This Floral Border will Transform your Afghan!

This Floral Border will Transform your Afghan!
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This floral afghan border is just stunning. If you are looking for a border for an afghan or other project that is a little bit different, a little feminine and looks great either in one colour or in several, then take a peek at this offering.  

It is a lot of fun to create. The flowers pop up a tiny bit but not enough to get in the way and the leaves and stem are the icing on the cake for me.

Both the written instructions and the video tutorials are just a little further down this post!

I used this border on my Bouquet of Flowers Afghan. This was a free CAL which ran from 14th February – 15th April 2022. Lots of the squares are still free on the designer’s blog. If you prefer, you will always be able to purchase the whole bundle of squares, join and border. If you are interested check it out!


PDF Pattern links for the floral border

If you prefer the ad-free pdf versions you can purchase the pdf version of this border pattern in all of my stores for a super low price.

Shall we dive straight into the pattern for this gorgeous floral border?

Materials (these are what I used for the Bouquet of Flowers afghan):

  • #3 weight yarn or cotton of choice. I used just over 1 skein of Paintbox simply DK in champagne white, 1 skein in lipstick pink, and 1 skein in green. You can use any weight yarn with any complimentary hook size to suit your project
  • 4mm hook 
  • Stitch markers (optional)
  • Scissors




Made to suit your project. The stitch multiple for this one is 8 plus 1 per side.


  • Ch – chain
  • Sk – skip
  • SC – Single Crochet
  • HDC– half double crochet
  • DC – double crochet
  • TC – triple crochet
  • 3TCCl – 3 triple crochet cluster
  • FO – fasten off

Special Stitches:

3 Treble Crochet Cluster – To work this stitch you will:  YO twice, insert hook into indicated stitch, YO and pull through, YO and pull through 2 loops on hook twice, *YO twice, insert hook into same stitch, YO and pull through, YO and pull through 2 loops on hook twice, and repeat from * once more, YO and pull through all 4 loops on hook.

If you are using this as a border you need to decide how you are setting it up. Here are a few suggestions:

I went for option 3 in the Bouquet of Flowers Afghan. The corners I did using the bud stitch to create little patchwork squares to sew in.

You repeat this pattern for as many sides as you are using it.



Prefer Video tutorials?

I have both left and right handed video tutorials for this one.



Written Pattern:

Row 1 – Starting on the right side of your work HDC a multiple of 8 plus 1 stitches across.


Row 2 – CH1 (does not count), turn, SC in first st and each st across.

Row 3 – Repeat row 2

Row 4 – This row creates the leaves and stems so I changed to green here

Turn, CH4 (counts as a TC), SK2 sts, *3TCCl in the next st, CH2, TC in next st (note, we 

are not skipping any here), CH2, 3TCCl in the next st, CH1, SK5*. Repeat from * to * 

until you have 3 sts left. TC in last st.



Row 5 – CH1 (does not count), turn, *SC in top of TC from previous row, sk the CH1, SC in top 

of the 3TCCl, 2 SC in CH2 space, 5DC in next st (this creates the bud so I worked the 5DC 

in lipstick pink but kept the champagne white for the SC stitches), 2SC in next CH2 

sp, SC in top of next 3TCCl, sk CH1 space*. Repeat from * to * across and place a SC in 

the top of the CH4 from the previous row.

Row 6 – CH1, turn, SC in first 4 sts (these are the SC from the previous row), CH1, SK the 5DC, 

*SC in the top of each of the next 6 sts (again these are the SC from the previous row), 

CH1, SK the 5DC* Rep from * to * across. SC in last 4 sts.

Row 7 – for this row I worked all of the top of the buds in the pink and the rest of the stitches

 in white. CH1 (does not count), SC in first 2 sts, SC2tog in next 2 sts, **SC into the first 

of the 5DC from row 5, *CH3, SS into next st from the 5dc* repeat from * to * across all of the petals on your bud, SC in last of the 5DC set,  SC2tog, SC in next 2 sts, SC2tog.** 

Rep from ** to ** across until you have 4 sts left, SC2tog, SC in last 2 sts.



Row 8 – CH1 (does not count), turn, SC in first 3 sts, *CH3, SK the petals from the previous row, 

SC in next 4 sts.* Repeat from * to * across.

Row 9 – CH1, turn, SC in first 3 sts, *4SC in CH3 space, SC in next 4 sts* rep from * to * across.

Row 10 – CH1 (does not count), turn, HDC in each st across.

                        FO and weave in ends.



The bouquet of Flowers CAL runs from 28th February – 15th April 2022. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is a new square released which will be free until at least the end of the CAL. There are 2 ways of joining in this event:

  1. Collect the free patterns for each square as they are released
  2. Purchase the bundle which includes all 20 squares plus the joining and border instructions for an amazing $12.99

If you would like to purchase the bundle (which will be evergreen – the price will increase at the end of the CAL) then click the button below:

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