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Trinity Sweater – the Perfect Transitional Piece!

Trinity Sweater – the Perfect Transitional Piece!

Today I am introducing you to the Trinity Sweater. To be honest I wasn’t sure whether to call it a sweater or a tee …. it’s somewhere in-between! Those shorter sleeves make the trinity sweater the perfect transitional piece and is a must for any 

Week 3 – Stash Busting Challenge

Week 3 – Stash Busting Challenge

This is the final week of the Stash Busting Challenge for 2021! There have been some fabulous patterns offered to you through this challenge this year. Not to worry, there is still some fabulous patterns to be had below. Make sure you grab them with 

Easter and Clover Coffee Beanie Cozies Crochet Patterns

Easter and Clover Coffee Beanie Cozies Crochet Patterns

This week, we are releasing two CBC’s for you: Clover and Easter Coffee Beanie Cozies!  We wanted to give you enough time to make both for both Holidays.

The Clover CBC features an applique that is attached while working the project–don’t worry!  I show you how to do this in detailed steps in the pattern and it is so worth it!

The Easter CBC features cute little carrots!  I just love what Helen came up with on that one!  Since these are so small and quick to make, we figured releasing two wouldn’t be too hard on you guys!


Clover Coffee Beanie Cozy

The Clover CBC was originally designed by me (Sara) for my mom’s Sorority group in our area (it’s not a college sorority).  Their colors are dark green and a golden tan color.  So I wanted to design something for them.  Their flower is some sort of 4 petal flower so I sat down and just sort of…made something.  Out of thin air.  After it was done I thought, “kinda looks like a 4 leaf clover!”  I presented it to Helen and said, “I have our March CBC!”

Clover CBC
Clover Coffee Beanie Cozy

Materials Needed for Clover CBC

You will need roughly 75 yards of color A (I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran in dark green)

Scrap amounts of yarn in color B (I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran in dark caramel)

5mm hook (I used Furls Odyssey Peach)

Stitch Markers (recommended)


Tapestry Needle


Stitches Used

I used single crochets in the back loop only to make the ribbing.  Half double crochets, camel stitch (see our video below the post!), double crochets, the crab stitch (see video link below!) and slip stitches to make this.

As mentioned above, I provide detailed steps for making the 4 leaf clover while working in the round so it’s made as you make the whole project!  There’s no sewing on of any appliques.



This fits a Starbuck’s 20 oz to-go cup or any 2o oz cup in general.  If you use 100% cotton yarn, this will help keep your hands from getting too hot without melting yarn.  It also helps to absorb any condensation that happens when you use it for cold drinks!  Your hands stay dry!  I carry a CBC with me just about everywhere!



Easter / Carrot Coffee Beanie Cozy

It’s not often Sara and I write a blog post together!

I have been wanting to try the carrot stitch on a pattern for a while. It was just after easter last year that I began thinking it would look great on a coffee beanie cozy! Since then whenever I thought of easter I thought about the carrot stitch. So when I eventually sat down to work on it I had it prototyped in 20 minutes lol.

I’m a thinker and a ponderer so by the time I sit down to start a pattern I know how it is going to work, exactly what stitches I would like to use and I have trouble shooted a lot of issues in my head before I start. It’s one of the reasons we have so many patterns still waiting their turn to be released lol.

But hasn’t this one turned out perfectly?

The carrot coffee beanie cozy looks fabulous!


There are figure photos in the pattern showing you how to do the carrot stitch as well as written instructions under the special stitches. You will be surprised how simple it is really.

Materials needed for the Easter / Carrot CBC:

  • #4 worsted weight 100% cotton yarn – In green (about 5 yards), orange (approx. 20 yards), and any main color you choose (approx. 50 yards).
  • 5mm hook
  • Stitch markers (optional)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors



As mentioned above all of our coffee beanie cozies fit most travel mugs and 20 oz Starbucks cups.

our easter coffee beanie cozy worked in a darker background really makes the carrots 'pop'



Camel Stitch:

All of our Coffee Beanie Cozies use the camel stitch (otherwise known as the hdc third loop) – it’s one of Sara’s favourites! We do have a video tutorial if you are new to it.


