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Crayon Pencil Case Crochet Pattern

Crayon Pencil Case Crochet Pattern

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Spider Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Spider Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Learn how to crochet the Spider Stitch with this tutorial! Welcome back to another crochet tutorial with Stitch of the Week; this week it’s the Spider Stitch.  Just in time for Halloween, too!  Though I have to admit, I dislike spiders and that’s putting it […]

Wattle Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Wattle Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Stitch of the Week: Wattle Stitch Crochet Tutorial

wattle Stitch tutorial

This week’s Stitch of the Week tutorial is on the Wattle Stitch.

I feel that this stitch is super easy but creates a very nice texture, especially when more than one color is used.

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You ready to learn this stitch?


You will need a few things to get started, as per usual.

  • Yarn—I used Red Heart Super Saver, as I usually do for these Stitch of the Week tutorials. White and Cherry Red are the colors in the picture above.
  • 5mm hook. You can use any hook that the yarn you’re using recommends.
  • Yarn needle (for weaving in ends)
  • Scissors




YO—yarn over

FO—fasten off


DC—double crochet

SC—single crochet


The wattle stitch is another paired stitch, combining a single crochet and double crochet which are linked by a chain 1 between them.  Being paired means they are worked into the same stitch.

The foundation row is always the hardest row as you’re working into a little chain, but afterwards, it is quite quick to work up.  Just be sure to check and make sure you have the correct number of groups of stitches at the end of each row and that you do not miss working into the turning chain.

I also feel that this is a great stitch for cotton project such as kitchen and bath as well as purses and bags.  Be sure to check for the Stitch of the Week pattern using the Wattle Stitch, which launches right after this post the following day.


The multiple for this stitch is 3sts + 2, plus 1 for the foundation chain.  Basically, 3 sts plus 3 for the turning chain.

Wattle Stitch Tutorial:

Let’s get down to it:

Step 1: (row 1) Skip 2ch (counts as 1sc).

Step 2: (row 1 cont.) *[1sc, ch1, 1dc] in next ch, skip 2ch; rep from * to last ch, turn.

Step 3: (row 2) Ch1 (counts as a sc), skip first sc and next dc, *[sc, ch1, dc] into the next ch sp, skip next sc and next dc; rep from * to last ch sp, [sc, ch1, dc] in turning chain, turn.

Another way to explain it is to put [sc, ch1, dc] into each ch1 space across the row, being sure to put that same combo into the turning chain.

Step 4: Repeat step 3, which is the repeat for each row onward.


Don’t forget to check out the YouTube Video of this stitch for even more help with learning how to do this.  You can also download a copy of this post on our Stitch of the Week section of the site to keep a copy for yourself!

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As always, thank you for joining us in our crochet journey!

Up and Down Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Up and Down Crochet Stitch Tutorial

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Crochet Solid Granny Square Tutorial

Crochet Solid Granny Square Tutorial

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Stitch of the Week: Alternate Stitch

Stitch of the Week: Alternate Stitch

Welcome back to stitch of the week: Alternate Stitch

alternate stitch crochet tutorial

Welcome back!  This week’s Stitch of the Week is the Alternate Stitch.

This stitch is worked by putting 2 single crochets in one stitch.  But there’s a way to keep the stitch count.

Different from the previous stitches, the fabric created with the alternate stitch is really quite thin.  The past several stitches we have introduced have been fairly thick and squishy.

The alternate stitch is much thinner yet has little drape.  I do not recommend this for garments other than gloves or scarves.  I do like it for cotton yarn kitchen and bath projects.

Grab your yarn and any hook to get started with this tutorial

To get started, note that the starting chain is a multiple of any odd number.




Sc–single crochet




For swatch size:

  1. Ch21, 2sc in 3rd ch from hook.
  2. Sk 1 st, 2sc in next st
  3. repeat step 2 to the end of the chain.
  4. ch2, turn
  5. sk the first st, 2sc in next st
  6. sk the next st, 2sc in the next st.
  7. repeat this pattern to the end.

Notes on stitch pattern

The repeat for this stitch pattern is achieved early on, in the very first row along the chain.

It’s interesting how something so simple can make something very pretty and unique.

Be sure to check out the pattern we have uploaded to our blog and our Ravelry and LoveCrafts stores using this stitch.  We do this to get you started!

Also be sure to check out the YouTube video below.

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Thank you for joining us today for this tutorial.  Be sure to check back often for lots more tutorials, techniques, patterns, DIY, and more.

Stitch of the Week: Staggered HDC Pairs

Stitch of the Week: Staggered HDC Pairs

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Crochet Pattern for 4th of July

Crochet Pattern for 4th of July

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Paired Single Crochet

Paired Single Crochet

Paired Single Crochet–A Stitch of the Week crochet tutorial




Welcome to Stitch of the Week! This week’s tutorial is the paired single crochet stitch.

Also known as the interlocking single crochet stitch, this is a quick and easy stitch to do. It is worked by single crocheting two-together across the row. To keep the stitch count, each stitch will be worked twice, as well as starting each row with a single crochet in the first stitch.

Sound confusing??



I promise, once you get into it, you will find it easy peasy!

To get a free PDF download, click here.


The fabric created with this stitch is a fairly rigid fabric that is not suitable for garments or blankets. I recommend using cotton yarn and making kitchen and bath projects with it, or even home decorations such as throw pillows or Christmas stockings.


Alright, let’s get started!


To begin, you can use any type of yarn and any hook that is recommended by the yarn label however, I recommend keeping it simple and using a worsted weight (#4 or Aran) yarn and a 5mm H8 crochet hook.



Stitch Multiple:

The multiple for this stitch is any number plus 1 for the turning chain.



YO–yarn over

SC–single crochet



PSC–paired single crochet




To create the sample swatch for practice, let’s do a short chain so you can get the hang of it quickly.

Ch11, sc in 2nd ch from hook. Insert hook into the same stitch you just worked and pull up a loop. Hold. Insert hook into the next st and pull up another loop. You now have 3 loops on the hook. YO and pull through all 3 loops. First PSC made.

Continue down the chain as follows: Insert hook into the same st, pull up a loop, insert hook into the next st and pull up another loop, yo, pull thru all 3 loops on hook.

Row 1: Ch1 and turn. SC in first st, *insert hook into same st and pull up a loop, insert hook into next st and pull up a loop, yo, pull thru all loops.* Repeat from *to* to the end.

That’s it!



This is a nice and easy stitch to do. Here’s a video to help you along.

Farmhouse Dishcloth Tutorial

Farmhouse Dishcloth Tutorial

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