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Woven Stitch Bookmark Crochet Pattern

Woven Stitch Bookmark Crochet Pattern

Learn to crochet the Woven Stitch with our Bookmark pattern! This week we are learning the Woven Stitch a little differently than normal—we’re using our Bookmark pattern!  You’ll learn how to crochet this stitch along with a free pattern. I like this stitch because it […]

Crayon Pencil Case Crochet Pattern

Crayon Pencil Case Crochet Pattern

Crayon Pencil Case Crochet Pattern, Part of the August Blog Hop! When E’Claire Makery sent out a message asking for some nifty Back-to-School themed patterns, we couldn’t resist and set out to design the Crayon Pencil Case crochet pattern! I was literally just sitting on […]

Wattle Stitch Handbag Free Crochet Pattern

Wattle Stitch Handbag Free Crochet Pattern

Our Pattern of the week, featuring the Wattle Stitch–free crochet pattern–Wattle Stitch Handbag

free crochet pattern for wattle stitch handbag

Along with our Stitch of the Week, we’re including a Pattern of the Week that goes with the corresponding stitch of the week.  This week, it’s the Wattle Stitch and this is the handbag pattern to go with it!

We like to include these as a free pattern to you, so that you have something to make with that new stitch you just learned.

These patterns are also usually small and do not require a lot of yarn or time to do.  We hope you enjoy this pattern and the Wattle stitch as much as we do!

Also, please remember that our posts often contain affiliate links, at no extra cost to you.



My bag was 7 inches x 8 inches


  • Ch(s)–chain(s)
  • St(s)–stitch(es)
  • rep–repeat
  • dc–double crochet
  • sc–single crochet
  • ss–slip stitch
  • sk—skip
  • FSC – foundation single crochet

Pattern Notes:

  • Written in US terms
  • Ch1 does not count as a stitch

Special Stitches:


The wattle stitch consists of a [sc, ch1 and a dc] all into the ch1 spaces of the previous row.

We have a how to video on our YouTube channel that will show you exactly how to do this stitch. You can find it here


This is a really nice alternative to using a chain to start and, in my opinion, will give a much better finish on the vast majority of projects.

You can find a good tutorial on how to do this here:



Row 1— FSC 36.

Working along the bottom of the fsc row you have just created sc across 36 stitches and ss to the first fsc you made.

Row 2— Ch1, sc around, ss to join (72 stitches)

Row 3— Repeat row 2

Row 4— Ch1, *[sc, ch1, 1dc] in the same st, sk2* rep between * and * around, ss to first sc

Row 5— Turn, ss Into the next ch1 sp, *[sc, ch1, 1dc] in the same st, sk2* rep between * and * around, ss to first sc

Rows 6-19— Repeat row 5

Rows 20-22— Ch1, sc In each st around, ss to join (72 stitches)

Row 23— Note: this Is where you create the handles

Ch1, sc In next 10 stitches, ch15, sk15, sc In next 22 stitches, ch15, sk15, sc In last 10 stitches. SS to join

Row 24— Ch1, sc in each st around and 15sc in each ch15 space. SS to join.If you find that your starting stitch has moved around whilst you have been working – It happens to a lot of people! – then lay your work flat before doing this row, work out where the middle 15 stitches are on both sides of the bag and use stitch markers to denote the first and last. SC around to the first stitch marker, ch15, sc from second stitch marker to the third marker, ch15 and sc from the fourth marker to the beginning of the row. ss to join.

FO, weave in ends.  Embellish as you please 🙂

Download the PDF version here


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Stitch of the Week

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Wattle Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Wattle Stitch Crochet Tutorial

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Market Bag Crochet Pattern

Market Bag Crochet Pattern

Wenona Market Bag Crochet Pattern

market bag crochet pattern

I am in love with crochet market bag patterns!  These market bags are eco-friendly and easy to clean when using cotton yarn (which I strongly recommend).  As a side note, this post may contain affiliate links, at no extra cost to you!

This one is a show-stopper of a bag, too.  The floral bottom is gorgeous.  The solid and open sides jump out and catch they eye.  The sturdy top band and thick strap make it a strong piece that isn’t uncomfortable.

Don’t Be Fooled… This bag can hold a lot!

The Wenona Market Bag has a lot going for it.  It’s stylish, but it’s also very functional.  It has plenty of stretch to it, but not so much that you will lose a loaf of bread out of it!  I loaded mine up with several canned goods, boxed goods, and even a loaf of bread right on top of all of that!

IT HELD. Like a champ!

Get the pattern here



8 DC and 3 rows =2”x2” square


Finished piece measures approx. 21.5” long and 10.5” wide in the middle without stretching.

Pattern Notes:

Chain 3 at the beginning does count as a dc.

Ch1 does not count as a stitch

To join the rounds, SS to the top of the bean stitch or to the top of a ch3 unless indicated otherwise.

Special Stitches

Bean Stitch—*Yo, insert hook into indicated st, yo, pull up a loop*, rep *to*, yo, pull thru all 7 loops on hook, ch1.

Paired Single Crochet—Start with a single crochet at the beginning of the round, then insert your hook into that same stitch you just completed a single crochet in and pull up a loop, hold, insert hook into the next stitch, draw up a loop (three loops on hook), yo, pull through all three loops on hook.

To complete the next PSC, repeat the steps: insert hook into same st, draw up loop, insert hook into next st, draw up loop, yo, pull through all loops on hook.  Do this for each stitch to the end, do not put another sc in the final stitch.

To see a video tutorial of this stitch, head over to our YouTube Channel, or the blog post.


You can get the PDF of the pattern on Ravelry or LoveCrafts.  We have another market bag pattern coming very soon that will be a little bigger and include our new granny square pattern—A Primrose Granny Square.

As always, thank you for joining us!  Be sure to join our FaceBook group to keep up to date on all our blog posts, patterns, tutorials and more!  We often ask people in our group to test our patterns for us—this is a great way to get the pattern for free!  Spots are limited, so act fast!  FaceBook Group link here.

Coming Soon…

Join us as we gloat over our pattern being worked up by Bree’s Crochet Boutique–she won 1st place with this pattern!

We have lots and lots of tutorials planned such as the traditional granny square, solid granny square, join-as-you-go method for traditional granny squares, the stitch of the week, and more!

wenona market bag crochet pattern