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Crochet Your Own Chess Square – Free C2C Pattern

Crochet Your Own Chess Square – Free C2C Pattern

My take on the game of chess is this Chess Square. It was a fun one to design and to make. This celebrates International Chess Day on July 20th. ** This is a free pattern on the blog. Please do not copy and paste any 

Bouquet of Flowers Afghan

Bouquet of Flowers Afghan

The Bouquet of Flowers Afghan CAL is here! Last year lots of you loved the Friendship blanket so much. This year the designers were asking me to organise another one! So I did. Why call it the Bouquet of Flowers Afghan? It’s been a long 

Easy Afghan Pattern: Prairie Fields Afghan

Easy Afghan Pattern: Prairie Fields Afghan

The Prairie Fields Afghan really does remind me of Kansas fields with the tall native grasses swaying, which I feel is represented in the offset fans in the blanket.  The straight columns represent the corn fields, in my mind.

That Feeling

I really wanted something that I felt represented where I’m from–Kansas–and the simple beauty of the area.  August and September are wild Sunflower months here, and they are everywhere!  I love to see them all along the roadsides and all over a whole field.  Next to that field is another one with wheat, or native Kansas grass–which we’re not allowed to mow!



Add to that the large round bales of hay and wow, it just looks so beautiful.  Kansas is also quite windy most of the time, so you get that swaying if crops and grasses and trees.  So once again, the offset shells represent the swaying vegetation and the straight blocks of stitches represent the corn stalks.  I hope you like how this comes together!

Prairie Fields

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This is an easy to do crochet afghan that I was able to work up super fast.  I had a bunch of different colors of some awesome wool yarns from WeCrochet that I used for this: Wool of the Andes Worsted, which is 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.  I know you’re thinking that it must be scratchy but not nearly as much as I thought it would be.  It’s actually quite soft and squishy for wool and I loved that wool feeling for a nice comfortable blanket near the fireplace.

You can find this awesome yarn here: Product Image

Materials Needed

Wool of the Andes Worsted yarn, about 1980 yards total (click picture above to view this yarn)

5.5mm I Hook


Tapestry Needle

Stitch Markers (optional)



My lapghan/afghan is sofa sized: 56 x 45″

Where To Find The Pattern



Sunflower Store


The 12 Weeks of Christmas Event

Have you been following this event?  Bernadine over at MenMyHook has done a great job with it! You can get this pattern for 30% off as part of this event on 26th November only.

Check out the round up post for more information:



Week 2 – Stash Busting Challenge

Week 2 – Stash Busting Challenge

Welcome to Week 2 of the Stash Busting Challenge 2021! Below you will find a great collection of patterns that have been donated free, with the special coupon code, by some fantastic designers for this week only!   How it works: Participating designers will be 

The Bee Afghan

The Bee Afghan

As soon as I designed the Bee Pillow I knew that I had to make a matching Bee Afghan. I also knew that I wanted it to be a corner to corner project. Isn’t it great? My throw measures approximately 50″ wide and 62″ high. 

Round up of Patterns for Him!

Round up of Patterns for Him!

Did you know that April 17th is Husband Appreciation Day? So let’s celebrate the men in our lives with a roundup of patterns especially designed for him!

Husbands, we love them dearly don’t we? And when we have sons we hope (most of the time) that they grow up to be like their dad. But some days don’t you think that they go out of their way to drive us batty? Whether it’s getting the kids all excited after letting them eat a load of chocolate, refusing to learn even where the laundry basket is let alone use it, or leave 1 sheet of loo roll roll on the tube so they don’t have to replace it. And how many times do you have to ask for something small to be fixed or moved?

We all get frustrated…

Just yesterday I got annoyed at all the crap there is in our garage when I couldn’t put something away. I’ve been asking for MONTHS (at least 4) for it to be sorted and moved. Richard came in and asked what needed doing. WHOOPH! My small and mighty temper was let loose as that final straw broke.

After my blood pressure reduced somewhat and the vein in my head stopped throbbing I felt so guilty! I mean, yes, I’ve asked for the garage to be dealt with at least 700 times, but he works hard FOR US. He takes phone calls on weekends and vacation days FOR US. When he is working away (which is often at the moment) he makes sure to pick up the phone TO US whenever we call or rings back as soon as he can. And my goodness his hugs make all the difference on those crappy days!

But I couldn’t dream of a life without him there to push my buttons and give me those much needed hugs. For days like yesterday this man deserves the world for staying put!!

So on April 17th I will most definitely be trying to do something special to show him how much I appreciate him.

I reached out to some designer friends looking for patterns specifically for him and now have a round up of 20! So whether you are celebrating Husband Appreciation Day, or just wanting to show appreciation for a fantastic father, uncle, brother or son, maybe this collection of patterns will inspire you.


Click the pictures to go to the blog posts or pattern pages!


Richard Wrist Warmers by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Free on the blog

We will start the roundup with one of our own patterns. The Richard wrist warmers are free on our blog. Click the photo above to go to the blog post. These use a stitch that is perfect for him – in fact these came about because the men in the office wanted a pair of our Susan Wrist Warmers LOL. I confirm that the guys still wear theirs! Yes, these were names after my husband.

Simple Crochet Treat Basket by Jen Hayes Creations

Free on the blog

This is a great idea! You could use this basket for anything – fill it with treats, use it to collect the changes, keys and other ‘stuff’ they collect in their pockets daily but ends up being flung around the bedroom when they are getting ready for bed.


Remote Holder Crochet Pattern by Jo to the World

Free on the blog

How handy is this one? You could put it anywhere and use it for just about anything. I love the idea that all the remote controls would be kept in one place with this. You could also make the pockets bigger so that it could hold a book and glasses if your husband likes to read. Or you could use it to hold bathroom essentials and roll it up in a suitcase for this business trips or vacations!



I Love You Can Cozy by Jo to the World

Free on the blog

This pattern is cute! Honestly, I am not sure how many men would  use this one when you weren’t around, but the sentiment is definitely there and I am sure they would be proud to use it during an afternoon in the garden or at a picnic in the park!


Earl Grey Cup Cozy Pattern by Rich Textures Crochet

Free on the blog

If your husband likes something a little more understated then this may be it! You could put so much meaning into it just with the colours you chose – maybe use the colours of your birthstones for the top and bottom section and the colour of the birthstone for the month you married in the centre? Or go with traditional and use his favourite sporting team’s colours!


Simple Crochet Booties by Meladora’s Creations

Free on the blog

What about some crochet booties to keep his feet warm around the house? If it was me, I would sew some leather or suede onto the bottom of these to try to prevent any slipping and falling, but if he only wears them to watch the game …. The great thing about these is that they are completely unisex! They are a gift for anyone and everyone.


Golf Club Cover by Sweet Potato 3

Paid pattern

This may be just the thing for some of you! I would have never thought of creating covers for golf clubs, but it’s a good job Christine did! I think this is a perfect gift idea for men (or women) who golf – I know a couple of golfers and their clubs mean the world to them so these would definitely be appreciated!


Woven Stitch bookmark pattern by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

free on the blog

This one is perfect for the book lovers! This simple woven stitch bookmark is a free pattern on our blog and we have a video tutorial to help you work the stitch if you have not tried it before. I also include a photo tutorial on how to make the tassels. I made mine over 2 years ago and they are still going strong!


On Hold Blanket Pattern by Shelby Shea’s Stitches

Paid pattern

If you are looking for a bigger project Shelby created this blanket especially for her husband. She is quite a new blogger but if you click the picture you can read more about this one, the materials list etc and there is a Ravelry link in there.



Crochet Flower Pot Cozy by Classy Lady Yarnworks

Free on the blog

Now, if you do not like curse words then Stephanie will not mind me saying that she is not the designer for you. Those words also make it to her designs and onto her blog posts. That being said, her designs are original and full of sass and humour. So if this resonates with you by all means check out what she has to offer.

This is one of her tamer designs and if it is your cup of tea then check it out.


Buddy Basketweave Beanie by Rebekah Haas Crochet

Free on blog

Are you heading into Spring and warmer weather where you are? Here it feels like we are looking at a second (or is that third ?) winter! Seriously, it is April and it was snowing today! If your hubby is outdoors a lot or likes to walk the dogs and take the kids to the park then this one he may really appreciate.


Metro Scarf Pattern by Ambassador Crochet

Paid pattern

It’s really difficult to go looking for men’s patterns sometimes isn’t it? I really like the look of this one. Kristine has kept it simple but given it a lot of texture with her stitch choice which makes this a great gift for him!


The Bolton Beanie by Fiber and Fox

Paid pattern

This is another pattern with a great texture suitable for him! Actually it is a great unisex beanie, so another pattern that you can have in your library to pull out for just about anyone! It uses front post and back post stitches to create this gorgeous texture.


Colour Block Super Scarf by The Loophole Fox

Free on the blog

Colour blocking can look so great! This pattern has such a great texture and the colour blocking really sets it off! What colours would you use?


Louis Cozy Crochet Throw by Creations by Courtney

Free on the blog

This one uses #6 weight yarn and a 10mm hook so it works up quickly and is so handy to keep by the sofa. Snuggle up under it together and watch a movie!


Dude Sweater by Two Brothers Blankets

Paid pattern

This pattern is available in both child and adult sizes from age 2-12 and adult small to 2XL! I love that there is a daddy and me pattern out there!


Dude Blanket by Two Brothers Blankets

free on the blog

Michelle actually has a whole Dude Collection! But this blanket is free on her blog. It works out at 55″ x 65″ so is a great size for him. You will need around 4500 yards of #4 weight yarn and 5.5mm hook.


