How to Crochet the Tunisian Wide Ribs Stitch

How to Crochet the Tunisian Wide Ribs Stitch
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Today’s stitch is the Tunisian Wide Ribs Stitch and it is our last one!  I cannot believe we are about to wrap this up!  After this stitch, we will put a border around each one and join with the zig-zag stitch that Helen provided a tutorial for, here.

We will then do a simple border (of your choice!) and it will all be done!  I cannot wait to see all of the pretty blankets in our Facebook Group!

How to Crochet the Tunisian Wide Ribs Stitch

Chain a multiple of 4 plus 2 (for edge stitches) and complete a foundation row.

The Wide Ribs looks like knitted cuffs but is not stretchy.  It is worked with TKS and TPS.  You will work 2 TPS followed by 2 TKS for each row, building columns.

Materials List:

Note: this list contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you!

I used:

Worsted/Aran/#4 weight yarn–Brava Worsted by Knit Picks in Cornflower, Tidepool, Alfalfa, and mint.  I was able to get 2 squares out of each skein. As there are 12 squares, if you are using the same yarn, you will need 3 of each.  I also used Brava Worsted Speckle in Tidal for borders and joining.

You can find Brava Worsted at WeCrochet

Fiber: 100% premium acrylic

Weight: Worsted

Crochet Gauge: 11-14 sc = 4″ on I-K hooks (5.5mm-6.5mm)

Yards: 218

Grams: 100

Machine was and dry

I used a 6.5mm Tunisian hook from Furls and also one from Love To Crochet–a set I bought on Amazon.


Stitch markers

Tape Measure

Yarn Needle


F–Forward Pass

R–Return Pass

TKS–Tunisian Knit Stitch

TPS–Tunisian Purl Stitch




*–indicates where to start repeat


Written Instructions

To work this swatch with me, I recommend doing at least 4″ x 4″ square to learn the stitch before doing a pattern.  For the CAL, you will need to do this for 12″ x 12″ square.  This stitch has a multiple of 4+2;  you can simply crochet the multiple of stitches until you reach the desired measurement.

Complete a normal foundation row–you can find instructions for this in the Introduction to Tunisian post, here.

Row 1

F: Crochet a row of [2TKS and 2 TPS], end with a left edge stitch as normal.

R: Normal return pass

Row 2

Repeat row 1 working both F and R passes.

Bind off

You can do this with a 6.5mm regular crochet hook if you prefer—with the starting loop on your hook, *[insert your hook in the next st as to work a TKS and pull a loop thru all loops on the hook] 2 times, [insert your hook as to work a TPS in the next st and pull a loop thru all loops on the hook] 2 times; rep from * to edge st; insert hook into edge st and pull loop thru all loops on the hook.  FO.  Weave in ends.

Photo Tutorial

wide ribs

Video Tutorials:

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Click here to go to the pattern download and enter the code

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