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Free Crochet pattern – Spring is in the Air Infinity Scarf

Free Crochet pattern – Spring is in the Air Infinity Scarf

Spring is in the Air and this infinity scarf is the perfect accessory! The bitterly cold winds coming off the North Sea are starting to warm up. The sun is fighting its way through the clouds. Crocuses and snowdrops are starting to bloom! With Christmas 

10 Free Beginner Friendly Crochet Patterns

10 Free Beginner Friendly Crochet Patterns

Today I am bringing to you 10 free beginner crochet patterns that are also perfect stash busters. Bonus!!! You can get ALL of these patterns as free pdf downloads using the special coupon code between 22nd and 28th February 2022. How do I get my 

Easy Crochet Patterns Just for You

Easy Crochet Patterns Just for You

The first week of the Sweet and Simple event went well! This week there are 13 awesome  easy crochet patterns for you which are free with the coupon code between 15th and 21st February 2022.


How do I get my free PDF patterns?

The answer to that is easy.

  1. Make a note of the coupon code you need for this week (see below)
  2. Scroll down and check out the patterns that are available free this week
  3. Click on the photos of the ones you would like
  4. If you do not go straight to Ravelry for your download, scroll the designer’s post until you see the Download now button. It looks like this:

the button you need looks like this


Please make sure you use this button – Etsy does not allow free patterns and there is only one place you can get each pdf free from for each designer.

5. Use the code to get your free PDF Pattern

6. Come back here and get another one!




The coupon code

This week the code you need is SIMPLECROCHET



Shall I show you the fabulous easy crochet patterns for this week?

This Week’s Patterns





Elegant Hair Scarf by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This week I am contributing my Elegant Hair Scarf to this event.

This one is a super simple pattern using double crochets (US terms – triple crochet in UK terms) and works up quickly!




The Freedom Beanie by Carroway Crochet

This one is worked up using a chunky yarn so you will be finished this one in no time!

The thicker yarn with the gaps make this one a perfect make for those chillier late winter / early Spring Days.




The Suzette Hanging Basket by Made by Gootie

I adore this basket so much! The stitch is so pretty and the basket is so handy for lots of things.

Would you use yours as decoration like Agat has here, or would you keep it by your bed to keep your phone and glasses in? What about somewhere to keep those extra toilet rolls in the bathroom?




Crochet Rose Bobble by Off the Hook for You

How cute is this one? I know that my daughter and nieces will be wanting a few of these along with a few done in smaller yarn with a smaller hook for pigtails and plaits.




Ear Warmer / Head band by My Crochet Space

These are really popular gifts and quick makes! Whether you just make the ear warmer, or add a scarf to match, maybe add it to a spa set for the perfect pamper yourself gift, you cannot go wrong with making one or two (or seven or eight) of these!




Cross Stitch Infinity Scarf by Loops and Love Crochet

This winter I have been drawn to infinity scarves and this one is a great one with an easy repeat. It is a perfect project for practicing those X stitches on and will look great dressed up if you are going for a meal, or dressed down for walking the dogs!




Alpine Scarf by Crochets by Trista

How elegant and cozy does this one look?

Trista has a great eye for detail and the simple repeat in this pattern works just perfectly!




Pine Trees Headband by Creations by Courtney

Now this lady is not afraid to play with texture.

Courtney’s design is perfect for the Spring and is another quick and easier than it looks project!

What colours would you make yours?




Houndstooth Sunglasses Case by Itchin’ for some Stitchin’

Can you go wrong with a bit of houndstooth?

If you have never tried it before then grab this project and give it a go!




Criss Cross Hat by Pam’s Cozy Corner

This project would make a great set with the criss cross scarf by Loops and Love above!

By the time you have finished this project you will be a master at the X stitch!

I love how a row or two of a complimentary colour work so well in designs.




Striped Cup Cozy by Pine Tree Crochet

In my house I can never have enough cup cozies. It is an unspoken rule that there must be one or two in both my car and my husband’s, and at least one in my bag. My daughter has been known to also give them away in the local coffee shop because people have admired them!




Boho Wall Decor by Valzies Boutique

This COLOURWAYS reminds me of the setting sun. This wall hanging just makes me smile.

Do you have any particular colours that mean anything to you that you would make this one in? What about birthstone colours of your children / grandchildren?




The midsummer infinity scarf by Once Upon a Cheerio

There are a few ways to wear this beautiful design – you should check them out!

This is another elegant but simple project that will work up in no time.



Share your projects with me!

Use the hashtag #sweetandsimple and share your easy crochet pattern projects online so that the designers can see your makes too! We LOVE seeing them!!

Want to join a friendly, welcoming and active face book group? Then the Sunflower Cottage Crochet Community may just be for you.