Pattern links:

You can find these patterns in the following shops:

Clover CBC                                                Carrot CBC

Our shop here                                               Our shop here

Ravelry here                                                  Ravelry here

Etsy here                                                        Etsy here

Lovecrafts here                                             Lovecrafts here


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The Kate Scarf

The Kate Scarf

The Kate scarf is our newest member of the Kate Collection! The Kate collection is actually named after one of my sisters. There are a few more items coming in this collection – we have a beanie, a baby bonnet and baby blanket, a mug 

Asymmetrical Scarf Crochet Pattern

Asymmetrical Scarf Crochet Pattern

Asymmetrical Scarf Crochet Pattern Our newest release, the Asymmetrical Scarf crochet pattern is here! This can be either a summer weight or winter weight scarf, depending on the yarn used. When I designed this pattern, I was wanting something different than the traditional scarf. I 

The Paige Crochet Collection of Patterns

The Paige Crochet Collection of Patterns

The Paige Collection of Crochet Patterns

I felt it was high time we put our Paige designs together in one place so each pattern in the collection of crochet patterns could be viewed.

The collection includes a beanie, a scarfie (toddler scarf), a bib, a blanket, a cowl, a shawl, a mod scarf, burp cloth, and even a Coffee Beanie Cozy!

What’s In A Name?

The Paige collection was named for my daughter, Paige.  She’s my one and only child (thanks to cancer–read more about that here).  Every thing I do tends to be with my daughter in my mind.

When I had my daughter, I had to leave her every night in the NICU due to how she was born.  I hated this so much!  Every morning, my husband and I would get up early and go to the NICU to visit her for the entire day, holding her and giving her little kisses.

The hugs and kisses were kind of our “thing” for Paige.  Often in crochet, “hugs” and “kisses” are interpreted through stitches such as the X stitch and a circular stitch like a puff or popcorn type.  I ended up choosing the X stitch and the small Bean stitch.

The Paige Hat


The Paige hat was my first ever pattern, that Helen helped to test and work the kinks out.  I wanted it to show the “hugs and kisses” vibe I always have with my daughter.  Thus the use of the X stitch and a puff stitch.

My first attempt at making a bottom up style beanie pattern, I still like how it came out.  It looks awesome with a faux fur pom pom on top!

You can grab the pattern on our store, here.

Bandana Drool Bib

Paige Bandana Drool Bib

My next pattern was the Paige Bandana Drool Bib.  I really liked the Boho-Chic style of it and noticed that there just weren’t that many bibs done this way.  I once again included my “hugs and kisses” design here.

We included a button design for this, which created the need for tabs.  Luckily, it worked out pretty well!  I love how it gathers just perfectly like a little bandana on the baby in the picture above’s neck!

I believe this pattern is a must-have for baby shower gifts!  You can find the pattern in our store, here.

Paige Scarfie

Paige Bandana Scarfie

A “scarfie” is a toddler sized scarf.  Once again, I wanted that Boho-Chic style and to include my “hugs and kisses” design.  I discovered that if I started with a band which includes tabs for a button, I could then work the shape of the pattern downward from there.  The bib and the scarfie are worked totally different from each other, which can help a crochet to expand their skill set.  The only sewing for each pattern is the button.

My daughter wore this scarfie for a couple of years before she finally grew out of the size.

If you want to keep your toddler’s neck warm, you can find the pattern on our store, here.

Paige Baby Blanket

Paige Baby Blanket

No nursery collection would be complete without a baby blanket!  Carrying over the “hugs and kisses,” I had to make a super squishy, striped baby blanket.  I actually used Mary Maxim Starlette Sparkle yarn here, in Taupe (gold) and Cream.  This really is a quick and easy baby blanket to whip up super fast.  Paige still has hers to this day and it’s held up fantastic!  I’ve washed it several times.

The border includes a popcorn stitch all around, which she loved as a baby, as it provided that little bit of playful texture for her to grab onto.

