Introducing the Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy

Introducing the Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy
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Today we are super happy to be introducing you to the Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy.

A whole collection of great gift ideas

If you have been following us for a while you will know that the coffee beanie cozies are our officially trademarked item. We are so excited about that! They are great scrap busting patterns, are practical and make great quick gift ideas for just about anyone. We have quite a few coffee beanie cozies in our collection now that there is literally something for everyone – male, female, young, old, playful, serious. My daughter and her friends use them for their iced drinks when at soft play or on the beach during the hotter weather. They all go nuts over them. And so do her teachers!

We have also been using them to show you new stitches that you might not have tried before. We have a grit stitch one, a bean stitch, a Celtic Weave one coming soon, the shell, the X stitch …. honestly, the list goes on! Just lately we have been looking at some of the more fun stitches and techniques that really make the cozies ‘pop’. We recently released the tulips coffee beanie cozy, now we have the strawberry coffee beanie cozy for you! Doesn’t it look great?

The strawberry stitch
Doesn’t the strawberry stitch look great?

Another thing about this stitch is that it isn’t completely flat so there is more texture and depth to this one. But it is still easy and comfortable to hold! Don’t worry – those strawberries do not make using this impractical or difficult!

We are over the moon with how well this one has turned out.


The Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy
It looks great as well as being practical.

Our Coffee Beanie Cozies are designed to fit a 20 oz Starbucks takeaway cup and most standard travel mugs that you may have.

Not as hard as it looks

I would say that this pattern is suitable for adventurous beginners. In fact, I think the trickiest part is the colour changing. But don’t worry as we have a video on how to do this stitch and colour change for both left and right handed crocheters!


YouTube Tutorial

You can find our tutorial on this stitch, which includes how to effectively do the Color-change and carry your yarn while you work on our YouTube Channel.

For right handed crocheters you can find this specific tutorial here.

For left handed crocheters you can find the tutorial here.


This pattern contains links to the strawberry stitch tutorials, the camel stitch and the back loop only tutorials that we have available on Youtube for you.


To make the Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy you will need


Links to the pattern

You can find this pattern in all of the usual places for a very reasonable price … less than the cost of one cup of coffee!

Find it on

Ravelry here,

Etsy here,

Our shop here.