Convertible Mod Scarf

Convertible Mod Scarf
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convertible mod scarf crochet pattern by Sunflower Cottage Crochet


For the convertible mod scarf, I used one cake of Mandala yarn. I played “yarn chicken” with the cake, and it worked out perfectly, right down to the tassels!

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The convertible mod scarf measures 80″ long without tassels. And since it uses a #3 weight yarn, it’s pretty lightweight for early spring. Mandala yarn comes in so many beautiful colors–Unicorn being my favorite.

This can also be easily worked up in a medium #4 weight yarn. I found the Caron Cakes and Bernat Pop! to be ideal for this weight category.

In fact, I might have to work this up in the new Comfy Cotton yarn by Lion Brand! They also have new Ombre cakes that would look amazing with this pattern.

If you don’t like self-striping yarn, you can also make this up in a single color. You will need 590 yards to do so.

You will also need:

Easy to Work Up

The convertible mod scarf features steady increases and decreases to get the shape. The shape allows you to wear this as a hooded scarf, hooded cowl, super scarf, super cowl, or a shawlette. That’s why it’s called a

convertible! Sorry kiddos, this scarf is for Mommy!

As part of the Paige Collection, this pattern once again uses the Bean stitch (video here) and X stitch (video here).  I love these two together!  

Paige Convertible Mod Scarf by Sunflower Cottage Crochet


PDF pattern:

If you prefer pdf versions, ours also has a version for you to work this pattern up in a DK version – which is perfect for the Autumn and Spring months!

You can find the pdf versions in all of our shops:

Special Stitches:

Bean Stitch: 

To work this stitch: *Yo, insert hook into indicated st, yo, pull up a loop*, rep from *to*, yo, pull thru all 7 loops on hook, ch1. Chain 1 at the end of this stitch DOES count as a stitch for the purposes of this pattern, so be sure to skip a stitch after doing the bean stitch before going on to the next stitch.

Cross Stitch: 

To work this stitch: Skip the next stitch, work a DC in the next, and work another DC in the skipped stitch going behind the DC just made.


Although gauge is not strictly important here, it should be somewhere about this. 19 dc’s across=4”,  4 rows =2”

Sizing – 

The finished piece measures approximately 80″ across and 14″ wide.


Dc—Double crochet
XS—Cross Stitch
BS—Bean Stitch
*to*–Repeat the instructions written between the two *

Tc—Turning chain
YO—yarn over DC2TOG–Double Crochet two together

Pattern notes:

  • Chain 2 at the beginning does count as a dc.
  • When working the texture rows, be sure to skip a stitch after each bean stitch worked because to finish off the bean stitch, you must chain 1 which creates an extra stitch, so in order to keep the balance, skip a stitch under the chain 1 and work your next bean stitch in the next stitch.
  • The PDF Pattern has been written for both a lightweight (DK/#3) yarn and a medium-weight (Aran/#4/worsted) yarn. This pattern is for the #4 weight version.


The pattern!!


Row 1: With I-5.5mm hook, ch 3, dc in 3rd ch (2)

Row 2: Ch 2, turn, dc in same, 2dc in next (4)

For Row 3: Ch2, turn, XS, dc in tc. (1 XS)

Row 4: Ch2, turn, BS, sk1 st, dc in tc. (1 BS)

Row 5: Ch2, turn, 2dc in next st, dc to last 2 sts, 2dc in next, dc in tc. (6)

For Row 6: Ch2, turn, rep row 3 (2 XS)

Row 7: Ch2, turn, rep row 4 (2 BS)

Row 8: Ch2, turn, rep row 5 (8)

For Rows 9 – 70: Repeat rows 3-5 until you have 70 rows. 

Row 71: Ch2, turn, dc2tog in next 2 sts, dc to last 3 sts, dc2tog next 2 sts, dc in tc. (40)

Row 72: Ch2, turn, rep row 3. (19 X st)

For Row 73: Ch2, turn, rep row 4 (19)

Row 74: Ch2, turn, rep row 71 (38)

Rows 75 – 147: Ch2, turn, rep rows 3, 4, and 71 until you have 4 dc’s left, dc2tog (2dc left).

Fasten off.

Weave in ends.

For DK/Light Weight Yarn:

With a 4mm hook and lightweight yarn:

Follow the same pattern as above, but you will work increase rows until you have 88 rows.  From row 89 onwards, you will be starting your decreasing.  Finish off the same way!  


We have video tutorials for this scarf in both left and right-handed versions!  Check out: 




convertible mod scarf crochet pattern

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Next up

A matching blanket and shawl (think mommy and me when using the shawl and the bandana scarfie and bib). I’m also working on a free pattern for everyone–Paige’s Headband! You can make this with yarn scraps, and it will make a perfect gift for a baby shower or a pretty item to sell at the craft fair.

I hope you all enjoy the patterns, and be sure to check in to get your free pattern, Pagie’s Headband, soon!