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The Kate Scarf

The Kate Scarf

The Kate scarf is our newest member of the Kate Collection! The Kate collection is actually named after one of my sisters. There are a few more items coming in this collection – we have a beanie, a baby bonnet and baby blanket, a mug 

The Kate Hat

The Kate Hat

What came first – the Kate hat or the matching scarf? Honestly, it was the hat… I think! I mentioned in the scarf post that these patterns were actually designed a year ago but releasing them was postponed. Another designer brought out a very similar 

Kristine Cowl Pattern

Kristine Cowl Pattern

Introducing the Kristine Cowl pattern

Yesterday I  released and give you the Kristine ear warmer patterns. Today’s cowl matches them perfectly and so far completes the ‘set’. Although I am thinking that I may need to come up with some fingerless gloves or mittens or something to go with them!

What do you think of them together? Do they need the wristlets?

And let me tell you that this cowl so cozy. It really is the perfect pattern to make and gift this holiday season. And it looks great regardless of your yarn choice or colour.


PDF Links:

If you prefer a PDF Pattern you can get both versions of the ear warmer in one pdf file by clicking on the links below.

Our shop here

Ravelry here

Lovecrafts here

Esty here


Pattern information:

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. These may allow us to make a small commission on any purchases you make using these links but there will be no extra charge to yourself!

Also, please note that this pattern and its images are copyright protected and the sole property of Sara Marsh and Helen Wilkinson of Sunflower Cottage Crochet.  Please do not redistribute, transfer, or sell the pattern, or alter it to claim as your own. You may sell any products you create from this pattern. Please credit us by linking online listings Facebook, Website, and tag us on Instagram.



Materials needed:


Gauge: is not important as long as your starting chain or foundation row is the right length – info on stitch multiple in pattern notes.

Sizing: Pattern is written for several sizes – child, teen, adult. Your finished round 1 will be approximately 25’’ (27’’/28’’) slightly stretched. I wanted a slightly more snug fit around the neck for this design.


  • Ch(s)–chain(s)
  • St(s)–stitch(es)
  • rep–repeat
  • sk—skip
  • fhdc – foundation half double crochet
  • dc–double crochet
  • sc – single crochet
  • YO—yarn over
  • FO—fasten off

Kristine Cowl Pattern Notes:

  • Written in US terms.
  • Ch1 stitches at the beginning do not count as a st unless otherwise stated.
  • Please ensure that you note how the sizes are differentiated as per the sizing information above.
  • To alter the circumference of the cowl make sure you have an even number of stitches at the end of round 1.



Special Stitches:

To make your Kristine ear warmer in either version you will need to know the following stitches:


Here is our right handed tutorial:

You can find our left handed tutorial here. 

Camel Stitch (also known as the third loop hdc):

To do this stitch:

YO, insert hook into the THIRD loop of the HDC from the previous row (this will be a horizontal bar below the two loops you normally work into. If working in the round, it will be on the INSIDE of your work). Pull up a loop, YO and pull thru all 3 loops on your hook.

You can find our right handed video tutorial on how to do this here :

Kristine Cowl Pattern:

Round 1 –                 Fhdc 80 (86/90) OR Ch 82 (88/92), hdc in third ch from hook and each ch across.

                                    Making sure not to twist the chain, ss to the first st to join and create a circle.


Round 2 –                  Ch1, camel st in each st around. SS to join.


Round 3 –                 Ch1, Turn, (sc, dc) in first st, sk1, *(sc, dc) in next st, sk1* Rep from * to * around.

                                    SS to join.



Rounds 4 & 5 –      Ch1, Turn, (sc, dc) in first st, sk1, *(sc, dc) in next st, sk1* Rep from * to * around.

                                    SS to join.

Note: you will be working into the sc sts from the previous round and skipping the dc sts.


Round  6 –               Ch1, turn, hdc in each st around. SS to join


Round 7 –                Ch1, do NOT turn, camel st in each st around. SS to join.


