Americana Coffee Beanie Cozy

Americana Coffee Beanie Cozy
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The 4th of July is upon us and I needed to make the Americana Coffee Beanie Cozy!  We have 2 other great patterns for the 4th, but I really like our Coffee Beanie Cozies so I really wanted to make one festive for the 4th!

You could, of course, make this in any colors, for any occasion.

The stitch pattern I chose is called “wedge stitch”, which to me, looked like penants.  Sort of like a 4th of July banner or garland.

The Wedge Stitch

To work this particular stitch design, you have to really know the anatomy of a stitch.  The backside, front side, bottom, top–everything.  To help you with this, here’s the photo tutorial for part of how you work this stitch.  I only included what you needed to know for this particular pattern.  The full stitch tutorial might have to be another blog post!


wedge stitch tutorial


Materials List

You will need 1-90 yard skein of each: Red, White, and Blue.  I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran in Rose Red, Paper White, and Royal Blue.

4mm hook


Tapestry Needle

Stitch Markers (optional)


How to Use Coffee Beanie Cozies

I use mine for all types of drinks!  It would seem that they fit more than the 20oz cups they were designed for.  I tried the Americana Coffee Beanie Cozy on a cold drink:

And a HOT one!  Oh my goodness,  you should FEEL how hot this drink can be!  The little cardboard sleeve they give you is NO match for the heat that coffee brings! 

I hope you enjoy this Coffee Beanie Cozy as much as I and my husband do!  He totally stole it from me after my pictures were done!

Where to Get the Pattern

Sunflower Store

Ravelry Store

Etsy Store