Learn to Corner to Corner!

Learn to Corner to Corner!
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At the end of 2020 we decided that we were going to come up with a mini course to teach people how to corner to corner (also referred to as C2C)!

This can be such a fun technique and there are so many gorgeous patterns out there that call for this. Both Sara and myself have made our fare share of corner to corner items over recent years. We wanted to help you learn before we released our bee afghan and all of the other wonderful c2c patterns that we want to bring you! Check out the bee afghan below

Anyway, back to learning corner to corner!

To help you I designed this super sweet bunny pillow. It uses only 2 colours and is a small one to start with. Because it is square we increase and decrease at the same time so you get used to both techniques before we look at rectangles. It looks simple enough doesn’t it?

How will the course work?

I have split this course into 3 parts to break down what you need to learn in the best way possible!

I did a little video and uploaded it to YouTube to explain how it will work.

Note: I will add links to the sections below as they go live!

FREE Pattern

You can get the free pattern  HERE and work through it on the video tutorials with me.

Learn to Corner to Corner Part 1: Reading the pattern and mastering the stitch

This goes live on 9th February 2021

  • How to read a C2C pattern –
    • We will look at the information included in a pattern and how to work out your yarn requirements
    • How to read a graph
    • How to read written instructions
    • What colour block instructions are and how to read them
    • A brief look at bobbins
  • Master the C2C stitch
    • We will work the back of the cushion and a plain colour so you will only use 1 skein of yarn
    • I show you exactly how to work a C2C stitch and how it equates on the graph
    • We will look at how to increase
    • We will also look at how to decrease

By the end of this part you will be VERY confident with the c2c stitch, increases and decreases.

Below is the Right handed version of this part of the tutorial


The left handed version of this tutorial can be found here.

Learn to Corner to Corner Part 2: Creating the front of the Bunny Pillow

  • We look at
    • putting the theory for reading a pattern into practice
    • how to add a colour
    • carrying yarn
    • how to change colours whilst working
    • you will consolidate your skills from part 1 with increasing and decreasing
  • By the end of this video you will have made the front of your pillow and we will quickly show you how to assemble it.

You can find the right handed version at: https://youtu.be/OvMARtt0QWU

The left Handed version is at  https://youtu.be/4hT2mpsCRw8

Learn to Corner to Corner Part 3: Creating rectangles

Most afghans and blankets that use c2c are rectangles.

  • Once your square pillow is made I will show you how to create a rectangle.
  • We will make an infinity scarf or a scarf using whatever yarn you have to hand (I love a good stash or scrap buster pattern!) and an appropriate sized hook. Please note there is no pattern for this one! (You don’t need one)
  • I will share some hints and tips on how to identify the right side of your work (although there isn’t a ‘right’ side with c2c as the pattern is on both sides)

You can find the video tutorials for this below:

Right handed –  https://youtu.be/JEPmbeKgRSI

Left handed – https://youtu.be/BCgFEV8EVmY

You will also need:

A copy of the bunny pillow pattern. You will be able to see the free version on our website here. Alternatively you can grab an inexpensive ad free pdf version from our shops:

Our shop here

Ravelry here.

Etsy here

Lovecrafts here

If you would like additional support in learning to c2c then please feel free to join our Facebook community group by clicking the link below AND answering 3 easy joining questions. You can also follow us on IG