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Picot Fan Wrap Crochet Pattern

Picot Fan Wrap Crochet Pattern

Our latest shawl crochet pattern is here: the Picot Fan Wrap!  As the name implies, we used picot stitches and “fans” (shells with spacing) to get the look.  I love this wrap because it is so very pretty and lacy yet it was actually pretty…

Crochet The Foundation Single Crochet

Crochet The Foundation Single Crochet

In this tutorial, we will show you how to crochet the foundation single crochet!  This is also referred to as the “chainless foundation row”.  You can do this with single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, triple crochet, etc.   I like to do the…

What You Need to Learn to Crochet

What You Need to Learn to Crochet

So you want to learn to crochet? One of the first things you need to think about is what you NEED to start learning to crochet.

It’s very easy to walk into your local yarn shop or hobby store and excited about all of the wonderful things they have on their shelves. But actually what you need to get you started is very little.

Here are the ONLY things that you NEED to learn to crochet

At this point I will state that this post does contain affiliate links so we may earn a small commission if you buy anything using our links, but they do not cost you anything extra to use them!

So, the bare bones of a kit to get you started are shown in the photo above:

  1. Yarn – I would recommend an aran or #4 weight yarn as a minimum. This is because if you use anything smaller it can be more difficult to see your stitches. Using a slightly thicker yarn gives you a much better look at what is going on with your work and it is easier to see what you are doing. It also means that your project will work up quicker – you will find yourself more motivated if your project works up a little quicker!
  2. Hook – you will need to choose a hook that is appropriate for the yarn you are using. Of course, if you are following a pattern then the pattern will tell you exactly what yarn and hook you will need. As a general rule if you are using a #4 weight yarn and have no pattern you will need either a 5mm (size H) or 5.5mm (size I) hook.
  3. Scissors (for cutting your yarn)
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Tapestry needle (for sewing in those ends when your project is finished!
  6. Small bag to keep your bits and bobs safe! Even a zip lock bag will do – it really doesn’t have to be fancy, just practical



Optional Extras

There are a couple of extras that you could add to your shopping list which you will find useful.


  1. Stitch markers – these are very useful to have, especially when starting. I would highly recommend you use them to mark at least the first and last stitch of every row. This will help you to keep the correct stitch count. Most new crocheters find their work slants or gets narrower as they crochet more rows and almost always this is because they have ‘lost’ stitches by not crocheting to the end of the row!
  2. Row counter – whether you need this depends entirely on the pattern you are starting with. If you are just wanting to try a simple scarf the counter will not be necessary as you will continue to work the scarf until it is as long as you want it.


So now you have your essential kit – what do you do next?

Well, you decide what you would like to make! Most people like to start with a washcloth or a scarf because they give you the chance to practice and master a stitch, they are quick projects and so you get the gratification of actually finishing something that can be used!

To make either a washcloth or a scarf your chain start if you use on of the basic stitches in the videos below will be as long as you desire. And you work as many rows as you need. The single crochet tutorial will show you how to do your chain starts.

Don’t get me wrong, most people are not perfect from the off. Getting your tension even can be a big learning curve, but once you have that then you will feel like great about your project and be so proud of it. You will see how your stitch work has improved as the project gets bigger!



Where do you learn the basic stitches?

There are lots of text books out there, blogs etc if you search on google that walk you through how to create stitches. There are also LOTS of YouTube video tutorials, which many people prefer. It just so happens that we have a Beginners Crochet Series on our YouTube Channel!

Here are a few of the videos you will need to get you started:

This first one shows you how to chain start as well as do the stitch:



If you would like some extra help and support while you learn to crochet and then develop your skills please feel free to join our FB community group – the people there are always willing to help and Sara and I will be around and help you out!!

How To Do The Single Crochet Join Method

How To Do The Single Crochet Join Method

How to do the Single Crochet Join Method Today we’re going to learn how to do the single crochet join method.  In a previous “how-to” post, I showed you how to do the slip stitch join method. The single crochet join method is very similar…

Spider Stitch Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

Spider Stitch Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

Jorja Spider Coaster Free Crochet Pattern Welcome to Pattern of the Week!  This week’s Stitch of the Week is the spider stitch and we fixed up this pattern for you to use that stitch with!  Quick and easy, makes a great gift or even a…

Spider Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Spider Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Learn how to crochet the Spider Stitch with this tutorial!

