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Free Crochet pattern – Spring is in the Air Infinity Scarf

Free Crochet pattern – Spring is in the Air Infinity Scarf

Spring is in the Air and this infinity scarf is the perfect accessory! The bitterly cold winds coming off the North Sea are starting to warm up. The sun is fighting its way through the clouds. Crocuses and snowdrops are starting to bloom! With Christmas 

Keyhole Scarf – A Great Stash-buster!

Keyhole Scarf – A Great Stash-buster!

This keyhole scarf crochet pattern has been sitting waiting patiently to be released for FOREVER. It was actually written and tested in 2019!! So it is time that it was published and officially released. And great news …. I have decided to add it as 

Just for Him Event

Just for Him Event

The Just for Him Event is something that I have been thinking about hosting for over a year now. I am thrilled that WeCrochet wanted to sponsor this event!!  If you want to check out their yarns and other goodies you can do so here.

Why specifically patterns just for him?

I struggle to find patterns suitable to gift to the males in my family outside of hats and scarves. Do you have the same issues? Every time I sat down to write a pattern suitable for Him I ended up making a scarf or hat! LOL I needed to retrain my brain and think outside of the box a little. Knowing that this event would make me do that I threw myself into it.

The result?

I created a whole collection of patterns! The Stag Collection. I may add to it next year because I had so much fun with it. More about this later ….



How does this event work?

  • Every day for 14 days a different designer will be offering you a free pdf of a pattern suitable for gifting to Him this holiday season. There are definitely some fantastic patterns included in this event.
  • From 17th – 30th November you need to check back here for that day’s featured pattern and code. I will update this post every day at 8am London time.
  • You then scroll down to that day’s pattern and click the photo. This will take you to the designer’s blog post.
  • Look for this button somewhere on the post, and click it. This will take you to the pattern where you can download it.

  • Follow the process to purchase the pattern and add the coupon code. It will show that the pdf is free once the code has been added and you get to the checkout.



Sign up for our emails!

We have two email lists – one for our weekly updates, news on pattern releases, coupon codes and competitions etc. If you missed the pop up you can sign up by clicking the button:


We also have an Events and CALs email list for those who do not mind the sometimes daily reminders while we have something special going on.

You can sign up to those here:


Get the bundle!

If you do not want to wait for all of the patterns to be released over the next few weeks, there is also the option to purchase the bundle. This is great if you want to make Dad something that features in the last few days of this event.

What is included in the bundle?

For only £8 (around $10) you will get:

  • all 14 patterns that feature in this event
  • Bonus pattern 1 – our Herringbone Coffee Beanie Cozy
  • Bonus pattern 2 – our not yet released smaller version of the Stag afghan (when I say smaller I only mean it is smaller than the second version. It is still a good 48” wide by 42” tall.

There is also the option to purchase our new Stag Collection for an AMAZING price with the bundle. In that you will receive:

  • Larger version of the stag afghan (includes charts, written and colour block instructions – not yet released!
  • Matching stall throw pillow which fits a 20” pillow form
  • Stag placemat – how often do you find placemats suitable for him? Does not release until later this month!
  • Buffalo check coffee beanie cozy – not yet released!
  • Hannah Beanie – not yet released! (Despite the name this is a great unisex beanie and I have added a double brim for extra warmth on this one!



Are you ready for the round up?


Featured Patterns:




Day 1 – November 17th

Connor Ridge Wall Hanging by High Desert Yarn


Coupon Code: Code has now expired.




Day 2 – November 18th


Men’s Scarf by Bear Rye


Coupon Code: the code has now expired






Day 3 – November 19th


Unisex Hat by Crochets by Trista


Coupon Code: the code has now expired.




Day 4 – November 20th – Jo has extended this one for 24 hours due to the technical difficulties yesterday!


Working man’s apron by Jo’s Crafty Hook


Coupon code: has now expired







Day 5 – November 21st


Boob bowling ball by My Fingers Fly


Coupon code: has now expired





Day 6 – November 22nd


Alpine Ridges Scarf by Itchin’ for Some Stitchin’


Coupon Code: code has now expired.




Day 7 – November 23rd


Valley Brew Can Cozy by Crochets by Trista


Coupon Code: coupon has now expired





Day 8 – November 24th


His Crochet Hunting Mitts by Missouri Makes


Coupon Code: coupon code has now expired.




