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The Connection Square

The Connection Square

The Connection Square was designed specifically to be part of our Friendship Blanket Cal.   Don’t forget you can sign up for our Events and CALs emails and never miss a square or one of our events! Just click the button below I have chosen the bean 

The Friendship Blanket –  Friendship Square

The Friendship Blanket – Friendship Square

We are so excited to be kicking off the Friendship Blanket CAL today with the Friendship Square! We have teamed up with no less than 29 of our designer friends to bring you this CAL. Each designer has designed at least 1 square that should 

Hooked on Summer Event Week 2

Hooked on Summer Event Week 2

Did you participate in the Hooked on Summer Event Week 2? This one was sponsored by Carroway Crochet

For this event Sara and I brought you the lemon drops kitchen set. It was a four part set with one part being released each week during this event. Week one featured the potholder. We hope you love our Lemon Drops Kitchen set as much as we do!

These patterns were so cute that when the event finished we decided to keep the  post and turn it into a round up for you. Lots of these patterns are still available for free on the designers’ blogs so you can still make some of them for free!

How this round up works:

1.     Check out the round-up post and have a look at the patterns available,

2.    Click on any pattern photo that you would like to download – this will bring you to the designer’s blog post (or direct to Ravelry if they do not have a blog).

3. check out the pattern on the blog and decide whether you would like to purchase the pdf version!

 Return here and repeat steps 2-3 for as many patterns as you like!




Are you ready to check out the patterns that featured during week 2?

Rainbow Fringe Bralette by Carroway Crochet


Rainy-Sunny Coin Purse by Raffamusa Designs


lemon drops washcloth
Lemon Drops Washcloth by Sunflower Cottage Crochet
Mermaid Waves Shawl by Straight Hooked


The Rose Bouquet by The Loop Hole Fox


The Infinity Headband by Three Fates Creations
Miss Stitch in a square dishcloth by Made by Gootie


Bracelet pattern by Pine Tree Crochet


Summer Pinafore by Fosbas Designs
Fun in the Sun shorts by Lambent Creations


Hexagon Pillow by Itchin’ for some Stitchin’


We hope you enjoyed the patterns that featured in the Hooked on Summer Week 2 event. Dont forget to share them with us on social media or on our FB page!

Hooked on Summer Event week 1

Hooked on Summer Event week 1

Did you participate in the Hooked on Summer Event? This one was sponsored by Carroway Crochet For this event Sara and I brought you the lemon drops kitchen set. It was a four part set with one part being released each week during this event. Week 

Splash of Color Washcloth Crochet Pattern

Splash of Color Washcloth Crochet Pattern

Splash of Color Crochet Washcloth Pattern! I am excited to share with you our latest pattern: Splash of Color Washcloth.  There was a stitch tutorial I had done quite a while back (last year sometime) called the Staggered Double Crochet Pairs.  I really liked how 

Stash-Busting Challenge Week 2!

Stash-Busting Challenge Week 2!

Week 2 of the Stash Busting Challenge is here!

A group of designers have got tether to provide you with FREE PDF PATTERNS to download as part of the Stash-Busting Challenge Week 2. This round-up contains patterns that will be free on Ravelry from 12am EST on 8th April 2020 – 12pm EST on 14th April 2020.

Unfortunately, this has now ended, but We are keeping the post as a round-up because the patterns are great and a lot of them are free on the blog posts!

At a time when a lot of us cannot venture far with social isolation, or lockdown as many countries are seeing, obtaining yarn can be difficult. But those of us who have been crocheting or knitting for any period will have a stash!

We all do it –

  • buy yarn that looks too pretty to leave on the shelf so we get it with the intention of finding something to make with it,
  • buying a little extra for a larger project so that we don’t run out,
  • deciding on a project and buy the yarn but then never make it
  • see some on sale that was just too great a price not to

However you built up your stash (and stashes are great – after all who knew that we were preparing for a time when yarn shops would be forced to close their doors!) we all have one. Even if its just a couple of skeins, we have a challenge for you to get it used on a gorgeous project!

Let’s start stash-busting….

Here we go …..

Lets start with our pattern … the Farmhouse Washcloth. Learn the grit stitch with our video tutorial links and grab your free copy of the pattern from Ravelry. With an extra couple of rows of a contrasting stitch this makes a great gift idea or something to keep for yourself! Check out our post with the ravelry link to use your coupon code for this challenge here.


These practical Nordic Textured Coasters from Joy of Motion can be found here.

These use the alternate single crochet stitch which we have previously shown you how to do in a stitch of the week. Janne has provided a written tutorial link for this stitch, but if you prefer a video you can find one on our YouTube Channel.