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Elegant Hairscarf

Elegant Hairscarf

Something came over me one day and I just had to design an elegant headscarf. I know! It’s not my usual kind of design. When I think of head scarves I think of the 1950’s and old movies with (not so fast) open top cars, 

Samantha’s Hope Beanie Free Pattern

Samantha’s Hope Beanie Free Pattern

Last year we participated in our first Crochet Cancer Challenge with our Samantha’s Hope beanie pattern. We went for royal blue in support of colon cancer. 2019 was a very poignant year to be initiated as one of the designers of this fabulous event. At 

The Hannah Ear Warmer and Cowl Set

The Hannah Ear Warmer and Cowl Set

There is a simple elegance to the Hannah Ear Warmer and Cowl set. I don’t know about where you are but here it is getting cold quickly this year! The leaves haven’t fallen off the trees and crunch under foot, they have just gone soggy and stick to your shoes!

This is the perfect time of year for a good ear warmer and cowl. And, of course, they make great gift sets.

Do you make items to keep or gift?

Almost all of what I make is gifted either as donations or as gifts. Quite often my daughter will try to claim it all for herself. It seems that the only thing I keep for me is the odd hat, scarf or cowl. Do you do the same? I wish I had kept some of my items but in my heart I know that they would have just looked pretty in the wardrobe or have been put away for the next 3 years.

But not this set!

This set I have kept. It is just so practical and handy for me. We have dogs and so it is perfect for walking them along our beach, or throwing them on and getting in the car to run errands.

Don’t tell anyone but I am also designing a Hannah beanie to go with it for when the temperatures really do plummet and I need a hat. This one will be double brimmed and is super warm. More about that later 🙂

Isn’t the texture fabulous?!!


PDF Pattern links

If you don’t want to keep scrolling down for the Hannah ear warmer and cowl set free pattern and prefer a pdf version you can find it in our shops:

Our shop here

Ravelry here

Etsy here

Lovecrafts here


Are you ready to make this one?

Note: this post does contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you!

Materials you will need:


Not important as long as your starting row is the correct length as per the info in the sizing and pattern notes sections.



Pattern for the earwarmer is written for several sizes – child(age 4-12)/ teen/ women’s small/ medium/ large. The length of your foundation row will be 18’’ (19’’/20’’/21’’/22’’) with a width of approx. 3.5’’ for child sizes and 4.25’’ for adult.

The cowl sizes are age 4-12 (27’’ x 10.5’’)/ teen (29’’ x 12’’) /  adult (32’’ x 13.5’’) so the length of your foundation row will be 27’’/29’’/32’’




  • Ch(s)–chain(s)
  • St(s)–stitch(es)
  • rep–repeat
  • sk—skip
  • fhdc – foundation half double crochet
  • hdc—half double crochet
  • sc – single crochet
  • N St – N stitch (see special stitches)
  • YO—yarn over
  • FO—fasten off

Pattern Notes:

  • Written in US terms.
  • Ch1 stitches at the beginning do not count as a st unless otherwise stated.
  • Please ensure that you note how the sizes are differentiated as per the sizing information above.
  • To alter the sizing make sure you have an even number of stitches at the end of round 1.


Special Stitches:

The Hannah set uses the N Stitch. If you have never worked it before please do not be intimidated by the name or the look of it – it isn’t a difficult stitch. In fact, we have a YouTube tutorial for it. You can find this below. We also have a left handed version on our YouTube Channel.

To work the N stitch: Sk 1 st, hdc in the next st, insert hook from the top to the bottom of the front loop only of the skipped stitch, YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull through one loop, YO, insert the hook back into the st you did the hdc, YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull through all 4 loops on hook.

Fhdc: I find this has a more aesthetically pleasing finish than the chain starts to projects. You can find our tutorial on the foundation stitches: For right handed crocheter the video is linked below. We also have left handed tutorial for this on our YouTube Channel. I find this has a more aesthetically pleasing finish than the chain starts to projects.


Camel St     This is also known as “third loop” hdc. To do this:

YO, insert hook into the THIRD loop of the HDC from the previous row (this will be a horizontal bar below the two loops you normally work into. If working in the round, it will be on the INSIDE of your work). Pull up a loop, YO and pull thru all 3 loops on your hook.

You can find our video tutorial on how to do this here :





Pattern for Earwarmer:


Round 1 –       Fhdc 54 (58/60/64/66)  SS to join    (Note: you will use your tail to close the gap when you sew in your ends later)


Ch 55 (59/61/65/67), hdc in third ch from hook and each ch across. Making

sure not to twist the chain, ss to the first st to join and create a circle.

Round 2 –        Ch1, camel st in each st around. SS to join. (54 (58/60/64/66))

Round 3 –       Ch1, N st around (26 /28/30/32/33 N sts)

                           SS to join.

Round 4-     Ch1, sc in each st around.

