Hooking With: Creations by Courtney

Hooking With: Creations by Courtney
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Meet Courtney, at Creations by Courtney

This week on Hooking With, we are meeting Courtney, of Creations by Courtney.  We asked her your questions and she responded!

About Courtney

Creations By Courtney is your destination for discovering crochet garment and accessory patterns for curating a handmade closet.

I am the owner and designer of Creations By Courtney. I had a dream to be a fashion designer, which didn’t happen, but I have always been a creative person.

As an avid crocheter with a passion for garments, I am inspired to offer crochet designs to help you curate your own handmade closet.  Tops, cardigans, bottoms, dresses, and stylish, practical accessories that will withstand any current and future fashion trends.

The garment crochet patterns are offered in sizes Small to 5X. Each pattern has been tech edited and/or tested to ensure accuracy of numbers and writing. If a pattern doesn’t specify all of the plus sizes, instructions are given on how to customize the final dimensions to fit your unique body.

Inspiration is found from runways, department stores and often nature. I tend to offer several designs with a fun stitch, so it’s great for mastering the stitches as you create multiple Creations By Courtney designs.

I don’t like seaming multiple pieces together like many other crocheters, so I strive to create seamless or mostly seamless crochet designs. My desire is to help you increase your crochet skill through the use of foundation stitches in other ways than just the first row.  I use extended stitches, crossing stitches and more.

Besides increasing your skill, I hope that you’ll gain confidence and feel proud while wearing or gifting the completed items. And if you’ve pondered making more colorful projects, you’ll love these crochet patterns even more.

When did you start designing?

I started designing in January 2017 after unsuccessfully attempting to sell finished items.

Do you have a blog?  If so, when did you start that up?

I do have a blog! I started blogging around the same time in 2017 by posting the X Bangle, which I originally designed in 2015.

What was your initial plan with your blog and designs?

My initial plan was to consistently publish garment and accessory designs to my blog with an option to purchase the patterns through my own shop on the blog.

How have your designs and designing process evolved?

OMG! My designing process has definitely changed!

Occasionally, I cringe when I look at my first written patterns, as my format is much more consistent now and based on the Craft Yarn Council standards. My designing process involves A LOT MORE math than I ever thought would be involved in a fiber art.

I took a class with the amazing Kim Guzman years before I began designing to learn how to make a garment. I learned how to use math to create patterns in different sizes with simple stitches and stitch repeats!

It seemed so tough in the beginning, and now I typically start with the math for up to 9 sizes after making a gauge swatch when I design a garment. For any sized accessories, I may make one size first and then do some math to determine the other sizes.

What designs do you specialize in?

I specialize in creating size inclusive garments and stylish accessories.

Courtney’s Las Olas Hat is featured in week 4 of the Summer Stitch Along


Do you have a favorite few stitches you like to use or do you always try to do new ones?

I definitely love stitches that create texture! Additionally, I have designed a few projects with the X-stitch and lemon peel stitch. I do enjoy finding new stitches to turn in new crochet patterns.

When you come up with an idea, does it come first from yarn you have or do you find yarn to fit the idea?

Most of the time, I have an idea of what I would like to design and then will find the yarn. On rare occasions, the yarn finds me and tells me what to make with it.

When did you start crocheting?

I started crocheting when I was about 8 years old. My mom taught me crochet and knit. It didn’t stick then, but I tried to make a blanket for my little brother to be. I did not finish that oddly shaped object, but have made him several hates after returning to crochet during my freshman year of college.

What made you decide to become a designer?

I decided to become a designer after reading a blog post by a crochet designer that said that you are a designer if you create anything without a pattern. This was a light bulb moment for me since I had created several crochet accessories without patterns for custom orders! It’s amazing how this little moment changed my mindset to what is possible.

Are there any patterns not your own that you just love?

One pattern that I have made and just love is the Portofino Sweater by Sophie and Me Patterns! It was my first project made with all slip stitches! It sounds scary but worked up quickly with a large hook. It’s the coziest cardigan I have and I love to wear it any chance I can.

Who/what inspired you?  Does this still inspire you?  Why?

Prior to officially starting my crochet business, I was inspired by the funky style of the Double Stitch Twins and Knotty Loop.

I didn’t know that you could make clothing and other wearable items with yarn that captured my energetic personality, since many garments used to be  granny square jackets or boxy jumpers.

I am also inspired by fashion and I have always loved fashion. It’s fun to scroll Instagram to see what’s coming down the catwalks of the world. Most often, I’m inspired by everyday moments and thinking of ways to create something with crochet to capture one’s style of comfort and sophistication.

Of your patterns, which is your favorite and why?

My favorite pattern is the X-capade Cardigan! This idea started with having a triangle shape, and completely transformed into what it is now. It’s my favorite because this design challenged my writing and math skills the most to date. I’m so thankful for having worked with a Tech Editor and amazing pattern testers to create a final pattern that other could understand.


The X-Capade Cardigan

Are there any crochet techniques/stitches you wish to learn this year?

I’m determined to learn join as you go, where you join the motifs in the last round and the seamless method by Kristin Omdahl. I don’t like seaming so I haven’t made many motif projects.

What are your biggest crochet challenges and how do you plan on overcoming that?

My biggest crochet challenge is learning to create better tailored garments that are size-inclusive with shaped sleeves. Shaped sleeves are such a mystery to me! I plan to learn how to read sewing patterns and talk with my sewing friends to demystify the sleeve in crochet.

Have you ever lost your crojo and how did you overcome that?

I lost my crojo during my last pregnancy. I was carrying my twin daughters.  Many tasks became a challenge and I only had the energy to focus on the simplest daily tasks for my household after each work day. I was able to overcome the loss crojo once we had established a new routine with the twins, and starting with quick accessory patterns.

What three tips can you offer to anyone that crochets?

Three tips for anyone that crochet is:

  1. Learn how to read crochet patterns and stitch diagrams to have limitless options for making crochet projects.
  2. Invest in crochet hooks that you love to take care of your hands so you can crochet for many years.
  3. Don’t skip the gauge swatch.

Free Pattern

Thank you Courtney for your interview!  You make me want to learn a lot more about designing clothing!  It’s the math that gets to me though.

Courtney has provided a link to a free pattern of hers for you to try out!  Click here!

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