Bandana Cowl Crochet Pattern

Bandana Cowl Crochet Pattern
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Crochet pattern for a bandana cowl

bandana cowl crochet pattern

Introducing our latest design, the Paige Bandana Cowl—a crochet pattern and tutorial.

I actually received a request on Ravelry to make the Bandana Drool Bib into a cowl for adults because the person that contacted me really wanted to wear it, herself and thus, the Paige Bandana Cowl was born!

Who was I to say no?

Helen and I brainstormed and she came up with a way to add a cuff to the triangle shawl pattern we have and that therefore turned into a cowl!

Looking around the internet we couldn’t find anything that looked similar to this. The concept is quite an interesting one.


I showed the prototype to one of my friends and she fell in love with it! Lynn used to be a biker (before kids). She has a wistful look in her eyes when she talks about biking and its obviously something that she loved to do. There is still a bike that stands in her garage looking rather lonely.

Lynn has suggested that this would be a great bikers accessory because there is no bulk. It fits nicely underneath leather jackets and doesn’t interfere with the helmet. I’m agreeing with her on this one …. So now I am on the lookout for some gray and black yarn to make one. She has even offered to model for photos when its made!

So watch out for updated pictures!

You can find this pattern in our shop here. Its also in our Ravelry shop and our Etsy shop

So why is this cowl so different to others?

the cuff can be made as wide as you likeIt’s all to do with the cuff around the neck.

The Paige Bandana Cowl still goes over the head as you would expect, but there is no bulk at the back.

You literally make the cuff as high as you need / want it and it sits under your jacket or coat collar.

Your neck is still protected but you are not wrapping like you would a traditional scarf or shawl.

And because of this there is less bulk at the front too.

So you don’t go out wrapped up looking like you are ten sizes bigger than you actually are! But you are just as warm.

So what do you need to make this amazing cowl?



8 DC rows and 18 DCs = 6”x 6” Square


Finished piece measures approx. 10.5” along top of cowl and 11.5” down the center from the top to the tip.  This measurement is for 18 rows of bandana and 8 rows of cuff.

Pattern Notes:

Chain 2 at the beginning does count as a dc.

When working the texture rows, be sure to skip a stitch after each bean stitch worked because to finish off the bean stitch, you must chain 1 which creates an extra stitch, so in order to keep the balance, skip a stitch under the chain 1 and work your cross stitch in the next 2 stitches (this will make more sense when you get to the texture rows and see it).




Dc—Double crochet

XS—Cross Stitch

BS—Bean Stitch



*to*–Repeat the instructions written between the two *

Tc—Turning chain

HDC—Half-double crochet

YO—yarn over

FSC—Foundation single crochet

FPDC—front post double crochet

BPDC—back post double crochet

Special Stitches:

Puff Stitch—*Yo, insert hook into indicated st, yo, pull up a loop*, rep *to*, yo, pull thru all 7 loops on hook, ch1.

Cross Stitch—Skip next stitch, work a DC in next, work another DC in the skipped stitch going behind the DC just made.

FSCVideo here.

FPDCLeft handed video tutorial, Right handed video tutorial

BPDCVideo tutorial

Further Notes:

You can customize this pattern to suit your style. Maybe you would like it longer or shorter—you can easily do that with the way it’s written!

We’re posting lots of new pattern updates just about daily, so be sure to keep coming back to get the latest tutorial on our patterns!  If you would like an ad-free version of this pattern, head to our Ravelry and LoveCrafts stores as well as the shop here at!


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