The Perfect Selfish Project – Robin’s Poncho

The Perfect Selfish Project – Robin’s Poncho
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With the mania, stress and exhaustion of preparing for Christmas out of the way, we have the perfect selfish project – Robin’s Poncho – for you. You have worked so hard buying and making gifts for EVERYONE else, so now it’s time to make something for YOU. Before you know it you will start thinking about birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter and any other calendar event that now feeds consumerism 😛

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How much of what you crochet do you keep for make for yourself?

I saw a poll on a Facebook groups the other day asking how much of what you make you is actually for yourself. I was utterly amazed how many people give everything away as gifts or to charity! There may be the odd exception of a hat or scarf here or there, but only one a season.

Then I stopped and thought about it – I do the same things! Whenever something is made it is put into a box for family gifts or donated. I have a couple of hats and scarves and one poncho which I tested and just adored the colours I had used. And I crochet a lot…

Maybe 2020 should be the year that I start making things FOR ME ? That mindset may take a little time to adjust to.

The Robin Collection:

Our Christmas collection (The Robin Richard Collection) inspired us A LOT! I loved the texture of the sedge stitch paired with the single crochets on the stocking pattern and realised immediately its potential for many beautiful patterns. Afghans, pillows, garments, hats and scarves are all in the works.

In fact, the Robin Poncho was almost a cardigan.  DON’T WORRY – we still plan on releasing the cardigan fairly soon!

The stitch pattern used in the stocking was tweaked to add a row of camel stitch to the repeat. This really sets off the sedge stitch beautifully. It gives the poncho a look of cables without worrying about actually having to crochet cables. The roll neck is perfect for the school run, a quick trip to the supermarket, popping to a neighbour’s house, or just enjoying a little quiet time at home!

And doesn’t it look great …. even on me 🙂

I can wholeheartedly attest to how warm this pattern is.

On the day that the photos were taken I packed two kids and our photographer into the car and headed to the lighthouse. (We live about five minutes away in the car and would have walked but were pushed for time.) Anyway, being in the north-east of England that North Sea and its winds can be biting cold! While my chest, neck and bottom were all cosy I couldn’t feel my fingers after a few minutes. Poor Rachel (the photographer) had tears rolling down her face because it was making her eyes water. It took a few minutes for her to feel her camera finger once we returned to the car. But the kids had a great time trying to direct proceedings and photobomb us. I had picked Rachel up about 30 minutes before I dropped her back off at the office again! That there is efficiency LOL.

After this experience, I’m keeping this one! Robin’s Poncho really is the perfect selfish project.

What you will need for Robin’s Poncho:

The Robin Poncho is designed in 3 sizes: small/medium, large/extra large and 2L/3XL.

  • In #4 worsted weight yarn of your chosing:
    • 1200 yards for the small/medium
    • 1300 yards for the large / XL
    • 1400 yards for the 2XL / 3XL
  • 6mm hook
  • Stitch markers (optional but highly recommended when attaching the neck and edging!)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle

The pattern itself uses single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, camel stitch and two half double crochet 3 together. Instructions and / or links to video tutorials are provided in the pattern for the special stitches. There are also the usual figure photos to help you as you come to piece the poncho together.

Robin’s Poncho is worked in 5 pieces – 2 panels, the neck and two pieces of edging. The edging and the roll neck could be optional, but we think they frame the piece perfectly.

Links to the pattern:

You can find the pattern in all of our usual places:

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