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An Introduction to the Crunch Stitch

An Introduction to the Crunch Stitch

Today we are providing you with an introduction to the crunch stitch. Have you seen the Crunch stitch before? What projects have you used it in? The crunch stitch is a great stitch for a beginner or a more confident crocheter. It has a fabulous 

Hooking With… Sweet Potato 3

Hooking With… Sweet Potato 3

Welcome back to Hooking With… In this week’s Hooking With, we interviewed Christine Naugle of Sweet Potato 3.  Helen and I have had the pleasure of working with Christine in the recent past, for a Crochet Cancer Challenge, when we featured our Samantha’s Hope Beanie. 

First Place Win With Our Pattern!

First Place Win With Our Pattern!

Our Farmhouse Dishcloth pattern was used to get a 1st place win at a county fair!

When we released the free crochet farmhouse dishcloth pattern, we didn’t expect anyone to use it as an entry to a local fair.  Much less win–and win FIRST PLACE!

I was super excited when I saw Bree’s post on our Facebook page (link here).  She had posted a picture of the cloths and their blue ribbons.

At first, I just saw the blue ribbons and was like, “that’s awesome!! You do such nice work!”  Then I looked closer at the cloths…..

And then I saw it….

It was our Farmhouse Dishcloth crochet pattern!

I was so excited that I had to ask Bree for a short bio and some pictures to go with it of her winnings.  She was all too happy to oblige!

Let’s all give Bree a welcome and read her short story

Hello, I’m Bree from Bree’s Crochet Boutique.  I live in Minnesota and I learned how to crochet from my grandmother, Louise.

She bought me a set of hooks and a “how-to” book for my 34th birthday.

I started with dishcloths of course and learned how to crochet hats from a co-worker, early on.

Then I discovered Aigurumi and made my first one for my niece in 2013.

For the last couple of years, I have also had the opportunity to test patterns for a handful of pattern designers.

I am also a Craft Yarn Council Certified Crochet Instructor.

During our 2016 state fair…

I was introduced to Minnesota’s CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) Chapter “Crochet TwinCities”.  I loved being with like minded fiber artists, so I joined the next year.  It was there that I learned about entering crochet items into our local county/state fairs.

Last year (2018), was the first year I entered.  One of my early pattern testing opportunities was an Amigurumi Tiger.  He won two blue ribbons!!

Fast forward to this year…

The first fair of the 2019 season was the Ramsey County Fair.  I entered into 6 categories, one of which was “Towels and Dishcloths for the Kitchen”.  I had made a handful of them over the spring, so I was just going to enter a couple of them.

Then I came across Sunflower Cottage Crochet’s design for the Farmhouse Dishcloth.  I looked at the pattern and noticed it was for a stitch I had never done before, the paired single crochet, so I gave it a shot!

The pattern was amazing and had great texture!  I ade another and decided the day before bringing my items to the fair for judging, that i was going to enter these instead.

I went to the fair the first day and to my surprise….

There it was, a blue ribbon, hanging from the dishcloths!!  I also won 4 other blue ribbons, a 2nd pace, and a Grand Champion in the other categories I entered!!

In a couple of weeks, I will be entering the Farmhouse Dishcloth into second county fair as well.

We love to see people succeed

It’e even more exciting when it’s something that we designed.  I never imagined that something so simple would go so far.

This Farmhouse Dishcloth has over 340 downloads from Ravelry alone!  There must be something to it!

If you missed out on the pattern, I provided a link in the story.

If you missed out on the tutorial for the paired single crochet, I provided a link in the story for that, as well.

I also included a link to the Ravelry PDF free download.


