Crochet Mobius Wrap Pattern

Crochet Mobius Wrap Pattern
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Highland Neamh Wrap Crochet Mobius Wrap Pattern

I love the show, Outlander and wanted a fall and winter crochet pattern that represented my take on the Scottish Highlands feel, so I came up with this crochet mobius wrap pattern.

Scottish Roots

My family actually has deep Scottish roots.  I am registered with the Montgomery Clan, which is my great-grandmother’s maiden name.  My grandmother’s maiden name was Walsh.  Yet another Scottish clan!  I later found out thru much research my brother had done for the family, that this family dates very far back and was the first family to settle into Nova Scotia!

My mother and father took a cruise which took them to Nova Scotia.  They visited the first house ever built there and a picture of the inhabitants looks just like my mother’s family!

I have always felt a connection to Scotland

I have curly hair with red tones in it but mainly, it’s the temper.  Boy, do I have that Scottish temper!  I also just love the history behind Scotland and the Highlanders in particular.  Which is why Outlander really spoke to me.

So much so, that I designed two patterns around the Highland’s theme.  This is the first of the two to be released.

I wanted something hooded.

Here in Kansas, it’s cold and windy in the fall and winter months.  Well, it’s windy all months!  I wanted something that one could just drape over their shoulders and have a hood.  I also loved the idea of a Mobius Twist, which is a unique technique, but we took great pains to explain how to do this in the pattern, as well as provide a video tutorial.

Texture and a Twist

I like a fair amount of texture in my patterns, which is why I like the X stitch (also known as cross stitch, criss cross stitch, etc).   Next, I also wanted a little bit of space, so you could really see the X’s.  Finally, a more solid row to give it some sturdiness.

Made with a #5 weight yarn and a 6mm hook, the Highland Neamh Wrap was born!  Naming it took longer than making it!  Helen and I went round and round about what to call it.  We had to google Scottish terms!  Can you guess what Neamh means?  Leave a comment with your answer!

Highland Neamh Wrap Crochet Pattern


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I originally used Lion Brand Scarfie yarn, which is a #5 weight yarn that is a nice wool and acrylic mix.  I really like this yarn because it is soft yet sturdy.  It’s not really twisted but “spun”, giving it that old-timey feel.  With 20% wool, it’s not super scratchy, and can be washed a lot easier than other yarns that have more wool or are 100% wool.

For the actual pattern, we used James C Brett Glamour yarn in the colorway MCG5.  This is a super nice yarn with some glitz to it.  Creating a very nice drape and as you can see by the pictures above, very well done color flows.  A gorgeous yarn!

I’m also a huge fan of the colorways of the Scarfie yarn.  The black, grays, and whites is probably my favorite one, but the Taupe one is also gorgeous.  For a bigger size, I used 3 of those Scarfie skeins.

I used a 6mm Susan Bates comfort series hook.  I prefer an inline to tapered however, I will say that Furls is my most favorite because it seems to be a combination of both tapered and inline and just makes crocheting so easy!

A large eye blunt needle will be needed to weave in the few ends you will have, along with some pretty scissors.

The pattern comes with very detailed instructions, detailed materials list, and links to videos to help you succeed in crafting this project.


You can purchase the pattern on our store, here.

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Or even our LoveCrafts Store, here.

And if you’re a fan of Etsy, go here!

Our YouTube video link can be found here.

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