Robin Richard Farmhouse Christmas Collection of Crochet Patterns

Robin Richard Farmhouse Christmas Collection of Crochet Patterns
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T’is the Season …. For the Robin Richard Farmhouse Christmas Collection!

Robin Richard Christmas Collection

Here in the UK we seem to have made quite a sharp turn from a mild autumn to what is promising to be a cold winter! The days are most definitely shorter but as a mum I really like that …. Some days are just hard work and to be able to convince your child that its bedtime half an hour or so early can save your sanity!

Of course, the colder weather and shorter days also signify that it will soon be Christmas. Oh my, where has this year gone?? Usually I am prepared months in advance, this year not so much! And I’m starting to panic a little.

Special Namesake

This year we have a special collection for you. The Robin Richard Farmhouse Christmas Collection. Special because not only is it our first, but also because of it’s namesake.

For those of you who followed the Crochet Cancer Challenge in October, you will be aware of our story. We kicked off our contribution for this with the Samantha’s Hope Beanie supporting colon cancer. If you read our post you will remember that both Sara and her dad have had this particular form of cancer and so it meant a lot to us. It was truly humbling to be a part of it!

Sadly, Sara’s dad (Robin) passed away last week following 40 something years of fiercely fighting cancer in various forms. Sara and her family didn’t get the time that they thought they had with him, but this warrior is no longer in pain.

It’s quite amazing how much people you have never met can influence your perceptions and outlooks on life. One thing is for sure though, Robin lived for his family and made the most of the hands he was dealt.

What better way to honour a wonderful and inspirational man than to name our Christmas collection after him!

We already have the Robin’s nesting baskets tested ready to release soon so he knew that we were dedicating patterns to him. I think this pleased him.

Robin’s Blanket

The first pattern in the Robin Richard Farmhouse Christmas Collection is our afghan. I have to say that everyone who has seen it has fallen in love with how pretty, warm and ‘squishy’ it is. There is texture galore without it being too much.

This blanket has loads of texture!

This pattern just works!!

Robin’s Blanket has a gingham look to it and is very farmhouse Christmas. Of course, you could make it all in just one or two colours to suit you. Personally I LOVE this colour combination! To make life easier for you with the amount of ends to sew in you could also carry your colours along the rows. This is what Sara did. I chose to use bobbins and wage war on those pesky ends!

And its perfect to use year round! Keep it in the car for the Kids, hang it over the sofa for those chilly days or movie nights. It makes no sense not to have made one of these!

If you like corner to corner then you will enjoy working on this with bobbins like I did. If you don’t enjoy the corner to corner technique then carry your yarn. It’s genuinely a really pleasant project to work up.

What you will need:

I have to admit, I questioned Sara on the use of a 6mm hook on this one. But I am so glad it was used. It works perfectly and the finished blanket is stunning because of it. I used Stylecraft aran. The texture shows up a little more and the size is great. Each of our colour blocks were 3.25” wide x 2.5” tall.

Robin’s Blanket ends up being approximately 39’’ wide and 55’’ long including the boarder.

We used a modified floret stitch. There are full instructions in the pattern on how to do this. In fact, the floret stitch will be a Stitch of the Week within the next two or three weeks.

The pattern also includes a grid for the colour blocks and the instructions are easy to follow.

Pattern links

You can find Robin’s Blanket in our shop here or on Ravelry here.

Etsy here.

So what are you waiting for …. I bet you know someone that would LOVE this blanket as a gift!

Don’t forget to show us your completed projects on our Facebook Community page.

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