Stitch of the Week: Staggered HDC Pairs

Stitch of the Week: Staggered HDC Pairs
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Welcome to Stitch of the Week #3–Staggered HDC Pairs

staggered hdc pairs stitch tutorial

Staggered Half-Double Crochet Pairs, stitch of the week

This week, we’re learning about Staggered Half-Double Crochet Pairs.

Last time, we talked about Paired HDC, and the time before that, Paired SC.  It seems we’re hung up on pairs!

Thoughts on Stitch:

This is a super plush, squishy stitch that I feel will be well-suited for a baby blanket.  It doesn’t lend itself to much drape. However, so I do not recommend using it for garments.  You could also grab some cotton yarn and go to town for your kitchen or bath!


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Ready to learn this thing?

You will need some yarn, of course, and I recommend using a medium-weight yarn to get the hang of things.  Red Heart Super Saver is a nice choice since most people can get it just about anywhere.

You will also need a 5mm hook or one that the yarn label suggests you use if you are not using medium yarn.




YO–yarn over

HDC–half-double crochet

SHDCP–staggered half-double crochet pairs


*to*–repeat the instructions that appear between *’s

HDC2TOG–half-double crochet two together


Keep in mind that this stitch is worked as an HDC2TOG over two stitches, typically starting your work with the stitch you just finished working in however, the repeat for the rest of the pattern is not established until row 2.

Row 1 will be the setup row for each project you make using this stitch pattern.

For the purposes of making a swatch, chain any even number plus 2.

Row 1–HDC2TOG over the 3rd and 4th chs from the hook.  Ch1.

*Yo, insert hook into the same stitch just worked and pull up a loop, hold it.  Yo, insert hook into next stitch and pull up another loop.  Yo, pull thru all 5 loops on the hook, ch1*.

Repeat *to* until you have one stitch remaining: hdc in final stitch.

Row –ch 2, turn.  HDC2TOG over the 1st and 2nd ch1 spaces as follows:

Yo, insert hook into 1st ch1 space and pull up a loop.  Hold it.  Yo, insert hook into next ch1 space and pull up a loop.  Yo, pull through all 5 loops on the hook. Ch1.

*Yo, insert hook into same ch1 space as last stitch worked and pull up a loop.  Hold it.  Yo, insert hook into next ch1 space and pull up a loop.  Yo, pull through all 5 loops on the hook.  Ch1.*

Repeat from *to* across the row until you reach the final stitch: hdc in final stitch.

Row 2 is the repeat row for the entire rest of the swatch or project you are working.

A free PDF download is available here.

If you are a more visual learner, please refer to the YouTube video on our channel.  Link here.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you!  Please refer back to our blog and YouTube channel for more tutorials like this one in the future!