A Fabulous Autumn Poncho

A Fabulous Autumn Poncho
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How did this fabulous autumn poncho crochet pattern come about?

When Raelynn from Itchin’ for some Stitchin’ and Sarah from Ned and Mimi asked me to contribute to their Fall into Autumn event I wasn’t going to say no! Their events are always so much fun.

Pushed for time

However, there was a lot going on and the deadlines for this one were really quite tight. I needed a pattern idea quick!

Luckily I had the Easy Peasy Poncho ready to go and a video tutorial for making it was filmed, edited and ready to be put live on our YouTube channel. This was the pattern we included in the Crochet for Me bundle in December 2020 when Underground Crafter invited us to participate in one of her events. In all honesty, although I love the texture of it I wanted to do more with that pattern, expand it a bit to include a neckline and a nice border around the bottom. I just felt it was missing something and could look so much more beautiful. These thoughts had been niggling at me for 7 months. Fall into Autumn gave me the perfect opportunity to do something about it!

Wonderfluff Yarn

It is always a great bonus to a designer when the event is sponsored by a yarn company. The guys over at We Crochet are awesome to work with! I was told to check out their yarns and find something I wanted to work with. After an hour of indecision Wonderfluff Ombre it was! It looked so pretty and warm that I kept being drawn back to it.

2 skeins of Wonderfluff yarn

Boy, am I glad I did! This yarn is just GORGEOUS when it is worked up, and the drape is absolutely fantastic! I did a couple of small swatches to find the perfect hook size to use with it and discovered that if your hook is too small frogging is near impossible! But that is the ONLY downside to this yarn! As it is roving there is a tiny bit of fluff falls onto you when working it.

As soon as it started working up I was in love with this yarn. It is not heavy at all – in fact you will be surprised how light your project feels! The drape is gorgeous, the colours are stunning and my poncho feels squishy (I just want to feel it all of the time!). And it is so warm to wear too which makes this yarn perfect for those autumn  and winter projects! There is an element of wool in it so if you are allergic you will need to keep this in mind.

Back to the Misty Days Autumn Poncho

Once the main body of the poncho was done, the rest of it almost designed itself. I still wanted to keep the element of this poncho being suitable for a confident beginner. The edging along the bottom is much easier than it looks, and for the neckline you need to know how to front post and back post.

All that was left to decide was a name. I asked our Facebook Community Group to help me find a name. There were lots of great suggestions (many I am keeping for future projects) but Misty Days Poncho won.

You can find our video for the Easy Peasy Poncho below. Remember, the main part of our Misty Days Poncho and its assembly is the Easy Peasy Poncho pattern. I added the edging and neckline to create the Misty Days Poncho.

Fall into Autumn Event

I love autumn. It’s my favourite time of year, and not just because of my birthday! I love the quiet brisk walks with my dogs. The colors, the smells, the feeling of all of that fresh air in your lungs. Its rejuvenating. And as a creative person it is also so inspiring.

I also love fall colours (and they suit me so that’s a bonus!). Golds, browns, reds, creams …..

The Fall Into Autumn event is hosted by Itchin’ for some Stitchin’ and Ned and Mimi. It runs from 1st August – 1st September 2021. Each day featured a fantastic free pdf pattern with the code. There were some awesome designers participating in this event.


If you can wait all month and collect all 32 patterns for free that’s great! But if, like me, when you see the patterns included you want to dive straight into some of them then is bundle is awesome value. It works out at $0.41 PER PATTERN. It costs just $12.99 for all 32 patterns PLUS 2 bonus patterns.

Let that sink in for a moment!!


If you would like to check out the bundle click the button below.

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Where can you get PDF Pattern?