The Friendship Blanket CAL

The Friendship Blanket CAL
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The Friendship Blanket CAL is here! I can hardly believe it. This is something that I have been thinking about for almost a year, and have been working on since September. Yet it seems to have come round so quickly!

Why call it the Friendship Blanket?

Simply because I did not do this by myself! Every week we will release 3 squares for you to make. They will all measure 9″ (once finished and blocked if necessary) and in total there are 41 squares … yes, I did say 41! You only need 35 to make the afghan but we thought it was a good idea to include a few extras for those who may not be confident or want to try certain techniques or stitches.

No less than 28 of our designer friends from around the globe offered to help us out and have each contributed at least 1 square to the blanket. Crochet design can be a lonely business (as can any job when you do it from home), so I am truly humbled and honoured that these ladies and gent came together to work with us. It was actually a couple of the designers that came up with the name suggestion, and how perfect is it?

Needless to say this blanket holds a special place in my heart!


How it works:

  • One new square will be released every Friday, Sunday and Wednesday until mid April
  • Most squares will be available as a free pdf and, if it is not going to be free usually, you will have a coupon code to get your copy.
  • I will then share how I joined the squares and the boarder
  • The most recent square will be the first on in the list below – under this will be all of the squares that have been released in order.


  • If you cannot wait for the squares to be released and would like to get them all in one go a bundle is available for $10 using the button below. This works out at only $0.25 per square!
  • Note: you have 7  days from purchase to raise any issues.


Additional help and support

If you would like additional help and support then please join our FB Community group by clicking on the button below and answering the 3 simple joining questions. Throughout this event we will be answering questions, going live to help and chat to you about each square.


Have you joined our mailing list?

If you would like an email each day a square is released so you don’t miss any of them you can sign up to our Events and CALs email. This is different from our standard newsletter – which you can sign up to with the pop up box when you access our blog, or add your details in the box in the footer!


Materials List:

Note: this list contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you!

I used:


Joining and border:

If you are interested in using the same joining technique and boarder as I have used in this blanket you can find them in the following places:

Joining – find our blog post with video tutorials here.

Border – you can find the post with the border I used here.

Newest Square Release

All of the squares have now been released. Please note that not all of these squares are available as free pdf downloads any more. Quite a few will be available until the end of April 2021 with the code. Most should be free patterns on the designer’s blog.

The bundle will be available to purchase until the 1st May 2021.




Previously Released Squares:


1. The Friendship Square



The CAL kicks off with our Friendship Square. It is an easy square, perfect to get us started. The pattern includes links to our video tutorials for the stitches you need to use. You will also need approx 100 yds and a 5mm hook. You can find out more information about this square here.

Coupon Code: SQUARES


2. The Pretty Petals Square by AmeliaMakes

This square was actually fun and super quick to make. It is mainly double crochets and has more of a traditional granny square method and look to it. As you can see from my photo I had to add an extra round of hdc when I finished to get it nearer the 9″ before blocking, but it is really easy to add another row onto that if you need to and it will still look great!

Please note: This square is available as a free pattern on Amelia’s blog. If you would like the free pdf, Amelia has updated her free pattern for signing up to her emails so an immediate pdf version of this pattern will be delivered directly to your inbox. If you have any issues getting the pdf please contact Amelia directly and she will help you!


3. The Lauren Square by Crafting Each Day

This square was such a great one to make! The texture is gorgeous and you might be surprised to know that it only uses sc, hdc and dc and back loop only. I made my version in pink.

It took me about an hour to create this one. Doesn’t it just remind you of the ocean? If you are not making the blanket it would make a great washcloth using cotton. I will say that because fo the stitch multiple for this one if your square is too big you will have to adjust your hook size!

The code you will need for your free pdf of this one is SQUARES.

4. The Rambling Roses Square by Made by Gootie

Agat has designed this gorgeous square. The square is a combination of the Primrose stitch and hdc stitches which work together perfectly here.