Raffamusa Designs has this really cute Tunisian Crochet Tresca Potholder here. I know that learning Tunisian crochet is on a lot of people’s to-do lists for 2020 and this is a great project for that. She even gives some guidance on how to get the diamonds a different colour! For those of you who know  how to do this that great, but as I’m learning I found this sections really informative!



Grab this Triangular Headband from Claire at Bearrye.com here and practice those popcorn stitches! They are trending at the moment so this design is sure to find some fans .



Hortense over at Knitting With Chopsticks has a great project for those small amounts of scraps to help with your stash-busting …. soap socks. You can find the pattern here.





Amy at Another Mum Fights the Dust has a great reflection cowl which you can find here. It uses colour work crochet and is quite stunning! I love her colour choices for this one.



The Blue Elephants has a great unisex 1 hour beanie knitting pattern for all of you knitters out there! So whether you keep this, gift it or pop it in your donations box this pattern is a must for knitters! Grab your copy here



Cali the Cactus is just adorable! Loopholefox’s design is simple and cute. I can think of so many ways to customise this sweet pattern to suit the personalities of recipients! Grab the pattern here. How will you embellish yours? Let your imagination run wild with this one and bust that stash!



Edith Blayn has this vintage style Cross Bookmark pattern for you here. This is another great pattern for those little bits of yarn that you didn’t have the heart to throw away and the colour options are just endless! This particular pattern used Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread Classic 10 and a 1.3mm hook but you can easily scale up your bookmark 🙂


I love the designs from Creations by Courtney. She designs garments and accessories and is sharing her Coco Earrings with you for this challenge. You can get your copy from this page.



Sarah from Ned and Mimi is our featured designer in our Hooking With section from today! You can find her interview and giveaway here if you want to find out more about her! She is giving you a copy of her forest trail headband as part of the Stash Busting Challenge Week 2. You can find out more here.



King and Eye have given you a great beginner pattern for a two-colour cowl. It uses two strands of #5 weight and a #6 weight yarn along with a 12mm hook. You will be sure to get done with this project in no time! Grab your copy here.


Ashley is another great designer I have been following! She is giving you a free pdf for her popular Monkey Around Boot Cuffs. She has a hat and scarf to go with this to make a set that you can grab if you would like to…. but for the purposes of this challenge only the boot cuffs are included! You can find this one here.



This headband pattern from Burgundy and Blush only uses single and double crochet. Do you recognise the stitch used in this pattern from one of our stitches of the week? Its a great versatile stitch! Find the post with links to Ravelry here.



I haven’t made a plant hanger before – can you believe that? But I’m sure going to try this one from Brittany Alice Crochet! Its got me written all over it …. now, where to hang it? ….. There is a video tutorial for this one too. Grab yours here.



These heart mason jar cozies from Carroway crochet are certainly cute! You can find them here.


I am just swooning over these crochet ragdoll jellyfish from Yarnhild! Already I can see the queue I will have to make these for! Super cute! You can get your copy here. This is another pattern hat has an accompanying video tutorial.



Needleklankers (I love that name!) have offered up a free pdf of this pattern from their Ravelry Store – the Sweet Daisies Pot Holder. They certainly are sweet! Just visit here for the Ravelry link.




Desamourdesigns.com have contributed their Size Anna Raceback top to the challenge. Its a quick project with step by step instructions. You can find it here.



Itching for Some Stitching have these cute Easter eggs. Why not crochet up a bunch and use them in an Easter egg hunt with the kids if you are isolating? Its a sweet way to keep them occupied. Or just crochet up a bunch and pop them in a bowl or basket for decoration…. You can get your copy here.


I think my hormones just went into overdrive with these adorable baby bunny hats! No more to be said about HanJan Crochet’s pattern …. grab it here.




Susan at Fosbas Designs has this really great cuff bracelet design which I really like and looks super comfortable. You can get this pattern here.



Dessert Bloom Crafts have super quick and easy 2-toned scrunchies which you can find here. 



Sweet Things Crochet are  giving you this PDF Pattern straight from their Ravelry shop. It’s really cute and so handy whether you are at home or on the go and is great for all ages! Grab your pattern here.

E’Claire Makery have a bobble fingerless gloves. Get your copy of the pattern here.



Which girl doesn’t love a unicorn? This one from Loops and Love Crochet measures approximately 7.5” tall. Another one you will have a list of girls to make this for!! You can find it here.

Crafting Each Day are also bringing a washcloth pattern for you – You van never have too many and they do make great gifts for any occasion when given as a set or as part of a gift basket. Get your here.


Finally, Sigoni Macaroni has this freeze pop sleeve for you- and it will take minutes to make (less than 20!). Get your copy of this summer essential here.



