How to Prepare Your Corner to Corner Projects for Joining and Borders

How to Prepare Your Corner to Corner Projects for Joining and Borders
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You have your corner to corner panels made. Now you need to know how to prepare them for joining and borders!

This process is actually really quick (or at least it feels like it is to me). Once you get your eyes used to where the blocks in your project start and end it is a super easy process that I find therapeutic.

You are on the home straight! So let’s get down to it ….



The preparation:

**If you prefer video tutorials keep scrolling – there are left and right handed tutorials below.

If you worked a HDC c2c block ….

With this part you are going to be SC into the spaces between the C2C blocks and chaining 2.

If you worked a DC c2c block:

You will substitute each CH2 for a CH3.








So, now you have made it around your c2c block you need to decide whether you have a joining technique that is happy with this edging. Examples of techniques here would be the join as you go granny stitch or the flat braid join.

Adding a simple HDC border to your C2C project

If you need to add a little bit of width and height to your project you may decide to work a simple hdc border around your project.

This can be simple but very effective!

The photo below is of 4 of the squares from my free Kinship Blanket CAL where I did this before joining. I used a different colour around each square and I think it worked really well! It is a great way to use your scraps too.

Are you ready to add a quick border?

**If you are working on a C2C project where you used DC instead of HDC simply change every HDC into a DC and every number 2 into number 3.



Looking for video tutorials?

If you prefer video tutorials I have both left and right handed versions on my YouTube Channel. Just click the appropriate one for you!

Happy crocheting!



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