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Hooking With: Fay from Stitch By Fay

Hooking With: Fay from Stitch By Fay

Hooking With Fay from Stitch by Fay Welcome back to Hooking With–today, we interviewed Fay from Stitch by Fay.  I must say that I like that she does something different than we do, which is Amigurumi!  Read on to find out more… Introduction Hi! I’m…

The Kate Hat

The Kate Hat

What came first – the Kate hat or the matching scarf? Honestly, it was the hat… I think! I mentioned in the scarf post that these patterns were actually designed a year ago but releasing them was postponed. Another designer brought out a very similar…

The Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy

The Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy

Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy

Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy

Our Latest Coffee Beanie Cozy Release: Hannah

Introducing the Hannah Coffee Beanie Cozy!  For this one, we used the N stitch which we just love the texture of.  This stitch isn’t used all that much by other designers and to be honest, I cannot figure out why!

I love the colors that Helen chose for these!  Sort of a “His & Hers” set.  I think that these make awesome gifts.  Especially for Christmas Stockings!

This time of year (fall) we’re starting buy more hot drinks and I don’t know about you, but I can feel every bit of heat from that little paper cup.  It’s why I designed these Coffee Beanie Cozies in the first place.  I needed something that kept my hands from burning and to make the cup feel sturdier.  Yet I didn’t want just any old cup cozy.  I wanted one that looked like a beanie, for those cooler days!


This post contains affiliate links.  We earn a small commission from the sale when you click on these links yet it’s at no extra cost to you!  This helps us keep the blog going!

You’re going to need about 60 yards of 100% cotton yarn.  I recommend Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran  or Lily Sugar N Cream yarn–tho I feel that the Lily yarn is a little stiff and love how soft and yet durable the Paintbox cotton is.

5mm crochet hook

Yarn needle


Stitch Markers (optional but handy!)

The N Stitch

I mentioned above that I really like the texture of the N stitch.  It’s worked over two stitches and when you read how to do it, yes… it does seem like it’s harder to do and I will be completely honest and say that it’s more of an intermediate (or daring beginner!) stitch.  However, you really should give it a try because it’s actually VERY easy to do and you will be so proud!

We have a wonderful video on how to work this stitch on our YouTube Channel:


Other Stitches Used

We also like to use the Camel Stitch and Crab Stitch (reverse single crochet) for our Coffee Beanie Cozies.  You can check out how to do those here:

Where To Get The Pattern:

Our Store




For our new release, we are offering a 50% off sale!  No coupon needed.  You can find the sale on Our Store, Etsy, and Ravelry!  Sale starts November 6, 2020 and ends at the end of the day on November 8, 2020.

Our Other Coffee Beanie Cozies

We have a lot of Coffee Beanie Cozy patterns available.  To show you just a few:

Cupcake CBC
Strawberry Coffee Beanie Cozy

Alpine CBC

Hooking With: Country Willow Designs

Hooking With: Country Willow Designs

Hooking With: Sheri Ann of Country Willow Designs Welcome back to Hooking With; this week, we interviewed Sheri Ann of Country Willow Designs.  Read on to learn all about Country Willow Designs and be sure to read all the way to the bottom–a lot of…

Asymmetrical Scarf Crochet Pattern

Asymmetrical Scarf Crochet Pattern

Asymmetrical Scarf Crochet Pattern Our newest release, the Asymmetrical Scarf crochet pattern is here! This can be either a summer weight or winter weight scarf, depending on the yarn used. When I designed this pattern, I was wanting something different than the traditional scarf. I…

Sunshine-y Hanging Towel Crochet Pattern

Sunshine-y Hanging Towel Crochet Pattern

Sunshine-y Hanging Towel, A Crochet Pattern

hanging towel crochet pattern

Introducing our latest design, the Sunshine-y Hanging Towel crochet pattern.  I told Helen I would like to have more home decor patterns available, especially for summer.  Most people don’t really want to be crocheting big cozy blankets or scarves during the summer temperatures.  I started brainstorming some ideas and came up with this towel.

The use of the N stitch creates a diagonal, textured line across two stitches, which, in my eyes, made a neat little “ray of sunshine”.  Helen’s towel, in the picture above, was done in a very pretty blue.  I originally designed mine using yellow, which also contributed to the pattern’s name.  Whatever you want to call it, it is a beautiful towel that would be perfect in any home.

Add a flashy button for flare or a cutesy button for giggles.  You can keep it simple with a nice wooden button.  Use multiple colors or just one.  Completely up to you and your decor style.