                          SS to join. (54 (58/60/64/66))



Rounds  5-6 (6/8/8/8) –   Repeat rounds 3 and 4

Round 7 (7/9/9/9)  –      Rep round 3. SS to join.

Round 8 (8/10/10/10) – Ch1, hdc in first st and each st around. SS to join (54 (58/60/64/66))

Round 9 (9/11/11/11) – Ch1, sc in the third loop in each st around. (54 (58/60/64/66))

FO and weave in ends.



Pattern for Cowl:


Round 1 –       Fhdc 80 (86/96)  SS to join


Ch 81 (87/97), hdc in third ch from hook and each ch across. Making sure not

to twist the chain, ss to the first st to join and create a circle.


Round 2 –        Ch1, camel st in each st around. SS to join. (80 (86/96)

Round 3 –       Ch1, N st around (40 /43/48 N sts)

                        SS to join.



Round 4-       Ch1, sc in each st around.

                        SS to join. (80 (86/96))

Round  5 onwards –   Repeat rounds 3 and 4 another 10/12/14 times.

(Note: you can stop the repeats early if you think your cowl is tall enough!)

Round 22/26/30  –      Rep round 3. SS to join.

Round 23/27/31 –      Ch1, hdc in first st and each st around. SS to join (80(86/96))

Round 24/28/32 –      Rep round 2.

FO and weave in ends.


Special event:

On 4th November 2020 (which also happens to be my birthday!!) you can get this set as a FREE PDF download in the 2020 Gift Giving Blop Hop hosted by Crochets by Trista! Just click on the button below and use the code from her post, which can be found here .



Don’t forget to share your Hannah Ear Warmer and Cowl set with us on our social media! You can find us on FaceBook and Instagram

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Hooking With: Krissy’s Over The Mountain Crochet

Hooking With: Krissy’s Over The Mountain Crochet

Krissy’s Over The Mountain Crochet This week we interviewed Krissy with Krissy’s Over The Mountain Crochet.  Get ready to meet this lovely lady… Introduction Hi, I am a mother of 5 and grandmother of 4. I live in a very country setting between two mountains 

Hooked on Summer Week 4

Hooked on Summer Week 4

Can you believe that this is the final week of the hooked on summer event (week 4) ?! That means that this week week is the final instalment of the Lemon Drops set from us – You have already had the potholder, washcloth and towel. 

Hooked on Summer Event Week 3

Hooked on Summer Event Week 3

The Hooked on Summer event week 3 is here already!

For this event Sara and I have a kitchen set that we will be bringing you – You have already had the potholder and washcloth. This week it is the turn of the towel and for the final week next week we have the placemat! We hope you love our Lemon Drops Kitchen set as much as we do!

Have you been following the recent events that we have been involved with? If so you will know how this works!

For those of you new to this type of event let me explain how it will work…

How it works:

Each week there will be several designers each offering you a FREE PDF pattern which you can get at any point during the week (it runs Friday at midnight EST -Thursday at 11:59pm EST).

Each Friday in July we will post a round-up of all of the patterns for that week. It will work much like our previous round-ups:

1.     Check out the round-up post and have a look at the patterns available,

2.    Click on any pattern photo that you would like to download – this will bring you to the designer’s blog post (or direct to Ravelry if they do not have a blog).

3.     Find the DOWNLOAD FREE PDF PATTERN button on the designer’s blog post – this will then link take you to Ravelry. The button will look like this:

4.     Add the pattern to your Ravelry cart and enter the coupon code ‘HOOKEDONSUMMER’ before checking out.

 Return here and repeat steps 2-4 for as many patterns as you like!

Every Friday in July the patterns available for the Hooked on Summer Event will change so make sure you come back and check which patterns are featured each week! We will have our round-up posts in the ‘featured’ section of our homepage.


Are you ready to check out the patterns?

Velvet Scrunchies by Carroway Crochet


Crochet Lemon Applique by Raffamusa Designs


Lemon Drops Towel by Sunflower Cottage Crochet (seen here with last week’s washcloth!)


Swirly Twirly Sunshine Coasters by Clair Delune Fiber Art


Euphoria Scarf by Three Fates Creations


Catherine’s Wheel Envelope Purse by Made by Gootie


Peak a Bow Earrings by Sjay’s Crochet


Summer Romance Top by Blue Star Crochet


Flower Fields Mug Rug by Pine Tree Crochet


Breezy Sun Hat by Fosbas Designs


Next week will be the final Hooked on Summer round-up! Will you join us then?






Hooked on Summer Event Week 2

Hooked on Summer Event Week 2

Did you participate in the Hooked on Summer Event Week 2? This one was sponsored by Carroway Crochet For this event Sara and I brought you the lemon drops kitchen set. It was a four part set with one part being released each week during this