Hooking With – Emma Wilkinson

Hooking With – Emma Wilkinson
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In this edition of Hooking With … we meet Emma Wilkinson. I first met Emma through a business coach and she often jokes that we are cousins because we have the same surname. Emma is such a lovely, vibrant personality and I know a lot of you are going to love her designs!

Shall we meet Emma Wilkinson of Emma Wilkinson Designs?

Let’s start with a hello from Emma herself before we dive into our questions.


I live in the outer suburbs of Sydney, Australia,  with my husband and four sons.

With an advanced Diploma of Fine Art under my belt, I turned to the world of fibre art shortly before the birth of my third son.

Inspired by nature, in particular Australian landscapes, juxtaposed with bold shapes and colours, means you’ll either find me working in soft greys and muted greens, or bright pink and yellow! I also design for my climate – which means you’ll see me design fingerless gloves or lightweight scarves for my mild winter.

I currently design crochet patterns for digital release, kits and magazines.

Patterns range from Beginner Friendly to Intermediate Skill builders for those who have mastered the basics and want to master a new stitch or technique

Thanks for being here, and happy crocheting!



When did you start designing?

My first ‘real’ pattern was published in 2015 – I’ve given it a little facelift this year- the ‘Starburst Square’

Do you have a blog? If so, when did you start that up?

I started blogging way back in 2009, but my current blog has been around since 2016. You can find it at www.EmmaWilkinsonDesigns.com

What was your initial plan with your blog and designs?

My inital designs were small motifs, and I’ve moved on to more complex stitches and patterns

What designs do you specialize in?

I don’t feel like I have a niche – but I like homewares, bags and accessories

The Primrose Wrap by Emma

Do you have a favorite few stitches you like to use or do you always try to do new ones?

I have my favourites – like moss stitch, but I do like to try new and different techniques.

When you come up with an idea, does it come first from yarn you have or do you find yarn to fit the idea?

A bit of both really. I self publish, and do freelance design work – so sometimes need to fit a theme.

When did you start crocheting?

I first learned from my Grandma when I was 12, but I didn’t pick it up as a hobby until I was 30(ish) and my third son was born.

What made you decide to become a designer?

It felt like a natural progression from craft blogger to writing patterns. I’m not sure when I made that decsion, but it was my goal almost straight away.



Are there any patterns not your own that you just love?

Yes – I made a Tunisian Shawl last year called the Smirr Shawl, and I adore it.

Of your patterns, which is your favorite and why?

I’m really proud of the group collaborations I’ve been a part of, such as the Frindship CAL and the Unity CAL, which are both running right now.

Are there any crochet techniques/stitches you wish to learn this year?

I have done a tiny bit of mosaic crochet, but I’d like to do a bit more. I would also like to explore Tunisian Crochet some more.

What are your biggest crochet challenges and how do you plan on overcoming that?

As a crocheter – I’m easily distracted. I sometimes take my crochet out of the house so I can focus on it. As a designer, I’ve always struggled with asking for pattern testers, but I think I’m now comfortable asking!

Have you ever lost your crojo and how did you overcome that?

Yes! I love little cross stitch kits and will work one one of those, or even do some knitting. I learned how to knot socks over the lock down last year (lots of youtube videos). Or i’ll do something I don’t have to think about, like granny squares.

What three tips can you offer to anyone that crochets?

There are no crochet police – you can change things if you want to, however frogging a whole project that doesn’t spark joy can be just as


Free pattern links by Emma Wilkinson:

You can check out some of Emma’s free patterns by clicking the pictures below. Emma also has a free pattern when you sign up to her newsletter. If you would like to sign up you can do so here. If you would like to follow Emma on Instagram check her out at www.instagram.com/emma_wilkinson_designs

The Dahlia Pinnata Square
The Sol Square