The Preemie Crochet Challenge 2022

The Preemie Crochet Challenge 2022
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Can you believe that we are into the third year of the Preemie Crochet Challenge???

If you have joined the challenge previously you will know how much this event means to me. My daughter was a preemie. You can read more about my story here if you are unfamiliar with it.

Having a premature baby can be scary and have long term effects on both baby and parents. My experience was not as bad as for a lot of parents, and for that I am eternally grateful.

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  1. Each day at 8am London time I will update this blog post with that day’s featured pattern.
  2. I will give you the code and links you need. If the designer has a blog I will be direct you there for more information about the pattern, if not you will be taken directly to Ravelry.
  3. You will decide if you would like that pattern.
  4. By accepting the free pdf download you are pledging to donate at least one made item from that pattern to a Preemie charity / organisation / NICU / family of your choosing.
  5. The patterns below will be categorised as the event progresses to make it easier for you to establish which patterns are still available, which are available free on the designers blog, and which are now only paid patterns. The first pattern will be the featured pattern for that day.

This year is going to be a little different as there are 2 ways to take part:

  1. Collect the patterns as they are free pdf downloads with the coupon code.
  2. Buy the bundle! ALL of the proceeds (minus the PayPal fees, which I dearly wish I could cover), will be going to 2 preemie charities. Scroll down for more info on these.

We have kept round ups of previous year’s patterns that were donated to the challenge for your reference. Many of the patterns are still available free on the designers blog and a couple will always be free on Ravelry!

Find 2020’s patterns here.

Find 2021’s patterns here

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These do not seem to be as well known in the US, but hopefully this Challenge is helping to change that. These unassuming little squares really pack a punch when it comes to preemie babies and the bonding process with mum. Bonding squares are made in pairs so please make an even number of these. The great thing is that they are usually between 5″ and 7″ a square so they don’t take a lot of time or yarn!

They are used when mum cannot hold or be with her baby for whatever reason. Mum wears one of them against her skin for a few hours so that her scent is transferred to the square. The square is then given to baby and mum gets the other square to repeat the process. Baby learns their mum’s scent. This is so important to both mum and baby while cuddles are a no-no or very limited. Mum knows she is still doing something important for her baby at a time when all too often she may feel useless and frustrated.  It also helps the bonding process for both baby and mum when they can cuddle each other.  Babies have poor eyesight but their sense of smell is just fine!

The Charities

If you purchase the bundle (which is only available during this event) you will be helping to support 2 great charities! All proceeds (less PayPal fees) will be spilt equally and donated to 2 fantastic charities. Both myself and my assistant have done a lot of research into appropriate and reputable charities so we know these ones are genuine and will benefit from our donations!

Project Sweet Peas

This charity provides support and financial assistance to NICU families across the US. Having a baby in NICU often means that emotional and financial support is needed for the families, and they provide peer support from people who understand what they are going through. Should the worst happen, and baby not survive, Project Sweet Peas help the families to collect keepsakes of their little fighter, support through the emotional trauma and make a lifelong commitment to help these families. They also hold a yearly vigil to remember those babies who did not get to go home. It’s such a wonderful charity that makes a huge impact on all of the families that they help.

You can find out more about this charity here.



Bliss is a UK based charity, but their research can have impacts around the world! I think their website says it best when they write :

“Bliss is currently supporting £8.1 million of research which is responsible for significant improvements in the care and treatment of babies born premature or sick. Our aim is to make the biggest difference to the lives of babies by carefully identifying and funding research projects and collaborating with others to support large-scale projects. We believe having parents involved in research projects, at the planning stages and throughout, is essential to ensure babies’ interests are always at the heart of neonatal research”. They also help provide support for families throughout the difficult process of taking care of their young ones while they are in the NICU.

You can find out more about this charity here.

Want to help us raise money for the charities above? Get the Preemie Crochet Challenge Bundle!

As mentioned above, if you purchase the bundle of all 27 patterns for just $9.99, all of the proceeds (minus Paypal fees) will be split between the two charities we have chosen: Project Sweet Peas and Bliss UK. This is our way of helping use crochet to help make an impact in the lives of others, and we would love to have your support for these charities. You can purchase your copy of the bundle by clicking the button below.


I love getting to put this event on each year, and I can’t wait to share all of the patterns with you for the challenge!

Today’s Pattern:

July 1st – Watermelon hat by Three Fates Creations

Oh my, how cute is this hat? It is perfect for those summer babies!

Free today with the code



No longer available with the coupon code:

1st June – Nautical Lovey by Ambassador Crochet

Kristine is kicking off the event with her nautical lovey today!This lovey uses single crochets and chains so is great for beginners too. The anchor is also much easier than you would think!

June 2nd – Preemie Crochet Bonding Squares by Through the Loop Yarn Craft

If you have followed the challenge in previous years you will know how important bonding squares are. They effectively allow baby and mum to bond via scent if mum cannot cuddle or hold baby for a wee while. Ashley has designed these great bonding squares for this year’s challenge.

June 3rd – Hetty Wrap by Blue Star Crochet

This cute wrap over vest will make dressing and undressing your precious bundle easy! Simple design where the two front panels simply wrap over and get secured with a simple tie. It will not get in the way of any tubes your little one may need.

Coupon code – not needed – direct download on the blog. Free until the end of the month.