The style is classic yet once again Boho-Chic.  I really don’t think you can go wrong with this one!  This would make the perfect main gift for a baby shower.

You can find the pattern on our store, here.

Etsy here

Ravelry here

Paige Triangle Shawl

Paige Triangle Shawl

Helen mentioned to me that we should have a couple of larger patterns with the “Paige” design.  Going with her suggestion, I designed the Paige Triangle Shawl.  In this pattern, I used a couple of Lion Brand’s Mandala cakes to get that awesome color striping.  Of course, you can always use Caron Cakes or any cake yarn that you like.  Mandala yarn is labeled as a worsted weight yarn but those of us that have used it, know that it’s a very light weight worsted weight yarn.  However, this doesn’t seem to change how the shawl works up, so long as your tension isn’t tight.

This is why doing a gauge swatch is always important!

You can find this pattern on our store, here.

Paige Bandana Cowl, Burp Cloth, Convertible Mod Scarf, and Coffee Beanie Cozy

The next three patterns each have their own blog posts and I won’t bore you with the details here!  You can read all about these patterns and the materials you need to make them:

The Paige Bandana Cowl

Paige Burp Cloth

The Paige Convertible Mod Scarf

Paige Coffee Beanie Cozy

Did You Know?

We have a YouTube channel that is growing each day!  We have lots of videos on crochet techniques, stitches, and patterns.  Be sure to head on over there and check it out!  While you’re there, subscribe to the channel and hit the little bell icon to be notified any time we upload a new video or go live!

We have a pattern tester’s group!  Hook It Testers Group on Facebook is up and going like crazy!!  If you are interested in testing our patterns, join up now!

If you haven’t already, like our main Facebook Page and join our Facebook Group–Sunflower Cottage Crochet Community.

Hope to see you in all the places!



4th of July Crochet Patterns You Will Need!

4th of July Crochet Patterns You Will Need!

, The Only 4th of July Crochet Patterns You Will Need! In 2019, we designed some very cool 4th of July crochet patterns that you just need to have for your home!  I personally use my bunting each year on my fireplace and I have 

Sun at Home Event – Free Patterns

Sun at Home Event – Free Patterns

We teamed up with some  designer friends to bring you the Sun at Home event where each designer offered you a FREE PDF Pattern for one day during May 2020. The patterns were for items that you can use outside in the garden if you 

Stash Busting Challenge Week 4!

Stash Busting Challenge Week 4!

The Stash Busting Challenge Week 4 has now finished!! Can you believe that it is over already? Did you collect the patterns when they were available?

I have decided to keep the round-up posts because a lot of these patterns are available either free on blog posts or for a small fee for the pdfs. They are such great patterns so why not?

You can still use the patterns to help bust your stash!  I have my copies and am working my way through them. I also challenged our Facebook Community group to bust their stash. For the last few months we have had a regular Sunday feature in the Community. Our Scrap-Busting Sundays do the same thing as this challenge. I have been sharing free patterns from lots of designer friends as well as our own.

Here we go ….. Pattern Round-up

We are offering you our Primrose granny square pattern. Its quite simple, cute and looks great in a solid colour or mixing it up with what you have in your stash or scrap buckets! You can find it here.


Joy of Motion have these great looking pot holders which will help you bust your stash of cotton. You can find the blog post and pattern links here.


Knitting with Chopsticks have these super cute Happy Feet baby socks this week. You can find the post here.


This Strawberry Pacifier Clip from Raffamussa Designs would team up with the socks to make a great baby shower gift! You can find it here.


There are a couple of beanies this week. The first is the Rosebud crochet beanie pattern from Blue Elephants looks cosy! And I love the colour choices … which is interesting for me as I am not a big fan of pink 😛 You can find the pattern here.

Edithblayn.com has this set of three face scrubbier and a bowl. Pick your favourite scrubby pattern or make them all! Grab the pattern and links to the pdf here.


The woodland tote from Desert Blossom Crafts is so practical and handy when you are out walking the digs or taking the kids to the playwark (when we are allowed to do that again!). Check it out here


Simply Hooked by Janet are offering you the free pdf of this Western Style Wall Hanging. Grab the Ravelry link here.