Day 9 – November 25th


Fingerless Gloves by Kickin’ Crochet


Coupon Code: KCGLOVES






Day 10 – November 26th


Explorer Men’s Mitts by Blue Star Crochet


Coupon Code: BSCEXPLORER21






Day 11 – November 27th


Men’s fingerless gloves by ChristaCo Designs


Coupon Code: code has now expired






Day 12 – November 28th


Boys Vest by Fosbas Designs


Coupon code: coupon code has now expired





Day 13 – November 29th


Beer can cozies by Made by Gootie


Coupon Code: code has now expired




Day 14 – November 30th


Nicholas Vest by Sunflower Cottage Crochet


Coupon Code: Nicholas



Last Minute Gifts – Week 2

Last Minute Gifts – Week 2

The Last Minute Gifts week 2 round up is here! This week there is another batch of 21 patterns available free with the code for you. I hope you enjoyed last week’s selection of last minute gifts. If you missed last week but would like 

Week 3 – Stash Busting Challenge

Week 3 – Stash Busting Challenge

This is the final week of the Stash Busting Challenge for 2021! There have been some fabulous patterns offered to you through this challenge this year. Not to worry, there is still some fabulous patterns to be had below. Make sure you grab them with 

Joy Wrap – Free Crochet Pattern

Joy Wrap – Free Crochet Pattern

Do you remember when we launched our Joy Wrap last summer as a guest design on Joy of Motion Crochet?

Well, now we get to post about it here too! And include the free pattern of the Joy Wrap for you. Of course if you wish to purchase an ad free copy of this pattern you can do so at the links a little further below!

The Joy Wrap is a great spring and summer accessory. You can make it as long as you choose – I give you the stitch multiples to do that. With this one I wanted mine to be a little bit longer. Living on the coast in the UK the wind can be a little chilly, even in summer, so I like to have something to cover my shoulders and chest on family walks and when out with the dogs.

This is my first Lacey stitch design

I set out with this one to challenge myself to come up with a more lacy and feminine design that everyone would have fun crocheting. Usually my designs are ones that you can snuggle into and wrap yourself up in on those colder days. My ideal day is a brisk walk along the beach with my dogs followed by curling up on the sofa with a hot drink and an old movie. I think my designs tended to reflect this … until I designed and made this project!

I have spent many years stuck in a rut with being comfortable wearing darker colours and jeans so I also wanted something that  The yarn I used for this one does just that.

If you haven’t used this yarn yet I would highly recommend it!

Any #3 weight yarn or double knit will work for this pattern creating such a lovely drape.  I chose Stylecraft Batik Swirl because it screamed summer and made me smile! Our testers seemed to favour Lionbrand Mandala and the cake yarns. I think this would also look great in a solid colour too. It would be stunning as a wrap for a bride to have handy on her wedding day. Stylecraft is one of those yarns that is available almost everywhere here. It’s such a good quality yarn and looks fantastic when it’s worked up.

If you want it chunkier for the colder weather you can use a light #4 weight such as Caron simply soft.

I had thought about blocking my wrap but I love the bounce that this one has before the blocking so I chose not to!

A great beginner project!!!

The Joy Wrap is suitable for every skill level whether you are just starting your crochet journey or have been travelling it for some time! This pattern really is super easy – it uses only chains and single crochet with about 10 double crochets thrown in. And it looks stunning!


Pattern Links for the Joy Wrap:

You can purchase an add free copy of our Joy Wrap pattern in the following shops:

Our shop here

Ravelry here

Etsy here

Lovecrafts here



My wrap measures 65” x 13.5” unblocked. You can adjust the length by adding multiples of 6 to the starting chain. Because of its size, and despite it being in #3 weight yarn, it could also double up as a great scarf in winter. It is one of those pieces that you will always find a way of wearing despite the weather.

Hook size

Size 4 mm / US: G-6 / UK: 8 – of course if you chose to try this with a #4 weight yarn you will need to use a 5mm or even a 5.5mm.

Yarn used: 1100 – 1200 yards of #3 weight or DK yarn.

Yarn Brand – I used less than 2 skeins of Stylecraft Batik Swirl in meadow (approx 1150 yards).

Gauge is really not important with this pattern. To adjust the length amend the starting chain by multiples of 6. To adjust the width add more pattern repeats.

Pattern Notes:

  • This crochet pattern is written in US terms.
  • All measurements given are unblocked.
  • Note that measurements are given as exact as possible. But crochet tension & technique might give variations in the result, that changes from person to person.
  • Ch1 at the beginning of the row does not count as a stitch
  • Read pattern instructions carefully before beginning to make sure you understand everything. It might save you hours!

Abbreviations used:

Ch = chain (s)

ch-2-sp = refers to chain or space previously made, with 2 ch

ch-7-sp = refers to chain or space previously made, with 7 ch

ch – 5 – sp = refers to chain or space previously made, with 5 ch

Rep = repeat

Sc = single crochet

Sl st = slip stitch

St = stitch (es)

The Joy Wrap - FREE Crochet Pattern

The Pattern for the Joy Wrap:

Row 1              Fsc 391    or   ch392, sc in the second chain from hook and each ch across. Turn. (391)

Row 2           Ch1, sc in the first st, *ch5, sk the next 5 sts, sc in the next st* Repeat from * to * across. Turn.

Row 3              Ch1, sc in the first st *ch7, sk the ch-5-sp, sc in the next sc from the previous row* Repeat from * to * across. Turn.

