Lacy Solomon’s Grid Crochet Scarf

Lacy Solomon’s Grid Crochet Scarf
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Lacy Solomon's Grid Scarf

I created this Lacy Solomon’s Grid Scarf pattern with the intention to introduce another way to work the Solomon’s Knot.  Making it into a grid by using double crochet stitches, this makes the scarf a lot more stable than the traditional Solomon’s Knot stitch does.

Solomon’s Grid Scarf with a Daisy Pin

Helen asked me to come up with a lacy pattern for a specific collaboration we were doing.  I have been wanting to use the Solomon’s Knot for a pattern for a while now, but there are already plenty of scarves and other projects using it.  By turning it into a grid-like design, I’ve made something more stable, included the Solomon’s Knot stitch, and I think it looks great, too!

Lacy Solomon’s Grid Scarf

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Materials List

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#4 Worsted/Aran weight yarn of your choice–about 1 skein.  Such as Knit Picks Brava Worsted, one entire skein OR you can also use DK weight to make it even lighter however, the Solomon’s knot stitch will do that on its own!  For DK yarn, I recommend this light and airy CotLin Reflections yarn from WeCrochet.

5.5mm crochet hook.  I used Furls Streamline 5.5 I hook in Ebony

Stitch Markers


Tapestry Needle



Solomon’s Knot Grid

To work this stitch, you will need to know how to do a Solomon’s Knot and a double crochet.  I will show you here how to do the Solomon’s Knot Grid.

To work the Solomon’s Knot itself, follow these instructions:

Pull loop on hook up to about a ch3 height, grab yarn and pull through the top of that long loop; pinching the yarn so it doesn’t move on you, insert hook into space created when you pulled the yarn thru the long loop and pull up a loop—two loops now on the hook—YO and complete a single crochet.

Photo Tutorial of Solomon’s Grid

Video Tutorial



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