Crochet Your Own Donut C2C Square – Free Pattern

Crochet Your Own Donut C2C Square – Free Pattern
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Donut Square anyone???

Do you love a sweet treat too? I have to admit that donuts are not my go-to when it comes to a sugar rush. I much prefer cheesecake … or a nice red velvet cake.


Part of the Kinship CAL 2022

Throughout 2022 I am releasing one square a month based around international days and holidays that are not political or religiously motivated. This is why I choose to call this the Kinship CAL – because everyone can join in and just have fun with it.



The Donut Square is for May. If you want to check out the other squares so far you can visit my round up post here.


Back to the square … what do you think?

And I am still using my scrap yarn!

I started this CAL determined that I would not buy any additional yarn for it. So far I made 7 of the 12 squares and have used only what I already had in my stash or scrap bucket.

Most of the yarn I have used has been Caron simply soft with a little bit of paintbox simply aran and women’s institute yarn (only available in the UK) thrown in. And I have to say that I am actually very pleased with how it is turning out!


Why a donut square?

In May there are actually 2 international days that can be celebrated with this square.

  1. International No Diet Day on May 6th
  2. World Baking Day on May 15th

International No Diet Day is about celebrating and loving who we are regardless of weight and body shape. Did you make a new year’s resolution to loose weight, exercise more or get fitter this year? Have you managed it? The more pressure we put on ourselves to do these things the harder they seem to be to achieve. So give yourself a break on May 6th! Enjoy that cake, stop worrying about your weight and have a great time with some family and friends!


Started in 2012 World Baking Day is about baking for family and friends, and maybe even giving some of it away to those less well off. So get your aprons on and get baking with the kids / grandchildren and make someone smile with a delicious home-made treat! Always wanted to try baking your own croissants? Go for it!!

Fun fact – the oldest oven is about 6.5 thousand years old!



I have a learn to corner to corner course that has helped a lot of crocheters to master the art of corner to corner. We go through it step by step from reading the patterns to how to do the stitch, increases and decreases to colour changes. I will show you how to work both squares and rectangles too. We even make a couple of free pattern projects together!


If you prefer an ad-free pdf you can find it in all of my shops:


The Donut Square pattern:

Pattern Specifics:

ColourNo of Sts
Background (B)322

Materials for your donut square:

  • #4 weight yarn 3 colors 
  • 5mm hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • Blocking mats and pins (optional)

Gauge: is not important


Finished size once blocked is approximately 12” square depending on tension if using HDC



Written in US terms

Chain 1 does not count as a stitch.

There are no special stitches used in this pattern.

This is corner to corner graph and is worked bottom right to top left on the right side.

To work out how much yarn you will need you will need to do a sample swatch with the stitch you intend to use (HDC or DC) and then measure how much yarn you used per stitch multiplying that by the number of stitches of that color and adding some for the tails to be worked in at the end.



 Row 1: (B) x 1 (1 square)

 Row 2: (B) x 2 (2 squares)

 Row 3: (B) x 3 (3 squares)

 Row 4: (B) x 4 (4 squares)

 Row 5: (B) x 5 (5 squares)

 Row 6: (B) x 6 (6 squares)

 Row 7: (B) x 7 (7 squares)

 Row 8: (B) x 8 (8 squares)

 Row 9: (B) x 9 (9 squares)

 Row 10: (B) x 10 (10 squares)

↙ Row 11: (B) x 11 (11 squares)

 Row 12: (B) x 12 (12 squares)

 Row 13: (B) x 3, (brown) x 6, (B) x 4 (13 squares)

 Row 14: (B) x 3, (brown) x 9, (B) x 2 (14 squares

 Row 15: (B) x 2, (brown) x 2, (pink) x 3, (brown) x 5, (B) x 3 (15 squares)

 Row 16: (B) x 3, (brown) x 4, (pink) x 7, (B) x 2 (16 squares)

 Row 17: (B) x 2, (pink) x 10, (brown) x 2, (B) x 3 (17 squares)

 Row 18: (B) x 3, (brown) x 1, (pink) x 12, (B) x 2 (18 squares)

 Row 19: (B) x 2, (pink) x 13, (brown) x 1, (B) x 3 (19 squares)

 Row 20: (B) x 3, (brown) x 1, (pink) x 14, (B) x 2 (20 squares)

 Row 21: (B) x 3, (pink) x 13, (brown) x 2, (B) x 3 (21 squares)

 Row 22: (B) x 3, (brown) x 1, (pink) x 15, (B) x 3 (22 squares)

 Row 23: (B) x 4, (pink) x 15, (B) x 4 (23 squares)

↗ Row 24: (B) x 4, (pink) x 16, (B) x 4 (24 squares)


 Row 25: (B) x 5, (pink) x 6, (B) x 3, (pink) x 6, (B) x 5 (25 squares)

Corner at both sides

 Row 26: (B) x 4, (pink) x 6, (B) x 4, (brown) x 1, (pink) x 5, (B) x 4 (24 squares)

 Row 27: (B) x 4, (pink) x 4, (brown) x 2, (B) x 4, (pink) x 6, (B) x 3 (23 squares)

 Row 28: (B) x 3, (pink) x 6, (brown) x 5, (pink) x 4, (B) x 4 (22 squares)

 Row 29: (B) x 3, (pink) x 5, (brown) x 5, (pink) x 6, (B) x 2 (21 squares)

 Row 30: (B) x 2, (pink) x 6, (brown) x 4, (pink) x 5, (B) x 3 (20 squares)

 Row 31: (B) x 3, (pink) x 5, (brown) x 3, (pink) x 6, (B) x 2 (19 squares)

 Row 32: (B) x 2, (pink) x 13, (B) x 3 (18 squares)

 Row 33: (B) x 3, (pink) x 12, (B) x 2 (17 squares)

 Row 34: (B) x 2, (pink) x 10, (B) x 4 (16 squares)

↙ Row 35: (B) x 4, (pink) x 9, (B) x 2 (15 squares)


 Row 36: (B) x 2, (pink) x 7, (B) x 5 (14 squares)

 Row 37: (B) x 6, (pink) x 4, (B) x 3 (13 squares)

 Row 38: (B) x 12 (12 squares)

 Row 39: (B) x 11 (11 squares)

 Row 40: (B) x 10 (10 squares)

 Row 41: (B) x 9 (9 squares)

 Row 42: (B) x 8 (8 squares)

 Row 43: (B) x 7 (7 squares)

 Row 44: (B) x 6 (6 squares)

 Row 45: (B) x 5 (5 squares)

 Row 46: (B) x 4 (4 squares)

 Row 47: (B) x 3 (3 squares)

 Row 48: (B) x 2 (2 squares)

↙ Row 49: (B) x 1 (1 square)


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