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Hooking With Sandra La Madeleine

Hooking With Sandra La Madeleine

Welcome to the first ever “Hooking With” interview! This week, we interviewed Sandra of L’amas de Laine. Our readers requested several questions be asked. Well…you asked, we asked, and she answered! Join us as we introduce to you, Sandra La Madeleine. About Sandra Salut! My […]

Mixed Toffee Cowl – our first CAL

Mixed Toffee Cowl – our first CAL

At the end of November we hosted our first CAL with the Mixed Toffee Cowl. All of our CALs are currently done on our FB Community page. It was great fun! The interaction with the members of our community page was great, and we really […]

Easiest and Most Useful Hanging Basket

Easiest and Most Useful Hanging Basket

I have a great pattern for you this week: Grayson Hanging Basket–which happens to be the easiest and most useful hanging basket pattern I have seen!

Let’s face it, we all can use some more organization in our homes but sometimes, coming up with ideas for that is, well, difficult.  I don’t have a huge house but I do have a lot of stuff.  Finding a place for all those things is hard to do and a lot of the totes you can buy in home improvement stores or Wal-Mart are just plain ugly.

It dawned on Helen that, hey!  We could design a basket that can be used for anything and be made to any size!  I was totally on board with that one!  Helen then drafted and designed the pattern, which went over big with our testers.

Just How Big Is This Hanging Basket?

That’s the beauty of this pattern, it can be made to any size you want!  The pattern is written for a size of about 4″ circumference and 7″ tall (without handle).  There are instructions in the pattern notes on how to make this bigger or even smaller for your needs.

I personally plan to use this pattern for a lot of organizing in my own home.  My daughters little toys are everywhere!  These would make great baskets for her toys as well as crayons and chalk.

Imagine also making a few of these much bigger for laundry baskets.  You could even color code them by having a white one for whites, a dark one for darks, and so on.  Or you could make a large basket for each bathroom and bedroom to hang on a hook and collect all the dirty clothes and towels/cloths to get them off the floor.

Need a place for those keys?  Hang one by the door and drop your keys in it when you come in!  No more scratching up your surfaces.  I think hanging baskets are the perfect solution to so many things.

hanging basket pattern
Grayson Hanging Basket

Materials Needed

You will need a #5 bulky/chunky yarn of your choosing (can be cotton or acrylic or a blend!), an I 5.5mm crochet hook, scissors, tapestry needle, and stitch markers.

The pattern is written in US terms and provides plenty of instruction as well as notes and tips from Helen and I.

You will be working this in the round until your desired size, then adding the handle at the end.  You can, of course, choose not to make a handle and have the basket be a standing basket.  That’s the beauty of these types of patterns–they are fully customizable.

Where You Can Find This Amazing Hanging Basket Pattern

All the usual places!  As a new release, this pattern will be on sale for the first 2 days upon release for 50% off!  Don’t miss out on that!

Online Store here.

Ravelry Store here.

LoveCrafts Store here.

Etsy Store here.

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Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

A Christmas collection of patterns wouldn’t be complete without a tree skirt!  The Robin’s Christmas Tree Skirt goes perfect with the Robin’s Blanket and Robin’s Stocking patterns and coordinate perfectly for your home. I designed this while my dad was in his final stages of […]

Spider Stitch Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

Spider Stitch Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

Jorja Spider Coaster Free Crochet Pattern Welcome to Pattern of the Week!  This week’s Stitch of the Week is the spider stitch and we fixed up this pattern for you to use that stitch with!  Quick and easy, makes a great gift or even a […]

Woven Stitch Bookmark Crochet Pattern

Woven Stitch Bookmark Crochet Pattern

Learn to crochet the Woven Stitch with our Bookmark pattern!

crochet bookmark pattern

This week we are learning the Woven Stitch a little differently than normal—we’re using our Bookmark pattern!  You’ll learn how to crochet this stitch along with a free pattern.

I like this stitch because it really does look woven or even knitted.  This stitch has gone by several names, like most stitches in the fiber arts world.  I’ve heard it called Waist Coat, knit stitch, and a few others I cannot remember.  As far as I know, the official name is Woven.  There are also a few other stitches that are similar in appearance that are also called Waist Coat stitch, Knit Stitch, and so on.  That is what’s so confusing about stitches, we can’t seem to agree on what they should be called!

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you!

To Get Started, I Want To Explain The Basics of the Stitch

To work this stitch, you will need a multiple of any even number.  To work the stitch along the foundation chain, you will place a single crochet in the 3rd chain from the hook, chain 1, skip 1 stitch, and place a single crochet in the next stitch.  You’ll do this all the way down the chain, ending with a single crochet in the last chain.

To work the second row, you will chain 1 and turn, work a single crochet into the first chain space, chain 1, work a single crochet in the next chain space; do this all the way down your row and place a single crochet in the turning chain at the end (you’ll need to skip the last single crochet to give enough space for the chain 1.

It can be a little tricky, but it works out great.



  • Ch(s)–chain(s)
  • St(s)–stitch(es)
  • rep–repeat
  • sc–single crochet
  • ss–slip stitch
  • sk—skip
  • FO – fasten off


4 ply is 2” x 8”

DK – 1.75” x 8.5”

Pattern Notes:

Ch1 counts as a stitch

Special Stitches:

Woven Stitch: This stitch consists of a sc in the first st and a ch1, sk1 across the next.

