Asymmetrical Scarf Crochet Pattern

Asymmetrical Scarf Crochet Pattern
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Asymmetrical Scarf Crochet Pattern

Our newest release, the Asymmetrical Scarf crochet pattern is here! This can be either a summer weight or winter weight scarf, depending on the yarn used.

When I designed this pattern, I was wanting something different than the traditional scarf. I love the mod scarves, but I really wanted to test my skills.

The Asymmetrical Scarf has a pointy end and a wide end. It curves inward, exposing stair-like “steps” on the outer edge. You can put tassels on the ends or leave it as it is. Either way, it looks awesome.

I originally used Lion Brand’s Mandala yarn, which is labeled as a medium weight yarn. However, as most of us that use that yarn know, it’s more like a DK yarn. I recommend using a DK weight yarn for either summer or winter, and just choosing a different blend.

By blend, I mean acrylic, cotton, alpaca, whatever you prefer.



Pattern Insights

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You’ll learn all about short rows in crochet with this pattern. I highly recommend the use of stitch markers while crocheting this pattern. You will need them to keep track of where to stop crocheting for the short rows.

When I made this pattern, I had to count my stitches and rows often, to make sure I didn’t do too little or too many rows or stitches. Especially at first. After a while, you’ll get used to how it looks and can gauge when to start paying attention for doing that next short row.


1 skein Hayfield Spirit DK or 1 cake of Lion Brand Mandala yarn.

5.5mm hook (despite working with light weight yarn, the 5.5mm works great for this project)


Stitch Markers

Tapestry Needle


Approx 53’’ long and 12.5’’ wide at the bottom edge



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