Thanksgiving Patterns Round Up!

Thanksgiving Patterns Round Up!
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Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Have you started thinking about your decorations yet? If your answer is no, then we have 27 fabulous patterns in our round-up below (plus 2 from us, which makes 29). I have included both free and paid patterns.

I know that once school is back, people start thinking about Halloween and Christmas patterns. Many of you forget about Thanksgiving and then kick yourselves later.

Being from the UK, Thanksgiving isn’t a thing here. We have the Harvest Festivals instead, although not on the same scale that Americans do Thanksgiving! We tend to be more low-key. At harvest time, we give thanks for the food that we have and make donations to the local food banks, the elderly, or neighbors in need if we can.

Lots of the patterns that are listed below are suitable for both events, which fall at roughly the same time of year.



A little bit of everything

You will see that our round-up contains a little bit of everything for you! Pumpkin patterns seem to be quite popular at this time of year, so I have included a few of those.

And something that Joey from Jo’s Crafty Hook suggested – using a rectangular wrap as a table runner! I am sitting here wondering why on earth I had not thought of that!!


How it works…

This one is easy – scroll down the list of patterns below – if you see one you like, click on the picture, and it will take you either to the designer’s blog post or their shop to grab the pattern! Under each pic, I have identified whether they are free or paid and, if paid, how much they cost. Don’t forget to read that, as one of the designers has given me a special coupon code just for you!!


Shall we dive right into the Thanksgiving Patterns Roundup?


Here at Sunflower, we do have a couple of patterns that you may like for your Thanksgiving table:

1. Stuffed Pumpkins

stuffed pumpkins – paid £3.60 on Etsy


2. Pumpkin placemat

Before I add the photo of this one, it was a pattern originally designed for Halloween, but someone in the CAL left off the face and just made it a plain pumpkin, and it looks fabulous! This one was turned into a Pumpkin pillow! So if you want to work this one, then substitute the black for orange in the instructions. You can find the free pattern on the blog here. (I cannot link both images to the post for this one, so you will need to click the blue writing!)





1. Pumpkin Pie Earrings by My Fingers Fly

Paid – $1.99


2. Gourd-geous Pumpkins by Green Fox Farms Designs

Free pattern on the blog!


3. Amigurumi Turkey pattern by Jen Hayes Creations

free on the blog


4. Heart Shaped turkey by Golden Lucy Crafts

free on the blog


5. Turkey Kitchen Towel by A Crocheted Simplicity

free on the blog


6. Turkey Napkin Ring and Flatware Holder by A Crocheted Simplicity

free on the blog


7.  Sampler Pumpkins by Amelia Makes

free if you sign up to her emails on this page.


8. Corduroy Napkin rings by Amelia Makes

free on the blog post


9. Wacky Waddles Turkey Hat by Nana’s Crafty Home

free on the blog





10. Harvest Moon Pocket Shawl Pattern by Selina Veronique

free on the blog


11. Crochet Pumpkin Hat for Babies and Kids by Kirsten Holloway Designs

free on the blog


12. Turkey Tail Pullover (size 18-24 maths) By Krissy’s Over the Mountain Crochet

free on the blog


13. The Great Striped Pumpkin by This Pixie Creates

free on the blog


14. Beautiful Crochet Pumpkin Pattern by Craftbits

free on the blog


15. Granite Gourd by Bethany Henderson

paid pattern – $5, but use code HAPPYFALL until the end of September 2021 for a special discount just for you!!


16. Blessed Bread Cloth and French Press Cozy by Rows and Roses

free on the blog


17. Pumpkin Pot by Hooked on Patterns

free on the blog


18. Pilgrim Man by Caitlin Myers

free Ravelry download


19. No tricks here placemat by Make with Meggie

free chart on blog, paid pdf with written instructions


20. Beauty and Bite placemat by Made with Meggie

free chart on the blog, paid pdf with written instructions





21. Outfits for Crocheted Gonk by Hooked on Patterns

Paid – bundle of all these patterns is $1.50


22. Autumn Hues Wrap (use it as a table runner, too!) by Jo’s Crafty Hook

Paid – $3.00


23. Autumn Equinox Sweater by Kaila Osborn

Paid – $6.00


24. Maple Leaf Garland by Kaila Osborn

free on the blog


25. Mushroom Foraging Bag by byGoldenberry

Paid – £4.50


26. Country Bumpkin Pumpkin by Avery Lane Creations

free on the blog


27. Autumn Hugs Set by Regina P Designs

paid – $3.99