A Free Crochet Blanket Pattern and CAL – Where Every Blanket Will Be Different!

A Free Crochet Blanket Pattern and CAL – Where Every Blanket Will Be Different!
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Are you looking for a free crochet blanket pattern that is inspiring and different every time you make it?

The free Adventure Blanket Crochet Along (CAL) is just that – an adventure! Kristine and I were looking for something different to capture your imagination and make the crochet along more fun.

This free crochet blanket CAL is something that Kristine, from Ambassador Crochet, and myself have been planning for about a year now. We wanted to collaborate on a project together and a crochet blanket pattern seemed like a perfect fit.

But how to set it up? I have hosted several collaborations with other designers that use squares. For instance my Friendship Blanket CAL, Community Garden CAL and Bouquet of Flowers CAL are all still very popular!

Then Kristine suggested the concept behind the adventure blanket CAL…

Inspiration behind the design

Both Kristine and I wanted to design sections that used closed and cozy stitch combinations.

Kristine was talking to me one day about those ‘choose your own adventure’ books that were popular a few years (or maybe it was decades) ago. And boom …… we had a concept!

Don’t worry if you are a confident beginner – we will have videos to help you through each section too.

The Yarn

Before we get to the yarn: Hook size! Kristine used 5.5mm for her sections and I used 5mm. It does not matter which hook size you choose to use. Our advice is to keep the same size and make sure that you width gauge is the same throughout the blanket. It will work out perfectly!

You may use any 4 weight yarn of your choosing. Or, if you prefer, 3 weight yarn with a 4-4.5mm hook. You will need between 300-450 yards of yarn per section. This makes this one a great stash busting project. Why not raid you stash and create something beautiful with your skeins that are waiting for the perfect project?

Because of the way that this CAL is set up we cannot give you a definitive yardage requirement for your blanket. This will depend entirely upon your choices and with 20 strips to choose from that is over 20,000 possible combinations!!

However, it should be around 1400-1600 yards in total for 10 sections, the divider sections and the border. You can make it in a solid colour or work it up in different colours as we have.

For my version (the one with the golds and greens) I used Sirdar Country Classic Worsted weight in 5 colours. Golden, moss, clotted cream and oyster for the main sections with white for the border and division sections. I used less than 2 skeins per section.

Kristine used Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Oatmeal, Antler, Oxford Grey, Dark Rose Heather and Natural Heather for the dividers and border.

How the free blanket CAL works:

Each week there will be a total of four strips released as free patterns on our blogs – 2 on a Tuesday, and 2 on a Friday.

BUT you will only make one of the Tuesday strips and one of the Friday strips! (Unless you want to make 2 blankets.)

Each strip will be approximately 4-6″ tall and will have a stitch count of 200. They will also all start on the right side and finish on the wrong side.

The strip you will make will depend upon your answer to a very simple ‘adventure’ or ‘yarn’ related question. This way everyone’s blankets should be unique by the time we get to the end of the CAL.

How to Join in the Adventure Blanket CAL:

There are 2 ways of joining in this event.

  1. You can use the round up post. Come back each Tuesday and Friday for the next 6 weeks to answer the question. This will take you to your section for that day. The pattern for each of the blanket sections will be free on the blog post for you to work up.
  2. Purchase the e-book. It contains all 20 strips in this free blanket pattern CAL. PLUS an additional 5 strips that will not be included. That is 25 strips in total in one e-book for an amazing one off price. The price is $12.99 during the CAL and $15.99 after the CAL ends!

Want the e-book with all of the blanket sections plus 5 extras?

You can check out the e-book with no obligation to purchase by clicking the button below.

This button will take you to the e-book if you would rather that than follow the free blanket crochet pattern as each section is released.

Additional Help and Support:

If you would like additional help and support then please join our FB Community groups by clicking on the button below and answering the 3 simple joining questions. Throughout this event we will be answering questions, going live to help and chat to you about each section.

Never miss a section!

Why not sign up to our emails? That way each time sections are released you will get a reminder direct to your inbox. If you would like to click the buttons below and sign up for both my emails and Kristine’s!

Now the fun stuff!!!!

Remember – click your answer to the question and work up that particular blanket section!

Part 1: Do you prefer camping or log cabins?

If you are a camper click here.

If you prefer the log cabin click here.

Can’t decide? Let us choose for you. Click here.

Divider section

Use this to separate your sections…

Kristine has designed a divider section for this blanket if you would like to use it. It is a simple 2 row repeat but looks so effective!

You can find it here.

Part 2: Do you prefer rafting or scuba diving?

If you are a rafter click here.

If you are a scuba diver click here.

Can’t decide? Click here.

Part 3: Would your first choice be the beach or the mountains?

If you prefer the beach click here.

If you love the mountains click here.

Can’t decide? Click here.

Part 4: Do you prefer hiking or mountain biking?

If you prefer hiking click here.

If you love the thrill of mountain biking click here.

Can’t decide? Click here.

Part 5: Would you rather ski dive or go horseback riding?

If you like to live life on the edge and would sky dive click here.

A little bit more sedate and prefer to (almost) keep your feet on the ground? Click here.

Can’t decide? Click here.

*The sections will both be live by 8am EST on Tuesday 14th May 2024

The second half of the CAL will be hosted by Kristine from Ambassador Crochet. You can find that post here.

16 thoughts on “A Free Crochet Blanket Pattern and CAL – Where Every Blanket Will Be Different!”

    • Hi Kelly, this will run for 6 weeks – there will be 4 sections released each week (but the idea is that you make 2 (based on your multiple choice answer). So these will take 5 weeks and then 1 week for finishing up and the border.

  • I’m looking at the PUFF ST & X-STITCH COMBO for the “Cabin” choice and I only see instructions for the first 13 rows. The other choice “Bobble Stitch” has 20 rows. Will they be the same height blanket strips? Thanks

    • Hi Susan,

      yes all of the strips will end up being approximately the same height. The number of rows required will change depending on the stitches used as some stitches are taller than others. The bobble stitch on is primarily sc so is much shorter in height than double crochets in the X St. I hope this helps.


  • Would love to join the CAL but just can’t afford to spend the money to buy the pattern right now. Any time I have tired getting the pattern for free, I sign up but never get any links for the patterns, so I have given up.

    • Hello!

      The emails will take you to this roundup post where the links to all of the sections are. The post tells you how this event works. To get the section you answer a simple fun question and click on your chosen answer to find out what the section is. It just adds a bit of fun and mystery to the CAL. Each section is a free pattern on the second blog post (once you have answered the question), unless you want the e-book pdf format.
      It looks like perhaps you are just confused with how this event works?


  • Oh no! It appears a link is wrong. Part 2 Scuba Diving and Part 3 Mountains are the same. Is this correct?

      • You’re welcome! I am really enjoying this project. Thanks so much for all your time and effort.

      • This is quite an enjoyable adventure. I am having so much fun with the patterns that you have given so far that I plan to go back and make a second blanket with the ones that I didn’t use the first time. I’m looking forward to the next part

  • I’ve made one blanket and it didn’t quite turn out! Wide and narrow throughout the whole thing. But this seems like a great way to make a blanket, all the different stitches and patterns instead of one repeating stitch like I did with my afghan. Excited to start this! Thank you

    • We are so pleased that you are going to be joining us Lee Ann! Fingers crossed this one works out great for you. If you have any issues by all means get in touch and we can help you troubleshoot!

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