Farmhouse Dishcloth Tutorial

Farmhouse Dishcloth Tutorial
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Farmhouse Dishcloth Tutorial using Paired Single Crochet

Today’s tutorial is all about the Farmhouse Dishcloth, using the paired single crochet method.

Please note: this post may contain affiliate links to yarns and other materials at no extra cost to you.

The paired single crochet is also often called “interlocking single crochet” and is done by crocheting twice into each stitch. You can learn more about this technique in the Stitch of the Week tutorials.

For this pattern, I recommend using a sturdy 100% cotton yarn such as Lily Sugar N Cream or Paintbox Cotton yarns. Baby cottons will not stand up to daily uses in the kitchen.

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Grab your H8 5mm hook and let’s get started!






*to*–Repeat the instructions written between the two *

SC—Single Crochet

PSC—Paired Single Crochet

YO—yarn over

Special Stitches

PSC—sc in first st, insert hook into same st you just finished working in and pull up a loop, hold it, insert hook into next st and pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), yo and pull thru all 3 loops on hook.  Repeat across the entire row.


Ch 31

Row 1—sc in 2nd ch from hook, PSC (starting with the sc you just made) across (30 psc)

Rows 2-30—Ch1, turn, sc in first st, PSC across (starting with first sc made).





Do not fasten off unless you want to change colors.  If you change colors, start out where you fastened off.  Ch1, turn work so that you are now working down the sides of the cloth.  SC evenly around the cloth, putting 2sc in each corner.  SS to top of 1st sc of round.  FO, weave in ends.

This is a nice and quick little project that you can customize the colors of easily. I added two pinstripes on mine for just a little change of color. Changing colors every row makes for a unique look with this stitch pattern.

Keep an eye out for the Stitch of the Week tutorials coming soon on the blog. We hope you enjoy this pattern, and there are several more to come! If you would like an ad-free version of this pattern, you may also download it from our Ravelry store here.


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