You can find our video tutorial at our YouTube Channel.


Using 4ply cotton and a 2.5mm hook:

Row 1: Ch20, sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch1, *sk1, sc in the next ch, ch1* rep to end of the row.

Note: you will always end with a sc in the last st.

Row 2: Ch1, sk first sc, sc in the next ch1 space, *ch1, sk the next sc, sc in the next st* across

Row 3-67: Repeat row 2

In DK cotton and a 4mm hook:

Row 1: Ch10, sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch1 *sk1, sc in the next st, ch1* rep between * and * to the end of the row. Note: You will always end with a sc in the last st.

Row 2: Ch1, sk first sc, sc in the the next ch1 space, *ch1, sk the next sc, sc In the next ch1 space* across

Row 3-46: Repeat row 2

How To Create the Tassels (Figure Photos)

Cut two strands of yarn or cotton approx. 10-15cm long
Fold in half and bring your hook from the back to the front on the stitch you want
to attach your tassel to
Bring through the two strands with your hook so that it creates a loop on the other side – do not pull all of the yarn through
Pull ends of the yarn through the loop and pull tight.

All Finished!

This will be a regular thing now with Stitch of the Week to provide a free pattern along with the tutorial so you have something to use the new stitch with and get a free pattern in the process!

Download the free pattern here


Our Etsy shop is now OPEN for business!  We’re still adding patterns just about every few minutes (we have a lot to upload!), and eventually, we will have physical items for sale, too.

Our website’s facelift is nearly done and will be featuring a shop where we will list our patterns for sale and an instant pdf download.

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Crayon Pencil Case Crochet Pattern

Crayon Pencil Case Crochet Pattern

Crayon Pencil Case Crochet Pattern, Part of the August Blog Hop! When E’Claire Makery sent out a message asking for some nifty Back-to-School themed patterns, we couldn’t resist and set out to design the Crayon Pencil Case crochet pattern! I was literally just sitting on […]

Spider Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Spider Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Learn how to crochet the Spider Stitch with this tutorial! Welcome back to another crochet tutorial with Stitch of the Week; this week it’s the Spider Stitch.  Just in time for Halloween, too!  Though I have to admit, I dislike spiders and that’s putting it […]

Wattle Stitch Handbag Free Crochet Pattern

Wattle Stitch Handbag Free Crochet Pattern

Our Pattern of the week, featuring the Wattle Stitch–free crochet pattern–Wattle Stitch Handbag

free crochet pattern for wattle stitch handbag

Along with our Stitch of the Week, we’re including a Pattern of the Week that goes with the corresponding stitch of the week.  This week, it’s the Wattle Stitch and this is the handbag pattern to go with it!

We like to include these as a free pattern to you, so that you have something to make with that new stitch you just learned.

These patterns are also usually small and do not require a lot of yarn or time to do.  We hope you enjoy this pattern and the Wattle stitch as much as we do!

Also, please remember that our posts often contain affiliate links, at no extra cost to you.



My bag was 7 inches x 8 inches


  • Ch(s)–chain(s)
  • St(s)–stitch(es)
  • rep–repeat
  • dc–double crochet
  • sc–single crochet
  • ss–slip stitch
  • sk—skip
  • FSC – foundation single crochet

Pattern Notes:

  • Written in US terms
  • Ch1 does not count as a stitch

Special Stitches:


The wattle stitch consists of a [sc, ch1 and a dc] all into the ch1 spaces of the previous row.

We have a how to video on our YouTube channel that will show you exactly how to do this stitch. You can find it here


This is a really nice alternative to using a chain to start and, in my opinion, will give a much better finish on the vast majority of projects.

You can find a good tutorial on how to do this here:



Row 1— FSC 36.

Working along the bottom of the fsc row you have just created sc across 36 stitches and ss to the first fsc you made.

Row 2— Ch1, sc around, ss to join (72 stitches)

Row 3— Repeat row 2

Row 4— Ch1, *[sc, ch1, 1dc] in the same st, sk2* rep between * and * around, ss to first sc

Row 5— Turn, ss Into the next ch1 sp, *[sc, ch1, 1dc] in the same st, sk2* rep between * and * around, ss to first sc

Rows 6-19— Repeat row 5

Rows 20-22— Ch1, sc In each st around, ss to join (72 stitches)

Row 23— Note: this Is where you create the handles

Ch1, sc In next 10 stitches, ch15, sk15, sc In next 22 stitches, ch15, sk15, sc In last 10 stitches. SS to join

Row 24— Ch1, sc in each st around and 15sc in each ch15 space. SS to join.If you find that your starting stitch has moved around whilst you have been working – It happens to a lot of people! – then lay your work flat before doing this row, work out where the middle 15 stitches are on both sides of the bag and use stitch markers to denote the first and last. SC around to the first stitch marker, ch15, sc from second stitch marker to the third marker, ch15 and sc from the fourth marker to the beginning of the row. ss to join.

FO, weave in ends.  Embellish as you please 🙂

Download the PDF version here


Thank you for joining us this week for the Pattern of the Week!  Here’s the important links you will need–we ask that you please reference us with your completed projects by tagging us on Instagram, Facebook, Ravelry, LoveCrafts, wherever you do your social media thing!  If you could also head over to YouTube and like our videos and subscribe to our channel, we’d greatly appreciate it!

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Stitch of the Week

Our Crochet Journey Revamp Update

Our Crochet Journey Revamp Update

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