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Trinity Stitch Tutorial and Free Washcloth Pattern

Trinity Stitch Tutorial and Free Washcloth Pattern

The trinity stitch has a gorgeous texture that looks great when worked up in one colour or with variegated yarn. Qualities of the Trinity Stitch: This is quite a thick stitch with no real gaps so it is often used to make baby blankets.  It…

An Introduction to the Crunch Stitch

An Introduction to the Crunch Stitch

Today we are providing you with an introduction to the crunch stitch. Have you seen the Crunch stitch before? What projects have you used it in? The crunch stitch is a great stitch for a beginner or a more confident crocheter. It has a fabulous…

The perfect colder weather stitch! Floret – Stitch of the Week

The perfect colder weather stitch! Floret – Stitch of the Week

Learn To Do The Floret Stitch

Highland Ear Warmer
Highland Ear Warmer–Floret Stitch

In our Stitch of the Week this week we have the perfect stitch for the colder weather setting in – the floret stitch.

Do you recognise the stitch?

We have used this stitch in a few of our designs so far (for example, the highland wrap and the men’s highland scarf). Its a warm cosy stitch with an easy two row repeat. The texture is created by using the varying heights of the double crochet and the slip stitch. If you have never tried this stitch before I would highly recommend adding it to your crochet arsenal!

For those of you new to our Stitch of the Week:

The cute free pattern that we have to go with the floret stitch Stitch of the Week is our Highland Ear Warmer. Ear warmers are great practical gifts and super stash busters! Just working a swatch to learn a new stitch can get boring. Lets face it, we want immediate gratification when we crochet, even if we are learning. You get so much more confidence and a sense of achievement when you actually create something usable – even if its just a dishcloth!

That is why we try to link each stitch of the week with a little free project. At this time of year the ear warmer is a great idea – its practical and is a great stocking filler for a loved one, or even fabulous to add to your donation box! My sister is a runner and so hats are most often not added to her running outfits – even in the cold you sweat. Ear warmers she loves! The ears are protected from our North Sea winds but its not overly warm because the top of the head is still exposed.

Let’s get started!


You can find the free ear warmer pattern in the usual places:

Follow our YouTube video for this project here.

This post may contain affiliate links. These links help keep our blog going at no extra cost to you.

What you will need:

I made mine 4” tall and 18” circumference to fit a woman – direction is given on how to amend the size in the pattern.

You will need to know how to chain, turn, double crochet and slip stitch. And that is pretty much it!

Written instructions for the floret stitch:

The floret stitch is worked over a simple two row repeat.

Row 1 – ch3, dc in each stitch across

Row 2 – ch1, sk1, *dc in the next st, ss in the next st* around.

It really is that simple! You will need to turn your work at the beginning of each floret stitch row otherwise the texture will be on the inside of your ear warmer! The pattern tells you exactly when to do this.

Lets make the ear warmer!

highland ear warmer

For the women’s size, finished product is approximately 4’’ tall and 18’’ circumference to fit a head around 21-22 inches.


  • Ch(s)–chain(s)
  • St(s)–stitch(es)
  • rep–repeat
  • dc–double crochet
  • hdc—half double crochet
  • ss–slip stitch
  • sk—skip
  • Fhdc – foundation half double crochet
  • FO – fasten off

NOTE: In order for the floret stitch to have good definition you do need to turn your work on each row as indicated.

Round 1—                Either ch64 and hdc in third ch from hook, hdc in each ch across (62)

SS to join.

Round 2—            Ch2 (counts as a st). Hdc third loop only in the next st and each st around. (62)


Round 3—            Ch1, turn. Note, you will be working on the wrong side of your work

Sk first st, Dc into next st, *ss into next st, dc into next st* around.

SS to join

Round 4 –             Turn your work (so you are working on the right side again.)

ch3 DC in each st around. SS to join.


Rounds 5-8 —         Repeat rounds 3 and 4 twice more

Round 9 –                  Repeat round 3.


Round 10—           Ch2 (counts as a st), hdc in next st and each st around (62)

 Finally, Round 11 –               Ch2 (counts as a st), hdc third loop only in each st around.

FO and weave in ends.

And VOILA! A really lovely stitch and ear warmer for you to gift this festive season, or just keep for yourself! You can embellish it any way you like – nip the ear warmer in half between the top and bottom and sew, add buttons or crochet flowers to it for that extra pizazz.

How will you embellish yours? Do share your projects with us on our Facebook group page!

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The Sedge Stitch and Susan Wrist Warmers

The Sedge Stitch and Susan Wrist Warmers

Join us today as we look at the sedge stitch in our Stitch of the Week series and create the Susan Wrist Warmers with us. What’s in a name? Despite having what I think is quite a dull and uninspiring name (it reminds me of…

X’s Coffee Beanie Cozy … Stitch of the Week and Pattern!

X’s Coffee Beanie Cozy … Stitch of the Week and Pattern!

Learn how to crochet the X Stitch (cross stitch) with our free coffee beanie pattern! The X stitch is such a useful stitch to know. We have used it in quite a lot of our designs. It also looks great paired with the bean stitch!…

How to do the Bean Stitch – Stitch of the week and Our New Product Line

How to do the Bean Stitch – Stitch of the week and Our New Product Line

This week we are bringing you the bean stitch and an awesome free pattern for one of our Coffee Beanie Cozies! You can see from the picture that the bean stitch is really quite distinctive but its actually really quite simple. Thus making it a great feature stitch for a whole host of projects from afghans to our cozy.

