4th of July Crochet Patterns You Will Need!

4th of July Crochet Patterns You Will Need!
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,4th of July crochet patterns

The Only 4th of July Crochet Patterns You Will Need!

In 2019, we designed some very cool 4th of July crochet patterns that you just need to have for your home!  I personally use my bunting each year on my fireplace and I have several of the can cozies that my family and I use on a regular basis!

Someday, I will have a front porch on my house that I can put this beautiful bunting onto…I keep dreaming for one….  It makes me think of southern charm and good ol’ American 4th of July fun.

X’s Can and Glass Bottle Cozy

I think the X’s Can and Glass Bottle Cozy is just beautiful done in the traditional Red, White, and Blue colors. We recommend using 100% cotton yarn for this project; as it keeps your hands dry and machine washes well.  I feel that it adds the perfect amount of festive decoration that each of your friends and family members can use!  Get the jumbo skeins in Lily Sugar N Cream or the large cones and you will be making enough for your entire party!

Imagine your table set out with a bunch of these cozies all in festive American colors for your guests to use, or even take home with them!  Your party will be the talk of your friends and family for a long time!

PDF Pattern Links

As usual you can get the PDF Pattern for this one in all of the usual places:

Our shop here

Etsy here

Ravelry here



4th of July Bunting

I designed this bunting last year, at about the same time as the X’s Can and Glass Bottle Cozy was designed.  I wanted a 4th of July decoration that was both fans and pennants, because I loved the look of both.  Adding the the little hanging stars was just the icing on the cake!

Originally, I made this twice as long as you see in the photo.  I then realized that it was better half the size.  If anyone wanted, they could just make more of each swag, pennant, and stars to suit their sizing needs.  All you would have to do is continue crocheting the chain and adding more parts!  I have two of these, myself, which I plan on hanging one outside and one inside!

One of our testers for this loved it so much that she made several!  She did one that was the original design.  Another was all pennants, and the third was all swags.  I’m glad she loved it!

PDF Pattern links

You can find our 4th July bunting in all of our shops:

Our shop here

Etsy here

Ravelry here


The 4th of July Bunting was also featured in Quick and Easy Crochet’s December 2019 publication for the UK, and January 2020’s publication for the USA.

Helen had gotten an email from a lady at the publication, as they had seen the bunting and just loved it.  Helen quickly (and with full of glee) contacted me and we set to getting them the information needed.  So, this meant that Helen needed to crochet up another bunting to send to them for pictures.  Thank goodness she’s super fast with that hook!

We were so happy to have our first magazine appearance!

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For the Sunflower Shop you will need to use a code … Use code 4thofJuly.

For Etsy and Ravelry, no coupon code is needed!