We hope you will share in our congratulations to Bree’s winnings, and be sure to take a look at her Facebook page and join our crochet group–all links to these are included in the post.

farmhouse dishcloth
farmhouse dishcloth
bree's crochet boutique first place win

Market Bag Crochet Pattern

Market Bag Crochet Pattern

Wenona Market Bag Crochet Pattern I am in love with crochet market bag patterns!  These market bags are eco-friendly and easy to clean when using cotton yarn (which I strongly recommend).  As a side note, this post may contain affiliate links, at no extra cost 

Crochet Phone Case Pattern

Crochet Phone Case Pattern

Crochet Cell Phone Case Pattern using the paired half-double crochet stitch When we started the stitch of the week the plan quickly became to get you guys a little pattern that goes with each stitch allowing you to practice it and actually make something at 

Crochet Napkin Ring Free Pattern

Crochet Napkin Ring Free Pattern

Jorja Napkin Ring, a free crochet pattern from the Jorja table set

crochet napkin ring free pattern

What tableware collection would be complete without napkin rings?

They are so often missed when designing patterns for tableware collections.

I think napkin rings are making something of a resurgence recently.

For many years they have been undervalued in giving your table that ‘finished’ look when you are trying to make a good impression, or simply just like your table to look pretty!

They are also a great stash buster!

Once I had decided to include napkin rings, the next challenge was which style to go for ….

I couldn’t decide and prototyped three different designs.

Problem was that once it was made, neither Sara nor I could pick a favourite to include, so we thought we would spoil you and include all three patterns!

You can decide which ones you prefer.

You will notice that the photos of the whole collection on my kitchen table include all of these options.

I think it gives each place setting something unique, kind of like those glass charms you get to identify which class is yours at a party.

As always, we would love to see your take on our designs so feel free to share them with us on Facebook, Instagram, Ravelry or our blog!


Lets get started ….

As with the other patterns in this collection you will need to know:

foundation single crochet (FSc) (video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG-LiTY_khs

Paired single crochet (Psc)  – this is one of our stitches of the week.

You will also need:

Abbreviations used:


FSC – Foundation single crochet

PSC – paired single crochet


Sk – skip

SS – slip stitch



*to*–Repeat the instructions written between the two *

 FO – fasten off

Option 1: the plain one

napkin ring free crochet pattern

Note: this one is made flat and then the shorter sides sewn together at the end

Row 1 – chain 20, in second chain from hook sc, then Psc in each stitch across, ch1, turn.

Row 2 – sc in first st, Psc in each stitch across (19 stitches)

Rows 3-5 – ch1, turn, repeat row 2



Row 6–turn, ss across each stitch (19 ss)

Leave a long tail, sew short sides together and weave in ends.

Option 2: the striped one

napkin ring free crochet pattern

Note: you can either follow option 1 changing colour at the beginning of each row, or work it in the round so that you can carry your colours up at the back and not have so many ends to weave in! Surprisingly I worked in the round as I HATE those pesky ends!)

To work in the round:

Rnd 1 – Fsc 19, ss to first stitch to create the round shape.



Rnd 2-5 – change to desired colour, ch1, Psc around

FO, weave in ends.

Option 3: The two-textured one

napkin ring free crochet pattern

Note, it is easier to work this one flat and then sew the ends together.

In colour A:

Row 1 – FSC 19, ch1, turn

Row2 – sc in first st, Psc 18

In colour B:

Row 3 – ch4 (counts as ch1 plus ch3), *sk1, ss into next st , ch3,* across , turn

Rows 4-5 – ch4, ss into first ch3, *chain 3, ss into next ch3* across

In colour A:

Row 4 – 2sc in each ch3 space across and sc in last stitch (19 scs), ch1, turn

Row 5 – sc in first st, Psc in each stitch across.



FO leaving a long tail, sew sides together and weave in ends.


Stash Busting Challenge 16th – 22nd June 2021:

From 16th June 2021 for ONE WEEK ONLY you can download these patterns as a free pdf from our Ravelry store using the coupon code. If you need the code you can find it by clicking the button below:


Then come back and click the following button to be taken to the page where you can download your free pdf using the code!

Pattern pdf downloads

You can get an inexpensive version of these patterns for the Jorja Napkin rings in our stores. Just click the buttons below to be taken to them!

That’s all there is to it! Don’t forget to share your projects with us!

Be sure to check back real soon for the next part—the place mat!

If you would like an ad-free version of all of these napkin ring patterns, you can head over to our Ravelry or LoveCrafts stores as well as our Etsy Store for an ad- free PDF download or download here.

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