How to do the Bean Stitch – Stitch of the week and Our New Product Line

How to do the Bean Stitch – Stitch of the week and Our New Product Line
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This week we are bringing you the bean stitch and an awesome free pattern for one of our Coffee Beanie Cozies! You can see from the picture that the bean stitch is really quite distinctive but its actually really quite simple. Thus making it a great feature stitch for a whole host of projects from afghans to our cozy.

How to work a bean stitch

The bean stitch is deceptively simple. Written instructions for it are:

*YO, insert hook into indicated stitch, yo, pull up loop* 3 times (making sure that you work into the same stitch each time), yo, pull through all  7 loops on the hook, chain 1. After you chain 1, skip the next stitch as the ch1 will count as a stitch.

Handy hint –

When completing the repeat at the beginning of the instructions, try to make sure that you pull the stitches to the same height.  This helps your ‘beans’ be consistent, but might take a little bit of practice if you are unfamiliar with it.

tug your loops as you create them so that they provide a consistent height

That really is all there is to this stitch! So if you haven’t tried it before, have a go and see what you think….

Our video tutorial of this stitch is on our YouTube channel here

Our Coffee Beanie Cozy™ Pattern

Sara decided that she wanted a coffee cup cozy that was based on a beanie hat pattern. She threw one together and viola! Our coffee cup cozy line was born! In fact, so much fun was had that we have several of these in different stitches ready to go. Sunflower Testers enjoyed this one, most of them making three of the versions. They are a go-to project if you need a gift quickly.

On to the fun stuff! After all, why not?

Cozies make great quick and simple gift ideas, and are sure to be great sellers at your craft fairs!! Because they are a completely unisex pattern the only thing you have to decide is the colour of cotton you will use!

These cozies fit 20oz Starbucks cups (and here in the UK they also fit Costa take out cups and most re-usable travel mugs). We do recommend that you use 100% cotton for these as they are put around hot cups.

In fact we love them so much that we have trade marked the ‘Coffee Beanie Cozy’!!!

How awesome is that? We are pretty excited to have our first trademark and we hope that you guys love this line as much as we do! Keep an eye out — you will get four of these patterns free as part of our stitch of the week. A thank you to you guys.

You can find the written pattern here. and on Ravelry.

Etsy Store here.

A free and complete video tutorial on how to make this fabulous cozy is on our YouTube channel here

What you will need :








#4 Worsted weight 100% cotton yarn

5mm hook

Stitch markers (optional)


Tapestry needle


Not important for this project


Fits 20oz Starbucks Cup
















Pattern Notes





dc–double crochet

sc–single crochet

BLO – back loop only

ss–slip stitch


CaS—camel stitch

BS—Bean Stitch

CS—Crab Stitch

HDC—Half-double Crochet

FO—Fasten Off

Count your stitches each round to be sure you’re on track

Who will you make yours for? I know you have been reading this, looking at the photographs and already have at least four or 5 people in mind!

Don’t forget to share your cozies with us on our FaceBook page!