Timeless and Elegant: 2-in-1 Crochet Cowl Pattern and Infinity Scarf!

Timeless and Elegant: 2-in-1 Crochet Cowl Pattern and Infinity Scarf!
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Are you searching for the perfect crochet pattern for a timeless and elegant cowl, or maybe a cozy infinity scarf?

Look no further than the Highland Neamh crochet cowl pattern!

Fall is by far my favourite season, and I can’t wait to add this crochet cowl pattern to my collection of cozy and chic accessories.

Written for sizes from age 2-adult, not only does this pattern provide an elegant cowl, but it also includes a matching infinity scarf. AND both patterns are written for #3 and #4 weight options!

The stitch combination creates a beautiful and unique texture that is easy to repeat once you understand where to place your sections of crossed double crochets.

Dress it up for a special event or wear it casually as you run errands. The best part of this pattern is that it is completely customizable with your choice of yarn and colour.

Don’t be afraid to get creative – one of the testers even made theirs in a bold neon yellow! And it looks amazing! Add your own personal touch to this versatile and stylish pattern today.

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Inspiration behind the design

I love working up the stitch combo in my Highland Neamh Collection. It is a fairly easy repeat so it has a nice rhythm when you are sitting working on it. But it’s not so challenging that you can’t also watch your favourite movie or show while you are working on it.

So I knew that I wanted to add to the collection. Can you believe that I don’t already have a cowl pattern in it? And once I had the crochet cowl pattern I had to incorporate the crochet infinity scarf pattern too.

I hope you love this one as much as I do.

I do have a couple more patterns that I would like to add to the Highland Neamh Collection to finish it off. You can check out the collection as it stands so far a little further below… Which are your favourite patterns so far?

Construction of the crochet cowl and infinity scarf design

Both the crochet cowl pattern and the infinity scarf are made in rounds so there is no seaming to do – just a couple of ends to weave in once you are finished.

With a 4 row row repeat you can adjust the height of each piece to suit your preference simply by altering the number of repeats you work on your project.

And don’t worry about working the long rows – you have to work less repeats to get it up to size so it really does work up quickly.

As mentioned above the pattern is written for both 3 and 4 weight yarn, so you can see what you have in your stash before deciding on your final choice of yarn.

The Yarn I used

My version of the cowl features a bit more drape and movement, which I achieved by using a #3 weight yarn.

While I opted for this weight, you can absolutely use a #4 weight yarn by following the pattern that I have written.

As someone who adores fall, I am drawn to the oranges, tans and warm hues that autumn brings. In fact, I find that these colours suit me all year round! That’s why I headed to my local yarn store to stock up on some #3 weight yarn after sorting through my stash.

There I found Stylecraft Highland Heathers DK. It comes in lots of earthy, autumnal colours that are truly gorgeous. And the twist isn’t too tight which adds to the texture of the cowl and infinity scarf. It comes in 100g skeins (272m / 297 yds) and is 100% acrylic so you can absolutely machine wash and tumble dry this yarn. I was so surprised that there wasn’t a mix of something else in there as it is so soft and squishy! All of this makes this yarn very affordable for your projects. In fact I only needed 2 skeins of broise for the cowl and 2 skeins of the whiskey for the infinity scarf.

Get the PDF pattern!

You can find the ad-free PDF Pattern for this one in all of my shops. The pattern covers ages 2-adult and includes the written instructions for both the crochet cowl pattern and the infinity scarf pattern in both 3 and 4 weight yarn as well as a little chart showing you the placement of the stitches.

Tester Appreciation:

I really love my testers. Not only do they help me to make sure my patterns are correct and user-friendly, I also love to see the different yarns they have used and how my patterns look with them. Aren’t these fabulous?!

The pattern specifics:

At the moment this is a paid pattern only, but you can find the specifics for it below, so you know what materials etc you may want to gather.


#3 or #4 weight yarn of choice – I used Stylecraft Highland Heathers DK yarn (100g, 272m / 297 yds) in brose for the cowl and whiskey for the infinity scarf.
You will need 2 skeins for each project – although the yardage required varies the number of skeins in this yarn does not.
5mm hook (if using #3 weight) or 6mm hook (if using #4 weight yarn)
Tapestry needle
Measuring Tape


When using #3 weight yarn and 5mm hook my gauge was 10 sts and 6 rows of repeat in 2”
With #4 weight yarn and 6mm hook it was 8 sts and 4 rows in 2”


Each pattern is written for four sizes:

  • age 2-3,
  • age 4-10
  • teen
  • adult

The stitch multiple to amend the length is included in the pattern.

Abbreviations used:

Ch(s) – chain(s)
St(s) – stitch(es)
SK – skip
Fdc – foundation double crochet
Dc – double crochet
X St – cross stitch (see special stitches)
Rep – repeat
FO – fasten off
YO – Yarn over

Other notes:

– Written in US terms. 

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