June 4th – Zoey Preemie Beanie by Carroway Crochet

The Zoe Preemie Beanie pattern comes in four sizes. It is a beginner friendly, adorable little hat for preemies.

Gentle Waves Baby Blanket by Joe Crafty Hook

Surround your little one in the soothing comfort of these gentle waves. The gentle waves crochet pattern has 4 sizes to surround your baby in – preemie, cradle, strolling and receiving sizes.

June 7th – Frisco the Puppy Security Blanket by Creative Snugglies

This adorable puppy security blanket is an easy and quick pattern to crochet. It makes an excellent gift to donate.

This pattern is free with the code all month.

June 8th – Little Dots Preemie Cocoon by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This little baby cocoon is such a quick and cute one to work up! Cocoons are great because any wires etc on baby can be tucked into the cocoon so parents do not feel as nervous about holding their precious bundle …. and it also keeps baby snuggly warm when outside of the incubator!


The bonnet is written for 6 sizes from preemie to 12 months and with the matching blanket makes a great set! Both work up quickly and look fabulous on any baby girl!

June 10th – Josey’s Hug Preemie Blanket by Crochets by Trista

This sweet blanket is gender neutral and will look fabulous in just about any colour combination! Trista has some fabulous textures in her designs too.

June 11th – Simple Bonding Squares by The Loophole Fox

I love a bonding square! Little the precious people they are made for they are small but mighty! That makes them great stash busters and a quick project. Just remember to make them in pairs!

Shannon has designed these simple bonding squares for us this year.

June 13th – Little Puff Baby Blanket by Simply Melanie Jane

I love the texture on this blanket! There are no holes for tiny fingers and toes to get caught in and it looks so snuggly!

June 15th – Nautical Blanket by Ambassador Crochet

Do you remember the nautical lovey that kick started this event? Kristine has designed this gorgeous baby blanket to go with it! They will most definitely make a set to be treasured!

June 16th – Post Stitch Preemie Booties by Claire de Lune Fibre Art

The Post Stitch Preemie Booties are both sweet and functional! Written for two sizes, fitting foot lengths up to 2″ and 2.5″, this pattern is a quick and simple make that’s perfect for gifting. A cute little post stitch cuff decorates these booties, and they lace up the back to make it easier to slide them onto a wiggly baby.

Free all month with the code


June 17th – Wee one Lovey by Madame Stitch

The Wee One Lovey is the perfect size for the smallest premature babies. It provides comfort and calm in the midst of uncertainty and distress. Parents will love knowing their precious one is comforted by a lovingly handmade blanket.


June 18th – Bucket of Seashells hat by Natalis Crochet Designs

This gorgeous hat designed by Natalia has just the most gorgeous texture.

It is an easy hat featuring swirling shells and a cute brim detail.



June 20th – Love Life Headbands by Pams Cozy Corner

Easy and quick to make crochet kids lace headband that will match with any outfit!

June 21st – Preemie Babies Set by Dutch Crochet by MdK

I am so thrilled that Marjolein has opened her blog again for this event as she was taking a break from designing!

These preemie beanies work up super fast and are so darn cute!

Today and tomorrow Marjolein also has 50% off her other other preemie patterns! Be sure to take a peek on Ravelry.

June 22nd – A little Texture Preemie Cocoon by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

There are a couple of stitches that may be ‘new’ to you on this one but it is a fun way to give them a go and there are video tutorials linked.

June 23rd – Infinity Stripes Blanket by Off the Hook for You

A really easy but eye catching blanket that is perfect for the beginner crocheter.

June 24th – JJ’s Bonding Squares by Juniper and Oakes

Make 2 of these little squares and swap them out daily so you and your NICU baby can bond even when baby is left at the hospital and you’re discharged home without them. This bonding squares uses the cluster stich and the shell stitch, a precious mix of texture.

June 25th – Summer Waves Baby Blanket by Crafting Each Day

A classic ripple blanket in soft dk weight yarn.

This is a gorgeously classic baby blanket. I just love the gold in this version!

June 28th – Nautical Bonding Squares by Ambassador Crochet

This final pattern from Kristine at Ambassador Crochet completes the set that she has released throughout this event.

These bonding squares will work up quickly and look fabulous!

June 29th – Thick N Soft Baby Blanket by Itchin’ for some Stitchin’

This blanket uses the seed stitch and will work up super quickly.

June 30th – Camellia Blanket by Two Brother’s Blankets

The Camellia Blanket is soft and lightweight, making it great for baby in any season!

No longer a free pdf but free pattern on the designer’s blog:


A dense stitch pattern without holes for tiny fingers and toes make this blanket perfect for preemies. A self-striping yarn does the colorwork for you! This blanket meets the donation requirements for Knots of Love, an organization that distributes handmade preemie blankets to babies in neonatal intensive care units.

Free on the designers blog now.

June 14th – Twist to the Classic Preemie Hat by Morine’s Shop

The Twist to the Classic Hat is a crochet preemie hat pattern that uses simple stitches with intervals of increases and decreases to give is a nice wavy effect. It includes options for folded brim and brimless hat design.

Now free on the designer’s blog.

June 27th – Timmy Bonnet by Fosbas Designs

A quick preemie bonnet that works up pretty quickly, can be made using up those single balls of yarn you’ve been keeping!

Now free on the designer’s blog.


No longer free: