X’s Coffee Beanie Cozy … Stitch of the Week and Pattern!

X’s Coffee Beanie Cozy … Stitch of the Week and Pattern!
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Learn how to crochet the X Stitch (cross stitch) with our free coffee beanie pattern!

The X's Coffee Beanie Cozy

The X stitch is such a useful stitch to know. We have used it in quite a lot of our designs. It also looks great paired with the bean stitch! We use both the X stitch and the bean stitch on a lot of the Paige Collection because of the resemblance to hugs and kisses. The X stitch also provides a lot of texture to a project and has quite a bit of give in it so it is perfect for hats, bags and cozies where you may need the project to stretch a little.

The perfect gift / stocking filler!

They make the perfect gifts for most ages and use around 30 yards of 100% cotton so are a great scrap buster too! And our patterns for these are gender neutral, you just need to decide on your colour choice. So you see they are a great gift for anyone!

I shared a photo on our Facebook Community page of one that I had been working on whilst my 8 year old daughter was at a birthday party. She asked for it to protect her hands from the cold cup on her slushy.

works on hot or cold drinks!
Great for any age!

Learn how to crochet the X Stitch…

This is a fairly simple stitch to do.

Written instructions for this stitch are:

YO, sk 1 st, insert hook into the next st, YO, pull up a loop, YO pull through two loops, YO pull through 2 loops (DC made). YO working behind the stitch you just made and into the skipped stitch, insert your hook from the front of the stitch to the back (It will feel a little awkward) and complete a dc in this st. Cross stitch is made.

Taking these instructions step by step…..

The X stitch is worked over two stitches

how to do the X stitch
these are the stitches we will be using, and are numbered in the order we work them

We skip the first stitch and work a dc (double crochet) into the next stitch as per the photo below

How to work the X stitch, step 2

The first dc is completed.Working behind the first stitch, we need to do a dc in the skipped stitch. The following photo shows you how the hook will need to be inserted. This is the slightly awkward par, but when you get used to it its fine. Note that usually I push the first dc down to the front to get into the second stitch but that made for a confusing photo!

step 3 of the X stitch
This photo show the hook working behind the first dc made and into the skipped stitch

You will then complete your dc as usual.

And then your X stitch is complete!

Completed X stitch
your completed stitch

We also have a video on our YouTube channel of so that you can learn how to do the X stitch with our free coffee beanie pattern if you prefer a video tutorial.

You can find the free pattern for the X’s Coffee Beanie Cozy in our shop or on Ravelry.