The Paige Crochet Collection of Patterns

The Paige Crochet Collection of Patterns
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The Paige Collection of Crochet Patterns

I felt it was high time we put our Paige designs together in one place so each pattern in the collection of crochet patterns could be viewed.

The collection includes a beanie, a scarfie (toddler scarf), a bib, a blanket, a cowl, a shawl, a mod scarf, burp cloth, and even a Coffee Beanie Cozy!

What’s In A Name?

The Paige collection was named for my daughter, Paige.  She’s my one and only child (thanks to cancer–read more about that here).  Every thing I do tends to be with my daughter in my mind.

When I had my daughter, I had to leave her every night in the NICU due to how she was born.  I hated this so much!  Every morning, my husband and I would get up early and go to the NICU to visit her for the entire day, holding her and giving her little kisses.

The hugs and kisses were kind of our “thing” for Paige.  Often in crochet, “hugs” and “kisses” are interpreted through stitches such as the X stitch and a circular stitch like a puff or popcorn type.  I ended up choosing the X stitch and the small Bean stitch.

The Paige Hat


The Paige hat was my first ever pattern, that Helen helped to test and work the kinks out.  I wanted it to show the “hugs and kisses” vibe I always have with my daughter.  Thus the use of the X stitch and a puff stitch.

My first attempt at making a bottom up style beanie pattern, I still like how it came out.  It looks awesome with a faux fur pom pom on top!

You can grab the pattern on our store, here.

Bandana Drool Bib

Paige Bandana Drool Bib

My next pattern was the Paige Bandana Drool Bib.  I really liked the Boho-Chic style of it and noticed that there just weren’t that many bibs done this way.  I once again included my “hugs and kisses” design here.

We included a button design for this, which created the need for tabs.  Luckily, it worked out pretty well!  I love how it gathers just perfectly like a little bandana on the baby in the picture above’s neck!

I believe this pattern is a must-have for baby shower gifts!  You can find the pattern in our store, here.

Paige Scarfie

Paige Bandana Scarfie

A “scarfie” is a toddler sized scarf.  Once again, I wanted that Boho-Chic style and to include my “hugs and kisses” design.  I discovered that if I started with a band which includes tabs for a button, I could then work the shape of the pattern downward from there.  The bib and the scarfie are worked totally different from each other, which can help a crochet to expand their skill set.  The only sewing for each pattern is the button.

My daughter wore this scarfie for a couple of years before she finally grew out of the size.

If you want to keep your toddler’s neck warm, you can find the pattern on our store, here.

Paige Baby Blanket

Paige Baby Blanket

No nursery collection would be complete without a baby blanket!  Carrying over the “hugs and kisses,” I had to make a super squishy, striped baby blanket.  I actually used Mary Maxim Starlette Sparkle yarn here, in Taupe (gold) and Cream.  This really is a quick and easy baby blanket to whip up super fast.  Paige still has hers to this day and it’s held up fantastic!  I’ve washed it several times.

The border includes a popcorn stitch all around, which she loved as a baby, as it provided that little bit of playful texture for her to grab onto.

The style is classic yet once again Boho-Chic.  I really don’t think you can go wrong with this one!  This would make the perfect main gift for a baby shower.

You can find the pattern on our store, here.

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Ravelry here

Paige Triangle Shawl

Paige Triangle Shawl

Helen mentioned to me that we should have a couple of larger patterns with the “Paige” design.  Going with her suggestion, I designed the Paige Triangle Shawl.  In this pattern, I used a couple of Lion Brand’s Mandala cakes to get that awesome color striping.  Of course, you can always use Caron Cakes or any cake yarn that you like.  Mandala yarn is labeled as a worsted weight yarn but those of us that have used it, know that it’s a very light weight worsted weight yarn.  However, this doesn’t seem to change how the shawl works up, so long as your tension isn’t tight.

This is why doing a gauge swatch is always important!

You can find this pattern on our store, here.

Paige Bandana Cowl, Burp Cloth, Convertible Mod Scarf, and Coffee Beanie Cozy

The next three patterns each have their own blog posts and I won’t bore you with the details here!  You can read all about these patterns and the materials you need to make them:

The Paige Bandana Cowl

Paige Burp Cloth

The Paige Convertible Mod Scarf

Paige Coffee Beanie Cozy

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