More fun ideas for this square are making it as a washcloth, a hot pad, table or bed runner (just increase the initial chains according to the multiple mentioned in the notes), etc… I will have a post nearer the end of the CAL with ideas of what else you can use the squares for if you do not want to make a blanket. The button below takes you to the designer’s post.

Coupon Code: SQUARES

5. The Illusion Square by L’amas de Laine

Oh my goodness guys! I just love this one. In fact I am going to make 4 and turn it into a cushion cover because I need to see how the geometrics on this one work out!

This square is done with tapestry crochet. You carry your yarn around with you picking up the right colour at the right time. This square was a fun one to make for me. Being honest, it was a nice size for this technique for me too.

If you haven’t tried this type of crochet before give it a go! As soon as you get used to having 3 colours on the go and your tension works itself out it really is a good one and looks so fabulous in the blanket.

BONUS: no code needed – this is a free download on Ravelry from Sandra’s blog post!


6. The Diamond Bliss square by Crafting at the Poole:

Caleb from Crafting at the Poole has designed this gorgeous Diamond Bliss square especially for our friendship blanket. The texture is created by using front post and back post triple crochet stitches. For those of you who are beginners, if you managed the fpdc and bpdc from square 1 then you absolutely can do this square! And what girl doesn’t appreciate a diamond?

Caleb has a video tutorial of this square attached to his post too! So if you have any issues with this square this should help.

To get the free pdf click the button at the bottom of Caleb’s post and use the coupon code




7. The Omatra Square by Three Fates Creations


We go back to more of a traditional looking granny square with this one. It is suitable for beginners and looks great either in a solid colour or you can play with your colours and use up some of those smaller scraps you have! This one is a quick make.


8. The Raised Diagonals Friendship Square

This one has been designed by us. It is suitable for adventurous beginners and we do have a link to the YouTube video tutorial in the pattern which will help you to make this square. Once you get used to looking for that stitch to work around 2 rows below I found this one quite a rhythmical piece to work. Beginners may take a bit longer to get the hang of it but there is no reason why you cannot give this one a go!




9. The Ara Blanket Square by Ambassador Crochet

This blanket square is gorgeous! It is worked from the centre out so you work the star and then create the square. Kristine’s patterns are always so well written that I always enjoy working them up! (For those who enjoy Tunisian she is also has some gorgeous Tunisian patterns and she taught me and my daughter how to do our first Tunisian project!) Anyway, I digress ….  This pattern would probably be graded for intermediate crocheters but I think adventurous beginners would really enjoy this one too!


10. The Diamond Square by Jo’s Crafty Hook


This lacy square is a beautiful one. In fact Joey has a few patterns using this stitch, including a wrap, and pocket shawl amongst them. This pattern is not as tricky as it looks and works up quickly to create this very feminine and gorgeous texture.



11. The Kindred Square by Through the Loop Yarn Craft

Doesn’t this square look like it is Tunisian Crochet? Well, in actual fact it isn’t! Ashley came up with a great way to get a Tunisian Crochet look with this one. The pattern has lots of photo’s to take you through how to work this one. It also creates such a super warm square that if you made it in cotton it would be a fantastic pot holder!!


Coupon Code : SQUARES




12. The Eclectic Square by Crochets by Trista

This square by Trista is a lovely warm one that isn’t overly complicated. The overall texture is really pretty and suitable for beginners. I enjoyed making this one. It has a nice rhythm to it while you are working it.

Trista does not have a YouTube channel but she has allowed Sara to do a video on her behalf so if you are fairly new to crochet or would like to check out any elements of making this square you can find the link on Trista’s post.

Coupon Code: SQUARES


13. The Kinship Square by The Loophole Fox

Shannon refers to this stitch as the even moss stitch, but we also know it as the crunch stitch. Whatever you call it this texture is just gorgeous. It is also a great one for beginners as it uses slip stitches (be careful not to make them too tight as you need to work into them!) and half double crochets. It creates a warm square that has a gorgeous texture. I am sure that you will love this stitch as much as both Shannon and I do!

Coupon Code: SQUARES

14. Tapestry Heart Square by Amelia Makes


Today’s square os the tapestry heart square from Amelia Makes. It is worked very similar to square 5 (the Illusion square by L’amas de Laine) except it is in rows rather than rounds. It looks very pretty and effective when worked up. This one is not a ravelry download but Amelia’s post directs you where you need to go if you would like the pdf version.


15. Friendship Blanket Square by Natalis Crochet Designs


Isn’t this square gorgeous?? Natali has done a super job designing this one. I love how it looks both classical and modern at the same time! And it looks fantastic worked up. This one is a pattern for intermediate crocheters and you need to pay attention to the corner clusters which are slightly different from the puff stitches. However, Natali has video tutorials linked her blog post that will take you through this one. Because of the puff stitches, tension is going to be the key to yours looking fabulous! This square was a fun one to make up and has a beautiful elegance about it when finished.


16. The Connection Square by Sunflower Cottage Crochet


This is the last square in this event from Sunflower! I just LOVE the texture that the bean stitch gives you and once you get into a rhythm with it it is quite an enjoyable stitch to work. An even tension is important for this one or your bean stitches will have loops that will snag and get caught. It uses the bean stitch so is probably more sited to an intermediate crocheter, but if you are an adventurous beginner then I would always say try it! We have links to both right and left handed video tutorials in our blog post and pattern.

Coupon Code: SQUARES



17. The Sweet Stripes Square by Green Fox Farm Designs


Lisa has designed this gorgeous square. It is great for beginners and looks so pretty when worked up. This one is a quick make and a nice change of pace from some of the more complicated squares so far! (I know that some people have struggled with our raised Diagonals square for instance.)

I made my version in white, but I think Lisa’s colour choices are so bright and vibrant! They really highlight the texture beautifully.

Coupon Code: SQUARES


18. The Sol Square by Emma Wilkinson Designs


You can see why Emma called this one the Sol square! This was another square that I really enjoyed making – but let’s face it they are all enjoyable whether they are quick makes, whether you learn something new, or you are just loving your colour choices! This one has the potential to be an awesome scrap buster. You can see here that Emma changed her colour every row so you can get some of those smaller scraps used in this one! It is a quick make and suitable for confident beginners (you can see there is a back loop only section and a bit of a puff stitch).

If you would like to know more about Emma please check out our latest edition of Hooking With which you can find here.

Coupon Code: Squares

19. The Dolphin Stitch Square by Straight Hooked


This square has a gorgeous texture and I can pretty much guarantee that you will not have tried this stitch yourself unless you have worked one or two of Malena’s other patterns. You see this stitch is entirely her own.  Malena’s blog post has a video tutorial in it too – I recommend you watch it for her hints and tips as well as getting the hang of the stitch. Malena is working on getting a more polished version of the video onto her blog asap so if you need it please check back.

I would say this one is definitely in the realms of intermediate crocheter as you need a sound knowledge of the stitches and pattern terminology if you are not using the video,  but adventurous beginners may get the hang of this one with a little patience.

The pdf download is available via the Straight Hooked website rather than Ravelry. Please note you do not have to input your personal details in to get the pattern for free. If you have any issues getting this one please contact Malena/ Straight Hooked directly.


Coupon Code: Squares

20. The Cross Puff Stitch Crochet Square by HanJan Crochet

I was thrilled when Hannah from HanJan crochet signed up to participate in the Friendship Blanket CAL! Her designs are amazing! If you have tried any of the previous squares which have puff stitches in them you will be absolutely fine with this one! As with all puff stitches, tension is kept to getting a lovely stitch so as long as you take your time I would encourage anyone to give this one a go. I know that puff stitches are usually classed as intermediate level but you guys are doing so well with the squares so far and I know you got this! The edging is made with front post and back post stitches which we have also come across in a few squares. So we have acquired the skills we need to do this square already! All that is left is to enjoy making it.  I found this one to be a satisfying one to make and Hannah’s patterns are always so well written.