I’m loving the Cours in this Everlasting Infinity Scarf from Through the Loop Yarn Crafts! Get the pattern here.


Crafting Each Day also has a scarf pattern which is perfect for the warmer weather when you just want to dress up a little or keep the slight breeze off you. Check it out here.

Headbands are an essential accessory and are great for women of all ages! Take a look at the Crocus Cross Headband from Burgundy and Blush here.


If you love the lacy look then you will probably adore this Seaglass bandana scarf pattern by Hanjan Crochet. Take a peek here.


Claire from E’Claire Makery loves colour work! Check out her two-toned beanie pattern here.


This colourful and beautiful flower pattern from Another Mum Fights the Dust can be used to brighten up a whole host of projects! Get the pattern here.


My daughter is already asking for one of these crochet ice cream cones! Use the colours of your favourite ice cream to personalise this one. Grab the pattern and link to the pdf here.

Butterflies are a firm favourite! check out this amazing cute butterfly chapstick cozy from Sweet Thing Crochet. Find the pattern here.


If you are learning Tunisian Crochet this is a great pattern that uses the tunisian simple stitch. Find the pattern from One Little Hook here.


These ombre crochet coasters from Ned and Mimi use the single crochet thermal stitch and are perfect for your stash or scraps! Check them out here.


Carroway Crochet are offering you the free pdf for this dreamer beanie pattern. I know that we are heading into Spring and Summer but beanies are great projects to get ready before the weather turns colder again. Find this pattern and the links here.


I’m loving the zig zag zipper bag from Loops and Love Crochet! Grab your pattern here.


The mandala monster pattern from Sigoni Macaroni is certain to be a hit with the kiddies! Find the post and links to the pdf here.

I have actually made the big and thick crochet dish scrubby from Itchin for Some Stitchin. I can attest to how thick and fabulous they work if you have some scrubby yarn lying around! Find the post and pdf links here.


The Not Knit Dischloth from Desamour Designs is another great project if you are just learning Tunisian Crochet. This one uses the purl stitch. You can grab it here.



The Rainbow Dreams wall hanger from Stuck on You Crochet would make a great nursery accessory! It would also be good for the lockdown we have here in the UK. I’m not sure about other countries, but here a LOT of houses have put rainbows in their windows as a thank you gesture to our NHS and front line staff. Do you do this where you are? One of these hangings would be a great addition to the children’s paintings! Find the pattern here.

Knitz and Pulz LOVES her t-shirt yarn! These slippers look so comfortable! Check them out here.


Crochet Cloudberry has this great Sapphire Star granny square for you. Find it here.


The Alpine Crochet Purse from Brittany Alice Crochet would be a perfect gift for females of all ages! Small enough to carry the essentials and so pretty! Grab it here.


Creations by Courtney are offering you this pal tree tapestry bag! Find it here.


The Flora Flower by Yarnhild is another great pattern to use to embellish projects with! Check it out here.


Needleklankers have this All Tied Up Headband pattern for you, which you can get here.

This sunglasses case from Pine Tree Crochet is also a great stash busting project! Personalise it with your colour choices, add some buttons or ribbon, or maybe one of the flower appliqués above! Find it here.


The final beanie pattern this week is from King and Eye. It uses the V stitch and bulky weight yarn. Grab it here.


Last but by no means least this week we have the cute pouch from Fosbas Designs.  Grab it here!




Thats another 33 amazing patterns this week in this round-up. Over the last 4 weeks there were an amazing 97 patterns offered and I have made some new designer friends along the way! I’m looking forward to the next one already.


We do hope that you come back and visit us soon!


Helen and Sara




Hooking With Made By Gootie

Hooking With Made By Gootie

Welcome Back to Hooking With In this week’s Hooking With, we interviewed Agat Rottman of Made By Gootie.  Read on to get to know Agat! Hi! My name is Agat (it’s the Hewbrew word for Agate, a precious stone).  I live in Haifa, a city