Thats 28 fabulous designers providing you with 28  patterns. It will go a long way to busting some of that stash!

Check in again next Wednesday for the next instalment of the stash-busting roundup when different designs will be featured. These fabulous patterns just keep coming!!!!

Remember, we would love it if you would share your #sbchallenge projects with us in our FB Community Page  You could also join us on instagram and share your makes with us by tagging us (@sunflower.cottage.crochet.too) and using the hashtag #sbchallenge.


Have you tried the Grit Stitch??

Have you tried the Grit Stitch??

Grit Stitch Crochet Tutorial Have you tried the grit stitch yet? Under-rated and under-used! The grit stitch is such an under-rated and under-used stitch! It is such a versatile stitch! You could literally use it for anything – garments, bags, washcloths, baskets, blankets …. Just 

An Introduction to the Crunch Stitch

An Introduction to the Crunch Stitch

Today we are providing you with an introduction to the crunch stitch. Have you seen the Crunch stitch before? What projects have you used it in? The crunch stitch is a great stitch for a beginner or a more confident crocheter. It has a fabulous 

First Place Win With Our Pattern!

First Place Win With Our Pattern!

Our Farmhouse Dishcloth pattern was used to get a 1st place win at a county fair!

When we released the free crochet farmhouse dishcloth pattern, we didn’t expect anyone to use it as an entry to a local fair.  Much less win–and win FIRST PLACE!

I was super excited when I saw Bree’s post on our Facebook page (link here).  She had posted a picture of the cloths and their blue ribbons.

At first, I just saw the blue ribbons and was like, “that’s awesome!! You do such nice work!”  Then I looked closer at the cloths…..

And then I saw it….

It was our Farmhouse Dishcloth crochet pattern!

I was so excited that I had to ask Bree for a short bio and some pictures to go with it of her winnings.  She was all too happy to oblige!

Let’s all give Bree a welcome and read her short story

Hello, I’m Bree from Bree’s Crochet Boutique.  I live in Minnesota and I learned how to crochet from my grandmother, Louise.

She bought me a set of hooks and a “how-to” book for my 34th birthday.

I started with dishcloths of course and learned how to crochet hats from a co-worker, early on.

Then I discovered Aigurumi and made my first one for my niece in 2013.

For the last couple of years, I have also had the opportunity to test patterns for a handful of pattern designers.

I am also a Craft Yarn Council Certified Crochet Instructor.

During our 2016 state fair…

I was introduced to Minnesota’s CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) Chapter “Crochet TwinCities”.  I loved being with like minded fiber artists, so I joined the next year.  It was there that I learned about entering crochet items into our local county/state fairs.

Last year (2018), was the first year I entered.  One of my early pattern testing opportunities was an Amigurumi Tiger.  He won two blue ribbons!!

Fast forward to this year…

The first fair of the 2019 season was the Ramsey County Fair.  I entered into 6 categories, one of which was “Towels and Dishcloths for the Kitchen”.  I had made a handful of them over the spring, so I was just going to enter a couple of them.

Then I came across Sunflower Cottage Crochet’s design for the Farmhouse Dishcloth.  I looked at the pattern and noticed it was for a stitch I had never done before, the paired single crochet, so I gave it a shot!

The pattern was amazing and had great texture!  I ade another and decided the day before bringing my items to the fair for judging, that i was going to enter these instead.

I went to the fair the first day and to my surprise….

There it was, a blue ribbon, hanging from the dishcloths!!  I also won 4 other blue ribbons, a 2nd pace, and a Grand Champion in the other categories I entered!!

In a couple of weeks, I will be entering the Farmhouse Dishcloth into second county fair as well.

We love to see people succeed

It’e even more exciting when it’s something that we designed.  I never imagined that something so simple would go so far.

This Farmhouse Dishcloth has over 340 downloads from Ravelry alone!  There must be something to it!

If you missed out on the pattern, I provided a link in the story.

If you missed out on the tutorial for the paired single crochet, I provided a link in the story for that, as well.

I also included a link to the Ravelry PDF free download.


We hope you will share in our congratulations to Bree’s winnings, and be sure to take a look at her Facebook page and join our crochet group–all links to these are included in the post.

farmhouse dishcloth
farmhouse dishcloth
bree's crochet boutique first place win

Farmhouse Dishcloth Tutorial

Farmhouse Dishcloth Tutorial

Farmhouse Dishcloth Tutorial using Paired Single Crochet Today’s tutorial is all about the Farmhouse Dishcloth, using the paired single crochet method. Please note: this post may contain affiliate links to yarns and other materials at no extra cost to you. The paired single crochet is