Paige Convertible Mod Scarf


Very chic mod scarf can be worn in so many ways


The Paige Convertible Mod Scarf is unique in that it can be worn in several ways (see below) but it is also worked with a series of increases until you reach the biggest section, then decreased again back down to another pointy end.  Finish with tassels if desired and you have a totally Boho-Chic scarf!

Pattern only: Very chic mod scarf can be worn in so many ways–that’s why it’s convertible! Hooded scarf, hooded cowl, wrap, shawlette, scarf, cowl, knotted, loose, you name it!

Featuring the X stitch (video here) and the Bean stitch (video here), the Paige Convertible Mod scarf has texture and then some!  Measuring at 80″ end to end (without tassels!), this is plenty long for a wrap as well.


2 cakes of Mandala yarn (#3 weight) or 2 cakes of Caron Cakes yarn (#4 weight)

5mm hook

Yarn needle


Pattern Information:

Pattern Includes:
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2. Detailed instructions

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5. Special stitch instructions

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