Houndstooth Baby Cocoon Crochet Pattern

Houndstooth Baby Cocoon Crochet Pattern
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houndstooth baby cocoon

Houndstooth Baby Cocoon Crochet Pattern

The Houndstooth baby cocoon crochet pattern is our first Preemie pattern release.  If you read our post on why the Preemie Challenge is so important to us, then you can understand why we have 6 cocoon patterns ready to rock!  You can see that post, here.


A lot of people will have hats and booties and blankets available to make for preemies, but I have not seen very many cocoons.  Cocoons make it so much easier to swaddle your baby.  It’s a super cozy sleep sack!  The NICU’s love to get these kinds of things as donations, and we’re happy to oblige.

We would love it if you made and extra one of these to donate to your local NICU.


Houndstooth pattern

I really like the Houndstooth design.  I think it would be very cute in baby pastel colors but I went with the dark blue of the trend (classic blue as per Pantone!).  It’s amazing to me how two simple stitches placed next to each other mimic the design of houndstooth.  But I’m sure glad it does!

Worked in the round, changing color is easy and you don’t have to fasten off each row, just carry the yarn up the inside and it’s hidden!

What you will need:

You can’t work a pattern without the materials list!  So here’s that list of what you will need (oh and please understand that this post contains affiliate links which help us to keep the blog going, at no extra cost to you!):


11” long at longest point

However, I have provided instructions on how to increase the size for this cocoon (and the other 5 cocoons that are coming your way soon…) so that anyone can make this for newborns.  Custom fit to their baby!  This means that this pattern can be the perfect gift at the baby shower!  I bet you’ll get a lot of  “oooo’s” and “ahhhh’s”.

Special Stitches

We chose to use the Crab Stitch for the top border, which you can find a video for, here.  The Magic Ring was also used instead of the traditional chain 4 and slip stitch to form a ring.  You can find our video for the Magic Ring, here.

Where can I get this awesome pattern???

This pattern was free as part of the Preemie Crochet Challenge on Ravelry until 31st August 2020! However, it is now a paid pattern and the links are below.

If you want to checkout the other 30 patterns that were featured during the Preemie Crochet Challenge then click the button below. Many of the patterns are still free on the designers blog!



You can find this pattern on all the usual spots!  But be sure to check it out on the Preemie Crochet Challenge post, too, and pick up several more preemie patterns to donate!


Links to the pattern

Sunflower Store

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Ravelry Store

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