Nursery Essential-Burp Cloth Crochet Pattern

Nursery Essential-Burp Cloth Crochet Pattern
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Why We Love Burp Cloths

An hourglass burp cloth is just so right, and our crochet pattern provides all of that and more!

When I was pregnant with Paige, my mother made me several receiving blankets, along with matching burp cloths. She made them out of the fabric recommended for receiving blankets, buying the materials from Joann’s.

At first I thought, “why do I need a burp cloth? Isn’t that a little old school?”

She assured me I would like having one around. When Paige was born and we finally got her home (she had to spend 2 weeks in the NICU), I remember getting ready to feed her and seeing one of the many burp cloths nearby. Reaching for the nearest one, I put it on my shoulder and fed my baby. When it was time for burping, I did what all moms do and proceeded to burp Paige.

Boy was I glad that cloth was there! She had just a little bit of spit up, but that cloth took all of it, rather than my shirt and shoulder. Gross!

Over the many months of her infancy, both my husband and I used all the burp cloths on a regular basis. Paige is now 3 and we still have those cloths. She will have them for her children someday.

No Pattern??

After a time, I did some Pinterest looking and could not find a “good” burp cloth pattern. I had a combination of stitches that I wanted to use that no one else was using for burp cloths and all I was see for shape was a rectangle or at best, a rectangle with a very square section left out to leave room for the neck.

Why aren’t there any hourglass shape patterns? I then sat down and started to graph it out. I soon figured out why there weren’t any hourglass shaped patterns! It was tough to figure out! It then hit me like lightening how to do it and I drafted it!

First Burp Cloth Pattern

My first pattern I made before Helen joined the team–Paige’s Burp Cloth. This is already listed on all of our stores yet I had made no mention of it here on the blog! (Hey, I was new at this, don’t judge!)

Helen tested it for me and I created the final draft of the pattern and put it on Ravelry.

It’s a very lovely pattern, with lot’s of texture in just the right places, yet very functional–which is our thing.

Next Burp Cloth Pattern

After Helen joined SCC as the “other half”, we set to making another hourglass shaped pattern and this time, I decided I wanted a bobble-framed one.

She again tested and made the item for pictures to be done (see first picture of post) and now we have two! Our plans are to continue designing more burp cloths with our hourglass shape design. It’s the only hourglass crochet burp cloth pattern on the market!

If you have any particular stitches you’d like to see used for a new pattern, comment on this post and let us know! We might even name it for you or your children!

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