Row 4              Ch1, sc in the first st, *ch7, sk the ch-7-sp, sc in the next sc from the previous row* Repeat from * to * across. Turn.

Row 5              Ch5 (counts as a dc, ch2), *sc over the ch-7-spaces over the last two rows, ch5* Repeat from * to * across until you work the sc over the last set of ch7 sps, ch2, dc in the last st. Turn.

                  Note: you will insert your hook under the ch7 sp from row 3 and work the sc so it nips together the two ch7 spaces from rows 3 and 4. See figure photo below.


Row 6              Ch1, sc in the first st, ch2, sk the ch2 sp from row 5, sc in the next st, *ch5, sk the ch-5-sp, sc in the next st* Repeat from * to * until you reach the final ch2sp. Sk the final ch2 sp in row 5, ch2, sc in the third ch of the ch5 at the beginning of row 5. Turn.

Row 7           Ch6 (counts as a dc, ch3), sk the ch2 sp, sc in the next st *ch7, sk the ch-5-sp, sc in the next st* Repeat from * to * until you have worked a sc into the last st before the ch2 sp from row 6, ch3, dc in the last st. Turn.

Row 8           Ch1, sc in the first st, ch3, sk the ch3 sp from row 7, sc in the next st, *ch7, sk the ch7 sp from row 7, sc in the next st*. Repeat from * to * until you reach the last ch3 sp from row 7. Ch3, sc in the third ch of the turning chain from row 7. Turn.

Row 9           Ch1, sc in the first st, sk the ch3 sp, *ch5, sc over the ch-7-sp’s from rows 7 and 8* Repeat from * to *, sc in the last st. Turn.

                  Note: you will work the sc over rows 7 and 8 as you did at row 5!

Row 10         Ch1, sc in the first st, *ch5, sk the ch5 sp from row 9, sc in the next st* Repeat from * to * across. Turn.

Row 11         Ch1, sc in the first st, *work 5 sc in the ch-5-sp from row 10, sc in the next st*. Repeat from * to * across. Turn.

Rows 12-71    Repeat rows 2-11.

Fasten off & cut yarn.

Fasten threads & weave in ends to complete your Joy Wrap. You may choose to block your wrap

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the Highland Wrap
Highland Wrap
Round up of Patterns for Him!

Round up of Patterns for Him!

Did you know that April 17th is Husband Appreciation Day? So let’s celebrate the men in our lives with a roundup of patterns especially designed for him! Husbands, we love them dearly don’t we? And when we have sons we hope (most of the time) 

Crochet for Me Bundle

Crochet for Me Bundle

  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS BUNDLE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!!   We hope you had a fantastic Christmas if you celebrate it, if not Happy Holidays! We are super excited to have something special for you. The Crochet for Me Bundle is now available until 

Fireside Pocket Shawl Crochet Pattern

Fireside Pocket Shawl Crochet Pattern

Fireside Pocket Shawl

fireside pocket shawl

The Fireside Pocket Shawl is officially my new favorite pattern of ours!  I love how it drapes.  It just makes this amazingly comfy garment that is so popular right now!  I wanted a ribbed look but I also wanted some slight lace to it–but not too lacy, because we are heading into cooler temperatures, after all!

I have to say though, that I initially started out with a smaller pocket and when I sent the pattern to Helen to try out, her response was… well…:

Fireside Pocket Shawl with smaller pocket

Helen: Can I make the pocket bigger?  Seems to be lost on the shawl…

Me: Sure.  (not sure if she just didn’t like it or just had a different idea)

Helen: Hold my tea….

She came up with this larger pocket that had some pretty ribbing along the top.  I had to admit, it looked a lot better!  We went with the bigger pocket for the final pattern and I don’t regret that at all.


Because we know that the pocket shawl in general is super popular right now, we wanted to share our enthusiasm for this project with everyone, by having a Crochet-A-Long (CAL) in our Facebook group.  We are starting that CAL today (9/21/20) and it’s running for a couple of weeks.  You can still get in on the CAL but the discount for the pattern only lasts until 9/22/20!  Join the group to get the code for the Ravelry download!

I am looking forward to seeing all the progress pictures in our group!

I have already made 2 of these shawls, one for my mom and one for my mother-in-law.  They both love it so much!

Pattern Links

You can get this pattern in all the usual links:

Sunflower Store




But remember, join us NOW to join in the CAL!  We would love to share our projects with you and see your projects in return!  Stay tuned for updates to this post, as I would love to share pictures of everyone’s finished Fireside Pocket Shawls!


Fall in Love With Autumn Pattern Bundle

Fall in Love With Autumn Pattern Bundle

Let me introduce you to the Fall in Love with Autumn pattern bundle! I love autumn. It’s my favourite time of year, and not just because of my birthday! I love the quiet brisk walks with my dogs. The colors, the smells, the feeling of