Pattern Insights

This pattern is worked up super fast!  I do recommend 100% cotton yarn such as Lily Sugar N Cream or Paintbox Cotton Aran.  Both are worsted weight, #4 (Medium) yarns.  Any 100% cotton medium weight yarn will do.  Acrylic yarn in the kitchen is not a great idea, as it can melt over time with too much heat involved.  I know a lot of people that use towels as pot holders or hot pads in a pinch!

Cotton yarn also does not pill like acrylic, unless it is specifically a low-pill acrylic yarn.

The pattern is worked from the bottom up, where you will eventually decrease to make the hanging tab.  The only sewing required for this pattern is attaching the button!

Materials List

Here’s where we have that disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  These links help us keep the blog going should you purchase something from those links, at no extra cost to you!


Finished size – approx. 11” wide x 11.5” before decreasing.  With hanging tab piece measures approx. 23” long.  Of course, you can easily amend this to suit your needs by making it shorter or longer.  Simply crochet either fewer rows of N stitch or more rows of N stitch.



Links to Pattern

You can get this pattern from all of our usual stores!  Be sure to “like” or “favorite” the pattern on whichever store you get it from, this helps our patterns be found by others.  One last request: if you get the pattern from Etsy, please leave a review of the pattern itself on our store, as Etsy sees this as a good thing, thus putting our shop higher up in the searches!






Don’t forget–we have a YouTube channel that we are just about to start revamping.  Our goal is to add a lot more tutorials, quick patterns, yarn reviews, and use the YouTube platform to host giveaways!  Since Sunflower is both USA and UK, you will receive yarns from BOTH countries!  Some of which one country can buy but the other cannot– you definitely don’t wanna miss that!

There is a video for the N stitch here.  While you’re there, check out our other tutorials, like, subscribe to the channel, leave a comment, and click the little bell icon to be notified when we upload new videos.

Thank you for all the support!

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Splash of Color Washcloth Crochet Pattern

Splash of Color Washcloth Crochet Pattern

crochet washcloth pattern

Splash of Color Crochet Washcloth Pattern!

I am excited to share with you our latest pattern: Splash of Color Washcloth.  There was a stitch tutorial I had done quite a while back (last year sometime) called the Staggered Double Crochet Pairs.  I really liked how this stitch looked and even better, how it felt when worked up.

It felt like a pliable cloth.  Lacy yet not lacy.  Playing around with it, I discovered that it would be a great stitch for a washcloth, among many other things.

Color Choices

This particular stitch looks pretty in a single color however, when using two colors to create a striping affect, it looks even better!

splash of color washcloth                                 

Originally, I had made the cloth in a varigated yarn from Peaches and Creme in the colorway, Strawberry Lemonade.  This is where I got the name, Splash of Color Washcloth.

The Stitch and Video Tutorial

The Staggered Double Crochet Pairs stitch is actually easy to work but can be a little confusing as to where to start the next stitch if you haven’t seen the video we have for it, which you can find here.  The “V’s” created with this stitch in one row look like they are open at the top, yet in the next row, open at the bottom.  When you work two colors and create a striping affect, it looks like ric-rac.

I like that the stitch feels very pliable yet not so lacy that it wouldn’t work well as a washcloth or even a towel.  I have plans to make some larger projects with this stitch as well.  Possible baby blanket in the future?  Maybe a wrap?  The possibilities are endless because I really just love how the fabric feels with this stitch!

You can also learn about how to do this stitch here if you don’t like to watch videos.  There is a great tutorial on that post which fully explains how to work the stitch.

Materials Needed

This post may contain affiliate links.  These links help us keep the blog going at no extra cost to you.

You will need 100% cotton yarn in #4 medium/worsted weight yarn, such as Lily Sugar N Cream or Peaches and Creme.

5.5mm hook

Yarn Needle


Coming up…

We have a great June planned here at Sunflower.  Some of our patterns are being featured which we will have more information about in our newsletter!  We also just launched our own Testers Group on Facebook, which if you would like to test for us, please feel free to join here.

Join our Facebook Community here.  We have hit 1000 followers on our main Facebook page and when we have 1000 likes, we will host an awesome giveaway that we have been planning for a while!  Picture this: yarns from both the US and the UK!  We have a big yarn haul planned!

You can also keep up with us on Instagram: @sunflower.cottage.crochet.too (this is Helen’s account and she’s much more active than I am!)

Be sure to grab the pattern featured in this blog post on our store, here.

You can also get our patterns in the following areas:

Etsy Store

Ravelry Store

LoveCrafts Store



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