Coupon Code : SQUARES

21. The Zanmi Square by Desamour Designs

Isn’t the texture on this one gorgeous? You will be really surprised how the 2 row repeat on this one creates this gorgeous square. I fell in love with this stitch. You will only use double crochets and treble crochets.

NOTE: if you would like the free pdf for this one you must get it today (3rd March 2021). The pattern will be free on the blog for at least the duration of the CAL but the pdf will only be free and linked at the bottom of the blog post for the one day. After that you will either have to have access to Elisabeth’s email list vault or purchase the bundle.


22. The Sun and Stars Square by Crochet Cloudberry


This pretty square designed by Crochet Cloudberry is only free on the blog. It will be there for the duration of the CAL. And the blog post has lots of additional photos that are not in the pdf version. It takes you through step by step how to create this square. It is a gorgeous square and I just love the textures that are in it! This one was a fun make because there are so many interesting changes and stitches as you progress. You do need to keep a good count of your stitches.

This square is most definitely classed as an intermediate square – there is some star stitch in there, the square changes shape 3 times (circle to star to square) and the texture around the star.

Sara has created a video for this one with the permission of Crochet Cloudberry, if you need additional help trying this one. You can find it here

23. Lasting Links Square by Ned and Mimi

I hope you are all having as much fun making these squares and trying new techniques as I had when I made my blanket!

The lasting links square by Sara over at Ned and Mimi is just gorgeous! It works up quite quickly and you may be surprised how effective such a simple technique of interlocking loops can be! I would say that a confident beginner should be able to work this one up without issue – just be sure to follow Sarah’s instructions on how to fasten down that last loop of each row!

COUPON CODE: squares


24. Square for CAL by Canoe Mtn Designs


Audrey at Canoe Mtn Designs has created this great square for the CAL. It starts life as a circle and changes to a square. I love her use of the V stitch in this one. I would say that this one is suitable for confident beginners.

I have made and tested a few of Audrey’s patterns over recent years and she always creates such lovely texture from straight forward stitches and stitch combinations.

No Coupon code needed!


25. Synergy Interlocking Crochet Square by Kickin Crochet

Have you worked interlocking crochet before? I am going to hold my hands up here and say I actually had not until I made this square for my blanket! If you are new to interlocking crochet you will find Mary’s video on this one essential. I don’t think I could have done this square without it. I had never seen an interlocking crochet pattern before and so this one I was looking forward to. My square isn’t perfect like Mary’s (above) but I was proud of the way it turned out. Mary’s video takes you through this square stitch by stitch so if this is a new technique for you I would recommend giving it a go.

You can find her video here.

If you are comfortable with interlocking crochet you should enjoy this square.

Coupon Code: Squares


26. The Sedge Stitch Square by Carroway Crochet


The sedge stitch is a great beginners stitch – it uses basic sc, hdc and dc stitches to create this gorgeous texture! We love this stitch at Sunflower HQ and have used it in a few of our designs (a tote and a catchall spring to mind) . This square is therefore great for anybody who knows the basic stitches and is a nice change of pace if the interlocking crochet of the last square was a new technique for you!

Pam over at Carroway Crochet has a stitch tutorial for the sedge Stitch for both left and right handed crocheters in her blog post if you need / want it to help you through the pattern.

The pdf for this one is only free today (14th March 2021) with the coupon code, but the pattern is available on Pam’s blog post for the duration of the CAL at least. However, if you want the pdf do keep checking outside of this date – Pam had surgery last week and was thinking she would extend the code so she may do this when she is able!



27. Arianrhod Blanket Square by Ambassador Crochet

I think I would consider this square to be a bit of a diamond in the rough. Let me explain what I mean by that. When I first saw this square I thought, oh, that looks interesting! It reminded me a bit of a spiders web – I’m not a fan of spiders LOL. But something drew me in and I wanted to give it a go. And Oh My! I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed making this one! There is a bit of counting involved to keep your cable sections straight and keep the shape of the square. But I loved that there was quite a bit going on with it while you worked it without it being overly complicated. And when I had finished it … I LOVE it! Now I am trying to think of other ways of using this square. I think Kristine has mentioned she would like to turn it into a bag.

Kristine has stated this one is suitable for an advanced beginner. Don’t let the word ‘cables’ put you off trying this one. They are simple stitches and a great introduction to cables!

Coupon Code: SQUARES



28. The Harmony Square by Me n My Hook


Bernadine has designed a beautiful square for this CAL. I love the way that when you first look it looks like a nice simple granny square, but actually then you start really looking at it there is quite a bit going on without it detracting from the simplicity of the overall look. Yet it is a confident beginner pattern with primarily double crochets and some back post rows. You can see how it changes shape as you work it. I love how this one shows that a simple change to a crochet stitch such as working back post until you reach the corners can create such interesting and gorgeous texture. Sara has also done a video for this one if you need additional help which Bernadine has put into her blog post.

Coupon Code: YNOMRAH


29. The Crochet Cluster Stitch Square by Fosbas Designs


I asked for texture and I certainly got texture with this stunning stitch and design from Fosbas Designs! Once you work out the stitch placement this one worked up quickly. Thankfully Susanna has a video tutorial linked to her post too so if you need a visual hand with this one check that out! Other than that this square was great. As I say it worked up quickly. Mine leaned ever so slightly but not enough to affect the blanket at all.

While you are on Fosbas Designs site, why not check out a few of her stunning garments!

COUPON CODE :  square



30. The Rialto Square by HanJan Crochet

This square is the second stunner in our Friendship Blanket CAL designed by Hannah from HanJan Crochet.

Hannah has created this square using some basic cable stitches – but if you don’t feel ready to try cables out yet don’t worry – Hannah has made it as easy as possible and has a great video tutorial linked in her post too which takes you through this square step by step!

I also love the edging Hannah has used on her squares to finish off this design.

Coupon Code: Squares

31. The Friendship Star Crochet Square by Blue Star Crochet


This square is just texture-ific! In fact, I am not sure whether Veronika could have added any more texture to this one! If you are relatively new to crochet or look at it and feel intimidated – don’t. There are no stitches in this square that we have not worked in previous squares! Veronika has also added a video tutorial link to her post so if you want extra help with any of the parts of this one then she has you covered!

I really enjoyed this square. Just to try it out I used 3 colours in my square – for the centre puff stitches I used white, the star I used pink and the rest was purple. It came out really cute!

Coupon Code: STAR

32. The Little Angel Square by Dessert Blossom Crafts


The Little Angels Square is a great introduction to lace crochet if you have not tried that as yet. It works up quickly once you have the stitches down. There is no video for this one at the time of posting, but Rachel has some great photo tutorials on her blog post to take you through the stitches.

As mentioned, this one works up quickly and I enjoyed making my version! Rachel does note in her post that you will need to block the stitch combo has a tendency to shrink back on itself.

If you are considering getting blocking boards for your squares (it’s nearly time to start assembling them!) then I would recommend the ones linked here – please note this is an affiliate link but both Sara and I have them and genuinely love them (in fact I have recently bought a second set!)


**This square is only a free pdf download until 30th March, but will be free on the blog for at least the duration of the CAL.**

Coupon code – none needed as code is automatically set up for you when you click the free pdf download

33. The Victoria Square by Crafting Each Day

Suzanne over at Crafting Each Day has done a fine job designing this gorgeous square! It is made using front post double crochets and front post treble crochets. She has included links on how to work these stitches in her post and a video on the first 3 rounds – once you have those rounds down you’ve got this one! This square is perfect for mastering those front post stitches if you are new to them, and great for more experienced crocheters to make whilst watching your favourite programme on an evening.

This square is fantastically warm, full of gorgeous texture and looks stunning!

