mind, like most of us, but the feel of her skeins, balls and hanks sometimes inspire her to combine different materials to create these textures that she enjoys while crocheting and wearing.

She has been published in 2021 for a special edition of Valeria Lanas, a Spanish yarn brand, and this year in Happily Hooked Magazine.

Where can you find Dulces y Punto?

@dulcesypunto on Instagram. If you search #DyPmakes  you will find my past creations, reels will only be visible on cell phones.


Saturn Clutch Pattern Specifics:


  • 1 DK 11 WPI, 120mts-50gr (131 yds, 1 oz ¾)  (Tencel-Cotton Katia was used for this one)
  • 2.5mm Hook UK: 12 US: C Hook
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Zipper 20cm / 8” or 3 Snaps



Abbreviations (US crochet terms)

ch: chain stitch

dc: double crochet 

sc: single crochet

st(s): stichs(es)

ss: slip stitch

inc: increase 

Total amount of stitches written in parenthesis

* to * : repeat from * to * as any time as indicated

{dc, sc}: worked in the same stitch


To make the circles (make 4):

Round 1: Sc 6 into magic loop (6 sc)

Round 2: sc inc 6 (12 sc)

Round 3: sc 1, sc inc 1, repeat 6 times (18 sc)

Round 4: sc 1, sc inc 1, *sc 2, sc inc 1* repeat 5 times more, sc 1 (24 sc)

Round 5: sc 3, sc inc 1, repeat 6 times (30 sc)

Round 6: sc 2, sc inc 1, *sc 4, sc inc 1* repeat 5 times, sc 2 (36 sc)

Break the yarn and weave in ends


When creating a circle avoid increasing in the same stitch it will look like a hexagon and not a circle.


To make the Bag / Clutch

Ch 36 + 1

Round 1: sc 36, one on each ch, when you reach the end ch 3, and sc 36 on the loop that was not worked ch 2.  DO NOT JOIN, no ss.


Crochet over tail to avoid weaving ends


Round 2: Work this round in BLO as shown in the picture. Sc in the 1st sc from R1, sc all the way until you reach 2-ch, BLO sc into 1st ch, ch 1, BLO sc into 2nd ch (76 sc) DO NOT JOIN

Round 3 – 4: BLO sc 76 (76 sc)



Round 5: *{dc, sc} skip 1 st. * Repeat from * to * 39 more times.

The last dc-sc-group will be crocheted in the space between last sc from R4 and the 1st group. Not skipping any stitch.

Round 6-11: {dc, sc} in the spaces between the set of groups from previous rounds (40 dc-sc)

Round 12: {dc, sc} Total of 16 repetitions to reach to the opposite side, then BLO sc 42. This is to recenter.

Round 13-22: BLO sc 80

Round 23-25: sc 80.

Break yarn and weave in ends


Sew all circles together to make a line of circles, and then sew this to the sides of the clutch. 

Sew the zipper or put in the snaps!!

Show your new clutch off and be sure to use this tag it with #SaturnClutch on social media and to tag @dulcesypunto

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