Cora Pillow & History of the Granny Square

Cora Pillow & History of the Granny Square
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The Cora Pillow was something floating around in my mind for a while.  I’ve wanted to create a giant granny square blanket that is beautiful and full of different textures and floral tones.  With the Cora Pillow, I’ve got a start on it!

A Granny Square

Granny Squares started back in 1891 in The Art of Crocheting, as an engraving but made its first publishing in 1897.  Published in Weldon’s Practial Needle work, it was a way to work with scraps of yarn instead of throwing them away.

Granny squares are made up of what I like to call granny clusters–3 double crochet stitches in the same spot.  Some people use chains between clusters and others don’t (I’m one of those that do not).  Each corner is made with 2 granny clusters and some chains between the 2 clusters.




Though the original granny was designed with just the typical 3dc cluster and chains we all know of, anything shaped like a square that is worked in the “round” is considered a Granny Square, today.

Why is it Called “Granny Square”?

Two reasons, really.  Grannies (grandma!) were typically the ones making them, and to that end, you don’t need great eyesight to make them–or any eyesight at all.  They are that simple–in their original design.

Rise to Popularity

in the 1970’s, Granny Squares became so popular that they were used for garments, bags, blankets, everything!  It was so popular, that Europe tended to refer to Granny Squares as “American Crochet.”

The Appeal of the Granny Square

What made this design last for so long is the simplicity of it.  The fact that you can use scraps of yarn instead of tossing them away and play with colors to make something truly beautiful is a start.



Another reason is that they are great for traveling.  Making a bunch of squares while in the car is so much easier to handle than a big blanket.

They can be used for so many more things than people realize.  Not just the garments and bags and blankets, but pillows, pot holders, washcloths, towel toppers–just about everything!

They are super easy to make!  When you finish a project, you feel good.  That sense of completion hits you and it’s great!  When you make Granny Squares, you get a small version of that feeling each time you finish one.  Then when you put them all together, you get a major sense of completion!  Never a totally dull moment!

My Design

The Cora Pillow was something I’ve wanted to do for a while, as I mentioned much earlier.  I am adapting it to a large blanket, taking out the final repeats of the pillow and adding more texture rounds and “floral” rounds to it, to add to the beauty.

Perhaps it will be a fabulous CAL in the future?

I incorporated a little POP of popcorn stitches and front post crochet stitches to get some framing, along with cluster stitches to mimic flower buds or tulips–the “floral” tones.  I feel that I’ve accomplished the basic idea through the start that this pillow is, and cannot wait to see how this grows from there!




Materials Needed:

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I used some random yarn I had which was Joann’s Big Twist in Cream.  I had most of a skein left and the front panel used most of it, with about 5 or 6 rounds of the back panel.  A full skein probably would work.  You’ll need roughly 350-400 yards total.

6mm hook

Stitch Markers

Tapestry Needle

Tape Measure

16″ Pillow Form


Granny Square Blog Hop

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After the Blog Hop

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