The Easiest Way to Assemble a Simple Crocheted Pillow

The Easiest Way to Assemble a Simple Crocheted Pillow
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Are you looking for a really easy way to assemble a throw pillow?

Well, I have you covered.

In my experience the easiest way I find is to completely enclose your pillow form. This means that you will not be able to remove it before washing so make sure your pillow form is washing machine safe!

But what can be easier than just sewing it up the throwing the whole thing in the wash when you need to?



A super quick way of assembling your crocheted pillow:

This post isn’t going to very long because that would defeat the object of this being a quick tutorial LOL. So shall we get on with it?

*Note: you can adjust what stitches you use in your assembly to suit your project or preference. You could also work a simple SC or HDC edging rather than use the crab stitch.



Step 1:          Take your front and back panels and place wrong sides together (this means 

that the right sides will be facing outwards). 

Step 2:          SC around three sides of your cushion ensuring that you sc through both the 

front and the back panels (see photo below).  At each corner (sc, ch1, sc). Do NOT work the last side yet.



Step 3:          Insert pillow form into cushion (see photo below) and then continue to sc 

along the last side. This might be a little trickier as you have the pillow form to

work around too.  Slip stitch to the first stitch you made. Do not fasten off yet!

Step 4:          (optional) Crab stitch  in each sc and ch1 space around.       

                        SS to join

                        Fasten off and weave in ends.


And that is it!

I would LOVE it if you tagged me in your throw pillow makes if you used my easiest way to assemble your pillow method. Tag me on FaceBook or Instagram.

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