Writing A Crochet Pattern

Writing A Crochet Pattern
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My First Pattern and Blog Post!

Writing my very first crochet pattern is something I didn’t think I could do! I have dreamed of being one of those crocheters that could design a crochet pattern for some time now, and I finally did it!  

I knew I wanted to design something simpler for my first pattern. I chose to create a crochet beanie pattern! Regarding crochet beanies, I like a textured look and a nice brim. I spent all day pondering and playing around with the design. The beanie didn’t have the look I wanted when I worked it from the top down. Writing a crochet pattern for the first time is a big undertaking.

I needed help but needed to figure out where to find what I needed to complete this design. I found a particular week-long challenge in the Crochetpreneur’s Facebook group. Joining this challenge made the process of designing much easier! I was so grateful for her printables and the various responses from everyone on the page! Pam from the Crochetpreneur helped me step out of my comfort zone and complete my first design! 

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Writing my first crochet pattern by Helen of Sunflower Cottage Crochet

With any crochet design, the first thing to do is figure out which stitches to use! As I said, I wanted texture for my crochet beanie pattern, so I knew I had to step outside the basic stitches. I found three stitches that I knew would work. The Camel stitch, the bobble stitch, and a modified X stitch! I worked up these stitches in various ways, row after row. I began to feel like the design wouldn’t come together then, all of a sudden, it did! 

Many people, like me, get discouraged when trying to create a pattern of their own because they don’t know where to begin. Pam’s ‘Get it Done’ series helped me focus on the entire process. You can go through the series at your own pace, and Pam is so good about responding to your questions and concerns. It may seem like I’m advertising her here, but that’s untrue. I am just that excited about her process.  

However, I wouldn’t say I like Canva all that much. It limits how I can set up my pages (ironically). It’s supposed to be a place where you can do many customizations, but I still felt limited. Go figure. I will stick to WordPerfect and PowerPoint for now.  

I have another pattern in the works! It’s a matching convertible mod scarf! I am using Lion Brand’s Mandala yarn for this pattern. I love how it’s coming out! This pattern is taking longer to create as it is a longer item, and the stitch counts change every so many rows until it’s wide enough. Then I’ll start decreasing. Ugh, math! 

I hope to meet many new friends here on my blog and create many unique designs and projects. Thanks for stopping by! Check out my Facebook page for more information about my shop and what I can do!

Introducing the Paige Hat
The Paige Hat. Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern by Helen of Sunflower Cottage Crochet

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