For child size :

Round 8 – 12 –       Repeat rounds 3-7 once more.

                                    FO, weave in ends.



For teen or adult size

Rounds 8 – 17 –      Repeat rounds 3-7 twice more.

FO, weave in ends.


We would love it if you would share your ear warmers with us on social media. You can find us on Facebook (please remember to answer all of the joining questions for our community group) and Instagram.

Free PDF for one day only!!

As part of the Season of Joy event, you can get the free pdf for both versions of this pattern on 24th November 2020 ONLY. To claim your free copy you will need to know what the coupon code is from Kristine’s round-up post here. Then click the button below.


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Kristine Ear Warmer – Free Pattern

Kristine Ear Warmer – Free Pattern

Introducing the Kristine ear warmer In actual fact, there are two Kristine warmer patterns because I couldn’t decide which style I liked best! I figured you guys also deserved to have the choice, so I included both styles. Do you have a favourite? You will 

The Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy

The Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy

Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy Our Latest Coffee Beanie Cozy Release: Hannah Introducing the Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy!  For this one, we used the N stitch which we just love the texture of.  This stitch isn’t used all that much by other designers and to be 

The Robin Beanie – Crochet Cancer Challenge Pattern!

The Robin Beanie – Crochet Cancer Challenge Pattern!

Our Crochet Cancer Challenge pattern for 2020 is the Robin Beanie.

If you joined us last year you will know that we highlighted colon cancer which is a royal blue ribbon. We are supporting the same cancer this year. You see, this time last year Sara’s dad, Robin, was fighting a brave battle against colon cancer. Unfortunately it was a battle that he lost on November 14th last year, 2 weeks after last year’s challenge ended.

If you want to read about Sara’s story and the future she fears is in front of her you can read it here.

We all have our own story to tell…

Cancer is one of those things that will touch us all in one form or another. I don’t believe very many people go through life without at least knowing someone who has battled Cancer.

Currently, a very dear friend of mine, who is also my daughter’s godmother and has a daughter 3 months older than mine, is battling bowel cancer. She is a nurse,  and so knew she had to get herself seen quite early. But still for someone who is not yet 50 to have to go through that! Local lockdown means that I cannot be there to help out as much as I dearly wish I could.



As I said last year, treatments make advances all of the time. In an ideal we world WE WANT THE CURE. The treatments can be brutal on the body and the mind of both the patient and their families. But hair loss is not always a side effect now depending on treatments required and the nausea can be drastically reduced.


What is the challenge about?

The Crochet Cancer Challenge is hosted each year by Christine of Sweet Potato 3. In return for using the code and getting the pattern as a free pdf you are pledging to make at least one hat of that pattern to donate by the end of the year (or whenever your local unit or charity starts accepting donations in your area if these have temporarily stopped).

Let’s do our bit by helping these warriors to keep their heads warm! This is actually very important. Cancer patients often loose their hair and a lot of heat escapes from the head. They also feel the cold a lot more than usual. So hats are often appreciated by those undergoing treatment.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for some useful links and information.

The Robin Beanie

What you will need to make the Robin Beanie:



Hat circumference should be

  • 16’’ for small,
  • 18’’ for medium and
  • 20’’ for large.

Stitches used:

This hat uses sc, hdc and dc with some worked into the back loop only to obtain the ribbing and some third loop to get the texture on the body of the hat. The pattern includes video links on how to work the third loop and also how to do the sedge stitch (the sc, hdc, dc combo).

So this hat is a great project for a recent beginner who knows the basics and wants to progress a little and play with texture.

It is made side to side so you will need to slip stitch or sew it together at the end.



Our Pattern links

From 6th-31 October inclusive you can download our Robin Beanie pattern free with the code CancerChallenge on Ravelry by using the button below.

Please remember that if you use the code for the download you are pledging to make at least one Robin’s beanie to donate to a cancer patient or unit.


