Sunshine-y Hanging Towel Crochet Pattern

Sunshine-y Hanging Towel Crochet Pattern
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Sunshine-y Hanging Towel, A Crochet Pattern

hanging towel crochet pattern

Introducing our latest design, the Sunshine-y Hanging Towel crochet pattern.  I told Helen I would like to have more home decor patterns available, especially for summer.  Most people don’t really want to be crocheting big cozy blankets or scarves during the summer temperatures.  I started brainstorming some ideas and came up with this towel.

The use of the N stitch creates a diagonal, textured line across two stitches, which, in my eyes, made a neat little “ray of sunshine”.  Helen’s towel, in the picture above, was done in a very pretty blue.  I originally designed mine using yellow, which also contributed to the pattern’s name.  Whatever you want to call it, it is a beautiful towel that would be perfect in any home.

Add a flashy button for flare or a cutesy button for giggles.  You can keep it simple with a nice wooden button.  Use multiple colors or just one.  Completely up to you and your decor style.

Pattern Insights

This pattern is worked up super fast!  I do recommend 100% cotton yarn such as Lily Sugar N Cream or Paintbox Cotton Aran.  Both are worsted weight, #4 (Medium) yarns.  Any 100% cotton medium weight yarn will do.  Acrylic yarn in the kitchen is not a great idea, as it can melt over time with too much heat involved.  I know a lot of people that use towels as pot holders or hot pads in a pinch!

Cotton yarn also does not pill like acrylic, unless it is specifically a low-pill acrylic yarn.

The pattern is worked from the bottom up, where you will eventually decrease to make the hanging tab.  The only sewing required for this pattern is attaching the button!

Materials List

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Finished size – approx. 11” wide x 11.5” before decreasing.  With hanging tab piece measures approx. 23” long.  Of course, you can easily amend this to suit your needs by making it shorter or longer.  Simply crochet either fewer rows of N stitch or more rows of N stitch.





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