Dad’s Soap on a Rope by Through the Loop Yarn Craft

free on the blog

This one is a quick scrap buster and is a male friendly version of the soap saver that we find in most spa sets. Ashley notes in her post that

‘My husband took the soap on a rope for some trial runs for me, and just loved it! He did use it for the life of the soap and it managed to stay in there the whole time too. He liked that it was less “girly” than the other soap savers I have made and he said the “soap to rope ratio was perfect for just a bit of scrubbing power“. ‘


Newberg Tie by Bliss This

Paid pattern

Amber designed this one using sock yarn and designed it for the little guys as well as the big guys! You could have so much fun with this one just through use of colours! Would you man love this one?


Grayson Hanging Basket by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Paid pattern

Handy storage baskets are great for both men and women! I like the handle on this one as you can hang it on the end of your bannister, on a door handle or on the post of your bed to keep you bits and bobs in. I made one for my mother in law and she uses it for her glasses and medicines and hangs it on her bed post so they are within easy reach!


So there you are 20 ideas for gifts to show him that you appreciate him! What will you be doing to mark Husband Appreciation day this year?


Don’t forget you can follow Sunflower Cottage Crochet in all of the usual places:



International Talk like a Pirate Day!

International Talk like a Pirate Day!

Yes, its true – there really is an International Talk like a Pirate Day! And it’s today. So we wanted to do something to mark September 19th. Pirates have been a big deal in our house. Instead of a Wendy house in our garden my 

Shades of Spring Afghan

Shades of Spring Afghan

Shades of Spring Sampler Afghan Pattern The Shades of Spring Afghan was released yesterday and already it has been one of our best-sellers! Fun to Design It was such fun to design. Don’t get me wrong, there was some pull of my hair moments, some 

Robin Richard Farmhouse Christmas Collection of Crochet Patterns

Robin Richard Farmhouse Christmas Collection of Crochet Patterns

T’is the Season …. For the Robin Richard Farmhouse Christmas Collection!

Robin Richard Christmas Collection

Here in the UK we seem to have made quite a sharp turn from a mild autumn to what is promising to be a cold winter! The days are most definitely shorter but as a mum I really like that …. Some days are just hard work and to be able to convince your child that its bedtime half an hour or so early can save your sanity!

Of course, the colder weather and shorter days also signify that it will soon be Christmas. Oh my, where has this year gone?? Usually I am prepared months in advance, this year not so much! And I’m starting to panic a little.

Special Namesake

This year we have a special collection for you. The Robin Richard Farmhouse Christmas Collection. Special because not only is it our first, but also because of it’s namesake.

For those of you who followed the Crochet Cancer Challenge in October, you will be aware of our story. We kicked off our contribution for this with the Samantha’s Hope Beanie supporting colon cancer. If you read our post you will remember that both Sara and her dad have had this particular form of cancer and so it meant a lot to us. It was truly humbling to be a part of it!

Sadly, Sara’s dad (Robin) passed away last week following 40 something years of fiercely fighting cancer in various forms. Sara and her family didn’t get the time that they thought they had with him, but this warrior is no longer in pain.

It’s quite amazing how much people you have never met can influence your perceptions and outlooks on life. One thing is for sure though, Robin lived for his family and made the most of the hands he was dealt.

What better way to honour a wonderful and inspirational man than to name our Christmas collection after him!

We already have the Robin’s nesting baskets tested ready to release soon so he knew that we were dedicating patterns to him. I think this pleased him.

Robin’s Blanket

The first pattern in the Robin Richard Farmhouse Christmas Collection is our afghan. I have to say that everyone who has seen it has fallen in love with how pretty, warm and ‘squishy’ it is. There is texture galore without it being too much.

This blanket has loads of texture!

This pattern just works!!

Robin’s Blanket has a gingham look to it and is very farmhouse Christmas. Of course, you could make it all in just one or two colours to suit you. Personally I LOVE this colour combination! To make life easier for you with the amount of ends to sew in you could also carry your colours along the rows. This is what Sara did. I chose to use bobbins and wage war on those pesky ends!

And its perfect to use year round! Keep it in the car for the Kids, hang it over the sofa for those chilly days or movie nights. It makes no sense not to have made one of these!

If you like corner to corner then you will enjoy working on this with bobbins like I did. If you don’t enjoy the corner to corner technique then carry your yarn. It’s genuinely a really pleasant project to work up.

What you will need:

I have to admit, I questioned Sara on the use of a 6mm hook on this one. But I am so glad it was used. It works perfectly and the finished blanket is stunning because of it. I used Stylecraft aran. The texture shows up a little more and the size is great. Each of our colour blocks were 3.25” wide x 2.5” tall.

Robin’s Blanket ends up being approximately 39’’ wide and 55’’ long including the boarder.

We used a modified floret stitch. There are full instructions in the pattern on how to do this. In fact, the floret stitch will be a Stitch of the Week within the next two or three weeks.

The pattern also includes a grid for the colour blocks and the instructions are easy to follow.

Pattern links

You can find Robin’s Blanket in our shop here or on Ravelry here.

Etsy here.

So what are you waiting for …. I bet you know someone that would LOVE this blanket as a gift!

Don’t forget to show us your completed projects on our Facebook Community page.

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