You can also get the pattern in the following places:

Our store here

Ravelry here

Etsy here

Lovecrafts here


  • Information explaining what the Crochet Cancer Challenge is, click HERE.
  • What type of hat should I make? What Sizes? Where do I get the patterns? Click HERE.
  • Yarn Recommendations to use for the hats, click HERE.
  • Where should I donate my hats, click HERE.
  • A fun start early project you can add to your hats, click HERE.
  • Challenge others to join and get tags you can print for your hats, click HERE.


As an extra thank you

We are offering you the matching Robin Scarf for 50% (that’s only $1.50!!) for the whole of October 2020!! You will need to use the code ROBIN and it is ONY available in our Ravelry Store here. Find out more about this pattern by clicking the pic below.

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Robin’s Scarf – The Robin Collection grows

Robin’s Scarf – The Robin Collection grows

Our Robin collection continues to grow with the release of Robin’s Scarf. This is a timeless unisex design that looks great in any colour yarn. Its a lovely warm piece so it make a great Christmas gift when the weather in the Northern Hemisphere is 

The Paige Crochet Collection of Patterns

The Paige Crochet Collection of Patterns

The Paige Collection of Crochet Patterns I felt it was high time we put our Paige designs together in one place so each pattern in the collection of crochet patterns could be viewed. The collection includes a beanie, a scarfie (toddler scarf), a bib, a 

The N Stitch Mug Cozy

The N Stitch Mug Cozy

N Stitch Crochet Mug Cozy Pattern

mug rug pattern

The N Stitch crochet mug cozy is exactly what it says – its a mug cozy made using the N stitch.

You need this N Stitch Mug Cozy!  Also called mug rugs, these are great scrap busters. They made great gifts for just about anyone – relatives, friends, teachers, house-warming gifts, donations… And they are a cute addition to hampers.

Here in the UK people drink hot drinks all year round. We are known for our love of a nice cup of hot tea after all! So, on those meh days these are great when you just want to pop on that oversized sweater and curl up with a book or movie and your favourite hot beverage.

Have you tried the N stitch?

We originally used it in the farmhouse spa set. And it wasn’t until we were asked to use this set for a CAL in another group  that we realised how many people had not heard of this stitch! I mean, it’s gorgeous. And it’s not as complicated as it looks. It requires you to know how to do a half double crochet and a slip stitch.

We also use this stitch in our Shades of Spring afghan. Again, most of our testers hadn’t come across it before. One, a designer friend, went on to use it in a design for a preemie hat and blanket. There was a good four or five stitches that none of the testers had come across in the afghan. But they enjoyed them all! It made us realise just how many stitches there are that are under-used and under-appreciated by designers.


To work this pattern you will need:


Finished size – approx 10.5’’ (including the tab) x 3’’

To make it larger increase row 1 by multiples of 2.

How to work the N Stitch

The N stitch is worked over two stitches. Skip the first stitch,




hdc in the next stitch,



working into the skipped stitch, insert hook from top to bottom of front loop only,




yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull thru ONE loop, yo,



insert hook back into the stitch you did the first hdc, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through all 4 loops on hook.

Isn’t the texture wonderful?


Video tutorial



You can also find the left handed tutorial here.

We are currently ensuring that all of our tutorials now come with a left handed version to make learning more accessible to everyone. Please feel free to subscribe to our channel – we have lots of plans for it this year!



You can grab the crochet mug cozy pattern in the following places:

Ravelry here, or

our shop here.

Etsy here

Lovecrafts here

Stash-busting Challenge

This pattern is a great stash buster! It was featured in week 3 of the Stash busting challenge in April 2020(which is now finished). Although, you can find a round up of all of the patterns which were included that week by clicking on the button below. Many of the patterns have free versions on the blog posts too 🙂




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An Introduction to the Crunch Stitch

An Introduction to the Crunch Stitch

Today we are providing you with an introduction to the crunch stitch. Have you seen the Crunch stitch before? What projects have you used it in? The crunch stitch is a great stitch for a beginner or a more confident crocheter. It has a fabulous