How to work a bean stitch

The bean stitch is deceptively simple. Written instructions for it are:

*YO, insert hook into indicated stitch, yo, pull up loop* 3 times (making sure that you work into the same stitch each time), yo, pull through all  7 loops on the hook, chain 1. After you chain 1, skip the next stitch as the ch1 will count as a stitch.

Handy hint –

When completing the repeat at the beginning of the instructions, try to make sure that you pull the stitches to the same height.  This helps your ‘beans’ be consistent, but might take a little bit of practice if you are unfamiliar with it.

tug your loops as you create them so that they provide a consistent height

That really is all there is to this stitch! So if you haven’t tried it before, have a go and see what you think….

Our video tutorial of this stitch is on our YouTube channel here

Our Coffee Beanie Cozy™ Pattern

Sara decided that she wanted a coffee cup cozy that was based on a beanie hat pattern. She threw one together and viola! Our coffee cup cozy line was born! In fact, so much fun was had that we have several of these in different stitches ready to go. Sunflower Testers enjoyed this one, most of them making three of the versions. They are a go-to project if you need a gift quickly.

On to the fun stuff! After all, why not?

Cozies make great quick and simple gift ideas, and are sure to be great sellers at your craft fairs!! Because they are a completely unisex pattern the only thing you have to decide is the colour of cotton you will use!

These cozies fit 20oz Starbucks cups (and here in the UK they also fit Costa take out cups and most re-usable travel mugs). We do recommend that you use 100% cotton for these as they are put around hot cups.

In fact we love them so much that we have trade marked the ‘Coffee Beanie Cozy’!!!

How awesome is that? We are pretty excited to have our first trademark and we hope that you guys love this line as much as we do! Keep an eye out — you will get four of these patterns free as part of our stitch of the week. A thank you to you guys.

You can find the written pattern here. and on Ravelry.

Etsy Store here.

A free and complete video tutorial on how to make this fabulous cozy is on our YouTube channel here

What you will need :








#4 Worsted weight 100% cotton yarn

5mm hook

Stitch markers (optional)


Tapestry needle


Not important for this project


Fits 20oz Starbucks Cup
















Pattern Notes





dc–double crochet

sc–single crochet

BLO – back loop only

ss–slip stitch


CaS—camel stitch

BS—Bean Stitch

CS—Crab Stitch

HDC—Half-double Crochet

FO—Fasten Off

Count your stitches each round to be sure you’re on track

Who will you make yours for? I know you have been reading this, looking at the photographs and already have at least four or 5 people in mind!

Don’t forget to share your cozies with us on our FaceBook page!



Waffle Stitch, Stitch of the Week

Waffle Stitch, Stitch of the Week

Our stitch of the week this week is the waffle stitch. Not what you are thinking …. This post may contain affiliate links.  These links help us keep the blog going at no extra cost to you! I know that many of you will automatically…

Woven Stitch Bookmark Crochet Pattern

Woven Stitch Bookmark Crochet Pattern

Learn to crochet the Woven Stitch with our Bookmark pattern! This week we are learning the Woven Stitch a little differently than normal—we’re using our Bookmark pattern!  You’ll learn how to crochet this stitch along with a free pattern. I like this stitch because it…

Spider Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Spider Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Learn how to crochet the Spider Stitch with this tutorial!

Welcome back to another crochet tutorial with Stitch of the Week; this week it’s the Spider Stitch.  Just in time for Halloween, too!  Though I have to admit, I dislike spiders and that’s putting it very mildly.  This stitch also does not look like a spider, which I suppose is a good thing!

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

About the Stitch

The Spider Stitch is actually a very pretty stitch with nice texture and it is very sturdy.  It’s ideal for homewares projects such as baskets, washcloths, and towels.  It is also best made with bright or light colored crisp cotton yarns.

You could make a baby blanket with it however, I recommend using a lighter weight yarn to try to get a little drape out of it, or it will just be stiff as a board!


Yarn—preferably cotton

5mm hook

Yarn needle







YO—yarn over

SC—single crochet


Any odd number plus 2 for the turning chain


For the video tutorial, I chained up 15

Step 1: (Row 1) [sc, ch1, sc] in the 3rd ch from the hook

Step 2: (Row 1 continued) sk 1 st, [sc, ch1, sc] into the next st.  Sk 1 st, *[sc, ch1, sc] in the next st, sk 1 st; rep from * to last two sts; after skipping one stitch, place a SC in the last st.

Step 3: (Row 2) Ch2 and turn, skip over that lonely SC and the next SC and work [sc, ch1, sc] into the ch1 sp from previous row.  Into each ch1 sp along the row, work [sc, ch1, sc] to the end; SC in the turning chain.

Step 4: repeat step 3 for the rest of the project.

Finishing Up

It’s a nice paired stitch that works well for homeware items and looks great when you change colors each row.  I like the zig-zag look it gives when changing color.

Thank you for joining us today for this tutorial!  Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for the video and other great tutorials as well.

If you would like to be on the up and up with our upcoming patterns and even get a chance to test those patterns for us, join our Facebook Group!

Coming soon we have a store opening on the site as well as an Etsy shop in the very, very near future!

Up and Down (Houndstooth) Crochet Tutorial

Up and Down (Houndstooth) Crochet Tutorial

Stitch of the Week #7: Up and Down (Houndstooth) Stitch Tutorial Welcome back to Stitch of the Week!  This week’s stitch is the Up and Down stitch.  This stitch is more often referred to as the “Houndstooth” stitch.  It really does end up looking like…