Crochet Patterns for Table Set

Crochet Patterns for Table Set
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Introduction to the Jorja Collection, a set of crochet patterns for your table.                         

Crochet table set patterns

Hi everyone!  Helen here,

I wanted to give you all a sneak peak on my first set of crochet patterns; a collection to be released.

It’s a tableware crochet pattern set collection that I have named after my daughter, Jorja. I wanted to create something that was simple but elegant and would stand the test of time, suiting any décor.

Of course, you’ve done the fun stuff

Done your research on Ravelry, Pinterest etc, spent a fortune at the yarn store getting the perfect materials – and then you sit down with your grand plans.

And sit, and sit ….

Inspiration takes you and you start (eventually) only to decide that you don’t like it so you scrap that idea.

By idea number 756 you get past the first hurdles and then start to fear that no-one will like your designs or appreciate the finished result.

Oh, my days!

Its traumatic! I’m sure as I do more patterns it will come easier and my confidence will build.

Funnily enough it was when I started focusing on creating something that I could see my daughter using whilst sitting with her morning drink of choice (I hate coffee!) and her breakfast in her pj’s on a Sunday morning that it came to me!

The Jorja collection was borne and the patterns came one after the other in quick succession.

I would classify this set as a modern vintage country chic, but to be honest I could see it fitting any décor. Even all in black it would look great in a goth-themed kitchen!

The stitches are super easy – paired single crochet, single crochet, foundation single crochet and chains. They take no time to make and are easily customize-able.

We will start off by releasing the coaster, but there will be the place mat, napkin rings and table runner.

I’m also considering the mug cozy just to finish off the set and there will very soon be a bag crochet pattern, although I’m not sure whether to do a tote or a beach bag at this point!

If you have a preference please let us know.