Welcome back to another crochet tutorial with Stitch of the Week; this week it’s the Spider Stitch.  Just in time for Halloween, too!  Though I have to admit, I dislike spiders and that’s putting it very mildly.  This stitch also does not look like a spider, which I suppose is a good thing!

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

About the Stitch

The Spider Stitch is actually a very pretty stitch with nice texture and it is very sturdy.  It’s ideal for homewares projects such as baskets, washcloths, and towels.  It is also best made with bright or light colored crisp cotton yarns.

You could make a baby blanket with it however, I recommend using a lighter weight yarn to try to get a little drape out of it, or it will just be stiff as a board!


Yarn—preferably cotton

5mm hook

Yarn needle







YO—yarn over

SC—single crochet


Any odd number plus 2 for the turning chain


For the video tutorial, I chained up 15

Step 1: (Row 1) [sc, ch1, sc] in the 3rd ch from the hook

Step 2: (Row 1 continued) sk 1 st, [sc, ch1, sc] into the next st.  Sk 1 st, *[sc, ch1, sc] in the next st, sk 1 st; rep from * to last two sts; after skipping one stitch, place a SC in the last st.

Step 3: (Row 2) Ch2 and turn, skip over that lonely SC and the next SC and work [sc, ch1, sc] into the ch1 sp from previous row.  Into each ch1 sp along the row, work [sc, ch1, sc] to the end; SC in the turning chain.

Step 4: repeat step 3 for the rest of the project.

Finishing Up

It’s a nice paired stitch that works well for homeware items and looks great when you change colors each row.  I like the zig-zag look it gives when changing color.

Thank you for joining us today for this tutorial!  Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for the video and other great tutorials as well.

If you would like to be on the up and up with our upcoming patterns and even get a chance to test those patterns for us, join our Facebook Group!

Coming soon we have a store opening on the site as well as an Etsy shop in the very, very near future!

Wattle Stitch Handbag Free Crochet Pattern

Wattle Stitch Handbag Free Crochet Pattern

Our Pattern of the week, featuring the Wattle Stitch–free crochet pattern–Wattle Stitch Handbag Along with our Stitch of the Week, we’re including a Pattern of the Week that goes with the corresponding stitch of the week.  This week, it’s the Wattle Stitch and this is…

Wattle Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Wattle Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Stitch of the Week: Wattle Stitch Crochet Tutorial This week’s Stitch of the Week tutorial is on the Wattle Stitch. I feel that this stitch is super easy but creates a very nice texture, especially when more than one color is used. This post contains…

Up and Down (Houndstooth) Crochet Tutorial

Up and Down (Houndstooth) Crochet Tutorial

Stitch of the Week #7: Up and Down (Houndstooth) Stitch Tutorial

up and down stitch crochet

Welcome back to Stitch of the Week!  This week’s stitch is the Up and Down stitch.  This stitch is more often referred to as the “Houndstooth” stitch.  It really does end up looking like a houndstooth pattern when you change colors each row, using only two colors.

This stitch is best worked in light or neutral colors so you can see the texture better.  It’s also a bit of an alternating stitch, because you work single crochets on top of double crochets from the previous row, and double crochets on top of single crochets from the previous row.

I believe that the fabric this stitch creates is better for cotton homewares projects, such as kitchen and bath items.

**Note** this post contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you!




Dc—double crochet

Sc—single crochet

Yo—yarn over


Yarn—best to use cotton yarns but for the swatch, you can use any worsted weight yarn such as Red Heart Super Saver

Hook—I used 5mm to go with my yarn

Yarn Needle (for weaving in ends)




The multiple for this stitch is any even number of stitches.  For the purpose of the tutorial, I did a chain of 20.

Make your chain of 20 and follow the instructions below.

Up and Down (Houndstooth) Tutorial:


  1. Dc in 2nd ch from the hook 2. *Sc in next ch, dc in next ch; repeat from * to the end.


  1. Ch1, turn, skip first dc, *dc in next sc, sc in next dc; repeat from * to end, dc in turning chain.

The repeat for this stitch pattern is row 2.


If you would like to see this stitch being made, visit our YouTube Channel.  Be sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel.  Hit the little bell icon next to the subscribe button to be notified when we upload a new video.

For other great tutorials, visit our tutorials section on the blog.  You can find the PDF version of this post on the Stitch of the Week section of our blog.

Crochet Solid Granny Square Tutorial

Crochet Solid Granny Square Tutorial

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