Coupon Code: squares


34. The Integrity Square by Creative Crochet Hook

This square is a beautiful design by a brand new blogger and designer, Collette over at Creative Crochet Hook.  I love how this square is worked in rows and balances itself with 3 different stitches. The middle section is created using the same stitch combo as square 1 so if you need a video for that part you can check out the video we have on our YouTube channel for it.

Collette does not have a video for making this square but her step by step instructions for the special stitches are great.

Coupon code – no code needed

35. The Communion Square by Me n My Hook


This is the second gorgeous square designed by Bernadine over at Me N My Hook. You guys loved her Harmony square and I think you are going to love the Communion Square too! There is a gorgeous subtlety to the texture that Bernadine has used in designing this square using her front post stitches. I also love the apparent seamless transition from circle to square with this one! It has been really well done!

Bernadine has allowed us to film and upload a video tutorial for this square, which she links in her blog post or you can find by clicking here




36. The Malachia Square by Raffamusa Designs

If you have not come across Raffaella’s designs before, I urge you to check them out! This square gives you a small insight into how talented this lady is. I think it is just stunning. Aside from the round that pops to finish the circle it is surprisingly not as difficult as it looks.

If you are a beginner or intermediate crocheter Raffaella has a video linked in her blog post to help you work this gorgeous square.



37. The Companion Square by Straight Hooked


The Companion Square is beautiful. It has such an elegant texture which is created using only chains and double crochets! This one is made in rows and is a relatively quick square to make. I enjoyed it and made my square in the tea rose colour way. There is a video in the blog post showing you how to work this one if you would like to use it.

Dont forget, Malena does not have a Ravelry account so you will need to get this square via her own website shop. There is a Q&A section linked right next to the download the pdf button which will explain what you need to do. Any issues please contact Malena directly.

Coupon Code: SQUARE


38. The Fellowship Square by The Loophole Fox

This is the last of the squares designed by Shannon over at The Loophole Fox. It is worked in rows and uses the X stitch, also known as the crossed double crochet stitch,  which is really beautiful and a great way of adding texture. We have used this stitch in quite a few of our designs. Anyway, this is a great square for a confident beginner  as it uses DC and SC only to create this fantastic square. It works up quickly once you get used to the stitch placement for the X stitch. There is a video in Shannon’s post walking you through this square.

Coupon Code: SQUARES



39. The Waffle Stitch Square by Carroway Crochet

The waffle stitch is a very popular one for blankets especially and looks great in most yarns – solid colour, variegated or cakes! It is made using a specific combination of FPDC and DC stitches. It creates such a great and tactile square. If you haven’t tried the waffle stitch before then you should definitely give this one a go!

Pam has a video on how to work this stitch on her blog post.

COUPON CODE: crochetalong

40. Circle of Friends Square by Blue Star Crochet


This square is just stunning. It uses basic stitches to create this very intricate looking design. The circle of friends square represents just that – the friends and family that you have around you and I love that concept depiction here.

The Circle of Friends square is the second square contributed by Veronika and is our penultimate square of the CAL! This one requires a 6mm hook and uses puff stitches, double and treble crochets and V stitches – all of which have been used in previous squares.

Coupon Code: CIRCLE

41. The Brindisi Square by Christaco Design

Let’s finish off our patterns with this fabulous design by the fantastic Crystal of ChristaCo Designs! This one uses bobble stitches and double crochets to create this stunning square. I think personally that this design definitely works better using 2 colors of yarn to really make those bobbles pop! Using the same colour would make the square much more subtle and understated.

As you can see you really do need to make sure you are counting your stitches so that you get the bobbles in the correct places and they line up perfectly. Luckily on a 9″ square there isn’t too many stitches to count and it works up quickly.

Crystal has a video tutorial for this one linked in her blog post, but if you miss it you can find the video here: Brindisi Bobble Square Crochet Pattern | Friendship Blanket Crochet Along Square | Crochet Bobble



Joining and border:

If you are interested in using the same joining technique and boarder as I have used in this blanket you can find them in the following places:

Joining – find our blog post with video tutorials here.

Border – you can find the post with the border I used here.



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